Better Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Better Botanicals Kratom, AKA B&B Better Botanicals, is Missouri’s one and only Mitragyna speciosa superstore. This highly-rated kratom vendor is checking all our boxes and we’re pleased to inform our readers that this one’s gone live.

Better Botanicals Kratom can now be found at: bbbetterbotanicals.com. There you will find Keaton and Sheila’s personal collection of handcrafted merch, lab-tested kratom, and organic kava extract.

This prize-winning Show-Me-State supplier has a lot to offer and we’ll tell you all about it in our comprehensive Better Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review. Read on for the full scoop.


Better Botanicals Kratom Product Review

B&B Better Botanicals delivers dynamite strains and competitive pricing, giving first-time visitors a thrill they won’t soon forget. Better Botanicals Kratom includes blends and strains you have never had before at prices that are unheard of on the head shop scene.

What’s more, Better Botanicals Kratom caters to passionate kratom aficionados with its line of Mitragyna speciosa swag, which includes a #SoberAF T-shirt, Kratom is Real apparel and BBBotanicals water bottle.

This vendor offers bulk kratom powder at industry-low prices, with free shipping on orders of $150 or more. Items are shipped via the USPS (United States Postal Service), with Standard, Priority, and Express Mail options at your disposal.

What really stands out about B&B Better Botanicals – aside from its tongue-twisting name – is its commitment to variety. This isn’t just a superstore in name, it is a superstore in every sense of the word. You can get any number of botanicals in bulk from Keaton and Sheila.

Consumers have taken notice of this brand’s many perks; there are dozens of patrons willing to vouch for Better Botanicals Kratom. They have taken to Google, Reddit, and other social media platforms to spread the word.

This brand is all about quality, which is why it provides a satisfaction guarantee and tracking information for your convenience. You will always get the item you ordered or your money back.

Better Botanicals Kratom’s online store appears to be suffering from some functionality issues at the moment. When we tried to open their subscription page, we were taken to a blank page whose URL concerned kava products.

Web issues notwithstanding, Better Botanicals Kratom is a bright new star on the rise, one that has generated a lot of buzzes, especially on the underground forum and smoke shop circuit. Some have suggested it could be the next SoCal, but this is merely speculation at this time.

What B&B Better Botanicals lacks in web design and easy navigability it more than makes up for with its wealth of exotic kratom strains. This is truly a speciosa superstore, one with dozens of kratom cultivars to choose from.

Its green vein kratom powders include Green Bali, Green Batak, Green Elephant Kratom, Green Horn, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Kali, Green Malay, Green Pucuk, Green Sunda, Green Vein, and Green Vietnam.


Red vein kratom powder includes Red Bali, Red Bliss, Red Damper, and Red Elephant, while its enhanced powders include Super Borneo, Super Green, Super Green Indo, Super Green Maeng Da, Super Red, Super Semo, Super White, and Trainwreck Blend.

Its white vein kratom powders include White Borneo, White Hulu, White Sumatra, White Thai, and White Velocity. And its fermented and/or sun-dried kratom strains include Gold Bali, Gold Maeng Da, Yellow Borneo,  and  Yellow Maeng Da.

Better Botanicals Kratom carries each of its strains in both powder and capsule form. You can also buy 50x kratom extract. B&B Better Botanicals’ extracts include Brown Sandai Extract Powder, 50x Emerald Kratom Extract, Liquid Kratom Extract, and more.

What It Costs & How It Compares

You can get twenty-five grams of kratom powder for $9.99, fifty grams for $19.99, two hundred grams for $49.99, five hundred grams for $89.99, or a full kratom kilo for $109.99.

These prices are comparable to those charged by the industry’s most affordable AKA-approved online vendors. For the sake of comparison, Klarity Kratom also charges $89.99 for a ½ kilo, while Amazing Botanicals charges $109.99 for one thousand grams.

These guys accept all major credit/debit cards, including Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. It also accepts Maestro and PayPal. Additional payment options may be available upon request.

Better Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

This vendor offers a subscription service whereby members can sign up to receive promo codes, free kratom samples, giveaway entries, and other goodies via email. Alas, the site’s subscription page appears to be experiencing technical difficulties.

Better Botanicals Kratom Customer Reviews

B&B Better Botanicals is establishing quite the name for itself, both online and off. It has maintained a presence on online kratom forums, such as Reddit and similar platforms. Additionally, it has impressed customers enough to earn Google reviews galore.


This vendor’s website has only been around for a year and already it has received oodles of consumer feedback. One reviewer said, “Keaton is the best person ever when it comes to knowledgeable information about Kratom and helping find the right one for you. Any questions I’ve had have always been answered and doesn’t mind helping you out. I will recommend B&B to anybody I meet.”

Another reviewer said, “Keaton and Sheila are awesome … B&B is the only and the best in my opinion. I’m sure there are others, but none with the customer service I received.”

Still another customer wrote, “They have a huge selection of kratom where you can mix and match strains. They allow you to create your own strains as well. Prices are 100x better than most, especially for the quality!”

Better Botanicals Kratom Complaints

Every business has its haters and this is especially true in the over-saturated kratom industry, but we were unable to find any substantial negative feedback regarding this brand. In fact, the only negative comment we were able to find comes from someone who claims to be married to a former employee.

This biased reviewer, whose relation to a disgruntled party only handicaps any legitimacy their comment might have had, writes: “I have spoken with the owner and my wife worked part-time for them. He has only one green strain that he labels with a different name to look like he has multiple choices.”

This same complainant does their argument a further disservice by admitting that the owner has accused them of stealing from the store. On the bright side, we cannot find any other negative buzz. No formal complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau.

Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. Better Botanicals Kratom is one of a select number of independently-owned ma-and-pa kratom suppliers to submit its kratom plant matter for third-party laboratory testing. Unfortunately, Keaton and Sheila have not disclosed certificates of analysis on their website.

We have always frowned on brands that make lab-testing claims but refuse to disclose actual lab results. However, in the case of Better Botanicals Kratom, we are willing to bet the owners simply haven’t gotten around to posting their certificates yet.

Bear in mind, that Better Botanicals Kratom was launched in 2021 when the country was still very much in the throes of a public health crisis and economic panic. It is not out of bounds to imagine it was a rush job to get the site up and running, and on the cheap.

Is Better Botanicals Kratom Legit?

Yes. Based on our research, we are inclined to classify this vendor as a legitimate source for kratom powder. Its willingness to issue full refunds and its flexibility with exchanges suggest a generous and trustworthy outfit.

What’s more, Better Botanicals Kratom provides its patrons with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This is always a good sign in the kratom industry, as it demonstrates a company’s willingness to stand behind its products.

American Kratom Association

This supplier has yet to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is lamentable as the GMP program is a reputable way for vendors to demonstrate transparency.

Those who participate in the program must voluntarily submit to a third-party audit, which is the organizational equivalent of submitting one’s kratom sample to an indie lab. Additionally, participants are required to adhere to organizational strictures were manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and sales are concerned.

As a new vendor in a bloated marketplace, Better Botanicals Kratom would be doing themselves a favor and doing the public service if they participate in the program moving forward. If they do not participate it may be a matter of simple ignorance; not all regional sellers acquaint themselves with industry organizations.

Closing Thoughts

All things considered, Better Botanicals Kratom is a kratom supplier you can trust with a product that you are likely to appreciate. This vendor’s kratom powders are light, fluffy, and deeply aromatic. More importantly, Better Botanicals Kratom is honest about the quality and free-handed with its fresh treats. Still on the fence? You can compare Better Botanicals Kratom to its top competitors by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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