Vendor Review offers an easy-to-navigate website that’s also aesthetically pleasing. You’ll find a decent selection of Kratom on this site, along with lots of information about Mitragyna speciosa. Review

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Best Kratom pledges that they use stringent product sourcing and strict testing procedures to ensure that their items are high quality. In fact, part of their overall sales pitch is the usage of “the most authentic Kratom farmers” they could find. Although there’s really no way for a customer to verify that claim, it does go hand-in-hand with’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Product Line

When you visit this vendor’s site, you’ll only see images of powder Kratom. However, each standard variety that’s available in powder is also available in capsules. Both formats are listed on the same sales page for each item. Best Kratom stocks standard, extracts, and enhanced Mitragyna speciosa powder.

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • Maeng Da Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • Green Bali
  • White Bali
  • Green Malay
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Borneo
  • White Borneo
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green Sumatra
  • White Sumatra
  • Red Thai
  • Green Thai
  • White Thai
  • Red Horn
  • Green Horn
  • White Horn

In their extracts and enhanced collection, sells:

  • Full Spectrum Maeng Da Extract
  • Red Indo Extract
  • Green Indo Extract
  • White Indo Extract

You’ll also find a few combo packs, including Best Kratom’s Beginner’s Pack, Sedating Red Pack, Relaxing Green Pack, and Energizing White Pack.

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What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Some Redditors have complained that you can buy Kratom for much cheaper prices than those listed on This is true, but you’ll need to consider whether this vendor has products that are high quality enough to be worth the price difference.

Getting 25g of powder will cost between $12.99 and $15.99. Capsules start off at 25-count bottles, ranging from $14.99 to $15.99. On the opposite end of the pricing spectrum, they’ve got 200g for $57.00 – $67.99 and 200 capsules for $64.99 – $74.99.

Kratom extracts come in 25g to 200g powder packs for $49 – $149. All the Kratom multi-packs range from $44.99 (powder) to $54.99 (capsules). Coupon Code

Best Kratom offers free shipping on all orders over $75. You can also occasionally find coupon codes for this vendor. One code that we know for sure is active is:

  • FAMILYFIRST (10% off a Kratom Beginner’s Pack for first-time customers only)

You can also save money by taking advantage of this vendor’s VIP Rewards program. Earn points with every purchase after signing up for the program. Consumer Reputation

Reddit users tend to have a favorable opinion of Best Kratom’s products. In one review, a Mitragyna speciosa fan relayed that’s Red Vein Bali “is amazing.” The same person stated that this vendor has “a wonderful business” and is worth the upcharge. Other Redditors have raved about the fresh smell of their Kratom.

On the other hand, two customers on Facebook complained about being scammed. One person claims “they charged me for items that were not even shipped to me.” Another unhappy customer said, “They charged me without shipping anything.” Despite these two complaints – which both happened at the end of 2018 – Best Kratom still has a 3.9-star average on Facebook. Customer Service


Best Kratom boasts a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. At the same time, they don’t issue refunds. Instead, eligible products may be returned for an exchange or store credit. Be sure to check their refund policy very carefully as it varies from product to product.

Over on Reddit, you’ll find people saying that this company “has one of the best customer services I have ever experienced.” Best Kratom also gets high marks for their “nicely detailed and sealed” packages. Other Redditors complement the vendor’s tendency to provide products that weigh in “at or above quantity ordered.”

From a customer service standpoint, we are surprised that Best Kratom never replied to their negative reviews on Facebook. Of course, they haven’t updated their Facebook page since September 2017, so perhaps they’re no longer able to access it.

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Bottom Line

Reddit users tend to be among the most skeptical. Therefore, when several of them have positive feedback about a Kratom vendor, it really makes us take notice. Aside from the two complaints on Facebook and a few people grumbling about the price, seems to have a solid reputation for its products and customer service.

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