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Benni Botanicals is an East Coast kratom vendor with a local following and significant online buzz. Unlike many other retailers, Benni accepts major credit cards. It also advertises itself as a lab-tested seller.

With its unique proprietary blends and convenient purchasing options, this supplier seems destined to enjoy lasting success. But what do we really know about the BB kratom brand? We’ll dive into that in our complete review. Read on for all of the pros and cons of Benni Botanicals.

What is Benni Botanicals?

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Benni Botanicals is an Illinois kratom vendor with a brick-and-mortar location in the Chicago suburb of Bartlett. This rather large subsection of Chitown is home to Benni’s colorful storefront in the Streets of Bartlett shopping plaza. But there are other places to get its products. You can visit this seller online at

The company was founded in 2020, which speaks to its theoretical value. While America was at the height of the pandemic and businesses were closing up left and right, Benni Botanicals came along. They made a name for themselves as Chicago’s preferred kratom supplier.

Today, the company is a proud supporter of the AKA (American Kratom Association) and a seemingly consistent source of quality kratom strains. While the basic look of its website will likely turn some users off, others will appreciate the lack of artifice.

This vendor is about simplicity and convenience. For example, you can put 10 different 100-gram bags into your cart, reducing your overall price to $89.00. We live for these Easter eggs, and Benni Botanicals seems to get that. Add to this its 30-day return window, and you’ve got a brand you can depend on at a price you can afford.

What It Has to Offer

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Benni has an impressive line of products to choose from. This vendor’s green vein kratom powder includes Green Borneo, Green Kaydee, Green Lida, Green Nugroz, Green Tambora, Green Teku, and Green Teku Crushed Leaf.

Red veins include Benni Benty Bali, Red Bali, Red Borneo String, Red Hulu, Red JongKong, Red Lida, and Red Sumatra, while its white veins include White Borneo, White Lida, White Maeng Da, and White Tambora.

There are numerous specialty blends and strains, such as Benni Batak, Benni Darkside, Cafe Maeng Da, Gold Sumatra, Green Goddess, and Yellow Bali. Some of these blends and strains may be available in crushed leaf variations.

What It Costs and How It Compares

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The answer to this question is almost sure to make you smile. Benni Botanicals Kratom starts at $14 for 100 grams, which is less than most online sellers charge even Golden Monk. For comparison, we charge $39.99 for 250 grams of kratom powder. We still think we’re the best for overall value, but if you’re looking to save every dollar you can while still getting your kratom from a fairly reputable vendor, Benni Botanicals could be the right choice for you.

Customers have also enjoyed Benni’s bargain basement deal on crushed leaf. You can get a 50-gram pouch of the crushed leaf kratom for just $8.50. Bulk buyers will be pleased to find kilos for $85.00. This may not be the cheapest kratom on the market, but it’s well below the industry average.

Benni Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

If you spend more than $70, you’ll receive an automatic 20% off. Unfortunately, these discounts do not apply to orders of kratom kilos. If you spend $50 or more, you’ll receive free shipping.

Additionally, there’s a kratom military discount, which applies to veterans, active-duty military personnel, first responders, medical staff, and teachers. Keep an eye on Benni Botanicals’ Twitter account to score even more promo codes. This vendor provides patrons with lots of savings opportunities.

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Benni Botanicals Kratom Customer Reviews

Benni has definitely got it where it counts. It’s not hard to find testimonials of how good this vendor is. “Just started enjoying Benni’s Super Green. It’s a fluffy light green – nice fine grind. Smells fresh. It’s mid-fast. Seems to have good legs. I’m impressed.”

Another customer said, “I would go so far as to call this fire – it’s a very good Red Bali. Top-notch kratom.” One Google reviewer even said they would never buy from anywhere else after the experiences they’ve had with Benni’s. Others agree with this sentiment.

One Google reviewer wrote, “I can’t overstate just how phenomenal this company is. Between the people, the products, the service, and the customer service, everything is amazing.” Another said, “I think I’ve liked literally everything I’ve tried from them. My personal favorites at the moment are probably the maeng da blend, super Borneo, premium green Kapuas… Really my list just keeps going.”


Top Benni Botanicals Alternatives

MIT45 Gold shot, kratom extract


It’s worth noting that while Benni’s claims to support the AKA, it does not actually participate in the nonprofit’s seminal Good Manufacturing Practices program. MIT45, on the other hand, served as an early adopter of this landmark initiative. It has been GMP-compliant since its inception. (Full Disclosure: MIT45 is our parent company.)

MIT45 continues to produce the cleanest, most robust kratom products. These include the first-of-its-kind MITGO Black Extra Strength, a honey-based kratom gel that comes in a squeezable container. MIT GO Black is arguably the best-tasting, longest-lasting extract you’ll ever drink, and it costs just $11.95 for a two-serving pouch.

New Dawn Kratom

Those who want quality split kilos for less will find New Dawn more reasonable and versatile than Benni and the bunch. This Colorado kratom supplier offers two-way splits for $80 and four-way splits for $85.00. When combined with its free shipping, this is quite the dynamite price.

New Dawn is also GMP-certified and economically priced. It’s also fully stocked, with a preponderance of exotic plain-leaf options. BB of Bartlett Plaza is one of many shops with gold and yellow strains at cut-rate prices.

Bottom Line

Benni Botanicals is an excellent place to buy kratom, but there are better options on the market. It offers acceptable prices, which makes it easy to see why some customers enjoy it. That said, there are many four-star brands on the block.

You can check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors if you’d like to find a vendor with your preferred strains and payment methods. There you can compare products, pricing, policies, and more.


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    Number 1 source for kratom I have found, great prices, fresh quality product and fast shipping.


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