Benni Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Benni Botanicals is an Illinois-based vendor. Unlike many other retailers, BB accepts credit cards. They also have their Kratom tested by a third-party lab.

Benni Botanicals Kratom Review

BB has a basic-looking website, but their pricing is out of this world. For example, you can put 10 different 100g bags into your cart, and it will reduce the price to $89.

Benni Botanicals Kratom Product Line

Benni has an impressive line of products to choose from. Each option is available in powder format.

  • Powder: Green Tambora, Green Goddess, Green Teku, Café Maeng Da, Super Indo, Green Nugroz, Green Teku Crushed Leaf, White Teku, Super White Indo, White Goddess, White Teku Crushed Leaf, Gold Maeng Da, Super Yellow Kali, Bent Kapuas, & Darkside

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The answer to this question is almost certain to make you smile.

  • 100g – $14
  • 1 Kilo – $85
  • 50g Crushed Leaf – $8.50

Benni Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

If you spend more than $70, you’ll receive an automatic 20 percent off (excludes kilos). Spend $50 or more and receive free shipping. Additionally, there’s a discount offered for Veterans, Military, First Responders, Medical Personnel, & Teachers. Keep an eye on their Twitter account to score even more promo codes!

Benni Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

Benni has definitely got it where it counts. We found three prime examples of how good they are, and there were also several more.

  • “Just started enjoying Benni’s Super Green. It’s a fluffy light green – nice fine grind. Smells fresh. It’s mid-fast. Seems to have good legs. I’m impressed.”
  • “I would go so far as to call this “fire” – it’s a very good Red Bali. Top-notch kratom.”
  • “Benni has been the best I’ve had by a long shot. Really happy with them.”
  • “Can’t go wrong with premium green Hulu, or green elephant, super Borneo, or Red Borneo, Red Bali are all top 5 for me. Benni has the most potent and consistent the last 8 months running.”
  • “I think I’ve liked literally everything I’ve tried from them. My personal favorites at the moment are probably the maeng da blend, super Borneo, premium green Kapuas, big green blend, and wild green Hulu. Really my list just keeps going, I switch it up a lot.”

image of benni botanicals customer reviews

Benni Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

Once again, the vast majority of people enjoy Benni’s customer service.

  • “Benni’s quality and customer service set the gold standard for small-batch vendors.”
  • “Always nice to have an added touch of kindness but also they provide stellar service. Quality is good and very, very pleased with the entire experience.”
  • “They a [email protected]!! He and his wife are awesome!”
  • “I recently ordered from Benni’s for the first time. Very happy with the kratom and the customer service is excellent!”
  • “Communication was great and shipping was fast. Packaging is great for samples, and each bag came with a nice logo-bearing label with just the strains and batches handwritten. I opened a couple for a sniff test, and they smelled good and fresh.”

Bottom Line


It sounds like Benni’s Botanicals is a great place to buy Kratom from! They also offer good prices, which makes them even easier to recommend.

If you’d like to find a strain that BB doesn’t carry, check out The GoldenMonk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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  1. Tyler w says:

    Number 1 source for kratom I have found, great prices, fresh quality product and fast shipping.


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