Beaufort Kratom Vendor Review

Beaufort Kratom Vendor Review

Beaufort Kratom takes more of an “improve your health” approach. Based out of Beaufort, South Carolina, this online and in-person retailer is a popular choice for Kratom.

Beaufort Kratom Review

If you’re going to buy Kratom, you’ll want to look for a vendor that’s reliable and trustworthy. According to reviews on several different sites, that’s exactly what Beaufort Kratom offers!

Beaufort Kratom Product Line

This vendor sells each type of Kratom in the powder and capsule format. Please note that their website doesn’t fully work with Google Chrome.

  • Strains – Evergreen, Super Select Green Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Bentuangie, White Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Green Sumatra, White Elephant, Train Wreck, Yellow Hulu, & Red Bali
  • Extracts – Gold Chewable, 10% Extract, 30% Extract, The OG, 50x Extract, Evergreen Liquid Vial, & Kraffee Vial

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Beaufort’s pricing can be a bit complicated because they have so many products available to order. For the most part, their Kratom ranges from $15 (Liquid Vial) to $295 (Deluxe Kratom Bundle – Capsules).

Beaufort Kratom Coupon Code

You’ll find a variety of promo codes for Beaufort. Additionally, you can sign up for their rewards program. They also offer a Helping Hearts program that can allow people in need to get a free small bag of their product (offer available only once every three months).

Beaufort Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor has earned a 4.8-star rating out of 70 reviews on Google.

  • “They are awesome. 5 stars.”
  • “Absolutely the best staff! They are all very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.”
  • “The BEST natural remedy store.”
  • “Wonderful staff and wonderful product. The best Kratom in the area and the best for the price that is for sure!”
  • “Hands down the freshest plant products in this area. Don’t waste your time with generic gas station brands.”

Beaufort Kratom Customer Service

When times are normal, Beaufort has a pretty generous return policy. Due to COVID, though, they have suspended returns for the time being. Fortunately, their customer service has earned very high marks.

  • “Absolutely Amazing service and top of the line quality products.”
  • “Very knowledgeable about the different strains of kratom. Friendly and helpful. Always smiling faces.”
  • “This company truly cares about people. They test their products religiously for safety. They put the test results on the product and encourage customers to call the 3rd party lab to verify the test result. The employees here are welcoming and nonjudgmental.”
  • “I went in the new shop today and it was an amazing experience. The customer service is amazing, they truly care, you don’t find compassion and empathy much anymore.”
  • “Great service, great information, and QUALITY products. Keep up the good work!”

Bottom Line


Beaufort Kratom really seems to know what they’re doing. They might be a bit more expensive than other vendors, but that’s because they have to pay for their brick-and-mortar store. Overall, they’ve got good products and are generally cheaper than a headshop.

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