Be Happy Botanicals Vendor Review

Be Happy Botanicals is a fresh kratom vendor with a lot to offer … and a lot to learn.

The company is capturing the attention of the online community thanks to its proprietary kratom blends and varying prices.

Be Happy Botanicals is a catchy name and its kratom blends bear equally catchy names. So far, this vendor has demonstrated an ability to source some fresh kratom powder. Whether it is trustworthy and consistent is another story.

Be Happy Botanicals Review

It is difficult to get a handle on Be Happy Botanicals because little is known about the company’s origins. Unlike so many of its direct competitors, this vendor does not disclose the names of its staff members,  nor  does it share the story behind its business venture.

The brand’s About Us page is limited to a single paragraph, wherein the writer introduces it as an up-and-coming botanical company whose focus is on delivering products to customers in order to improve their lives. This tells us next to nothing and, certainly, nothing we didn’t already know before visiting the site.

To make matters more murky, this vendor omits any legitimate contact information from its site. We are not even given so much as a state from which it ships its packages.

For the record, Be Happy Botanicals, LLC is registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Florida. The mailing address on file is 5575 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32822.

So, does this omission of detail mean that Be Happy Botanicals is hiding something?

It’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible.

Is Be Happy Botanicals safe?

The short answer is, maybe. After placing two separate orders with this vendor, we have encountered no problems with our packages or payments. Each order was processed in a timely fashion and both were received on time or before their anticipated arrival.

On both occasions, we found Be Happy Botanicals kratom powder to be acceptable in potency and freshness. Few of its kratom strains blew us away, but all were either average or slightly above average.
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Be Happy Botanicals Product Line

This O-Town supplier has a wide range of kratom powders and some of the most celebrated proprietary blends in all of the Tropics.

Its collection includes green, red, and white vein kratom powder, as well as premium grade teas and kratom potentiators.

Be Happy Botanicals Top Kratom Powders

Raw kratom powder is a terrific option for the DIY set, as it can be used in any number of applications, from the brewing of a nice cup of tea to the creation of homemade kratom soaps.

Many users like to sprinkle kratom over their food or mix it into a smoothie. Others add it to glasses of iced tea or hot cocoa.

This Sunshine State seller currently stocks Green Bali, Green Riau, Premium Maeng Da, Premium Red Borneo, Premium White Indo, Red Bentuangie, Super Green Malay, White Vein Sumatra, and more.

Kratom powders sell for as little as $7.99, with kilos going for $199.99.

Be Happy Botanicals Best Kratom Strains

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Of the eight strains we’ve sampled, Gold Maeng Da has been our favorite. This fermented kratom variant is smooth, subtle, and fragrant. Gold Maeng Da has earned five-star reviews online, and many consumers have praised it on forums.

One member on Reddit wrote, “Gold Maeng Da is wonderful! I highly recommend…It’s the best I’ve ever had.” It has been embraced by a growing number of active individuals, including working professionals.

Be Happy Botanicals Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is the way to go if you want to avoid the hassle of measuring spoons and digital scales. Kratom capsules mask the naturally bitter taste of kratom powder, making it easy to swallow a proper dose.

Kratom capsules are also ideal if your career or lifestyle has you on the go. After all, it is much easier to pack a bottle or sleeve of kratom caps than it is to lug around a jug or pouch of loose powder.

Be Happy Botanicals carries a variety of kratom capsules, including Be Zoomin’ Capsules, Premium Red Borneo Kratom Capsules, Premium Maeng Da Kratom Capsules, and Premium White Indo Kratom Capsules.

500mg capsules start at $17.99 for a thirty-count bottle, with one hundred caps going for $54.99. Alternatively, you can score two hundred fifty capsules for $119.99 or pick up a five hundred count for $219.99.

Be Happy Botanicals Kava & Other Items

This vendor goes the extra mile for its customers by stocking purported kratom potentiators, such as Turmeric, Cinnamon, and Kava.

Notable highlights of its product line include Instant Kava Kava Root Powder and Premium White Indo Crushed Leaf. Kava Kava Root starts at $10.99 for two ounces of powder, with four ounces going for $19.99, sixteen ounces going for $64.99, and a kilo selling for $109.99.

What Makes Be Happy Botanicals Special?

This Florida-based kratom vendor has distinguished itself from many other suppliers by carrying a host of exotic herbs and kratom potentiators, such as Akuamma Seed Powder, Organic Moringa, and Cinnamon.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

As we mentioned earlier, you can purchase an ounce of kratom powder for as little as $7.99.

Two ounces sell for $14.99. You can also get four ounces for $27.99, eight ounces for $53.99, sixteen ounces for $99.99, or a kilo for $199.99.

Needless to say, this is not the optimal choice for someone who wishes to buy in bulk. Bulk kratom powder typically sells for as little as $85 per kilo.

For example, Mitragaia has frequently offered kilos at a sale price of $85 or $90.00. Other vendors, such as PurKratom, sell split kilo bundles for $159.99.

As you can see, $199.99 is pretty steep for one thousand grams, and plenty of reputable vendors offer the same amount for far less.

Shipping & Returns

Be Happy Botanicals gives its customers a choice between carriers. You can select USPS shipment or UPS shipment.

Readers should be aware that the United States Postal Service has been experiencing unprecedented delays. As such, it is advisable to upgrade to UPS shipment.

You can select Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Express Mail, or UPS Ground. In light of recent delays, it makes the most sense to purchase UPS Ground, which typically arrives within two to four business days.

This vendor accepts returns on items that arrive damaged or contaminated. You can opt for a replacement item or a refund.

Be Happy Botanicals Payment Methods

There are more payment options here than you’ll get from just about any other online vendor. Be Happy Botanicals currently accepts Apple Pay, Cash App, Facebook Pay, money order, personal check, Western Union, Venmo, and Zelle.

Unfortunately, major credit and debit cards are not accepted, nor can you pay via COD (Cash On Delivery).

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Be Happy Botanicals Coupon Code

This seller frequently rolls out giveaways and promotional opportunities. If you follow them on Twitter, you’ll find kratom coupon codes good for as much as 20% off your total at checkout.

For example, past promotions have included an autumn sale of 20% off when you used the code OCTOBERFEST. To receive updates on sales, giveaways, and more, Like and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you subscribe to the company email newsletter, you’ll get a Buy One Get One Free discount code.

How to Get in Touch

Alas, there are not a lot of options when it comes to connecting with Be Happy Botanicals. You can fill out its online contact form or message on Facebook. In both cases, an immediate response is not guaranteed.

Be Happy Botanicals Consumer Reputation

With thousands of Likes and Follows on social media, it’s a wonder this vendor hasn’t landed on more lists of the Best Kratom Vendors/ of 2021.

Reddit members have offered many accolades for Be Happy Botanicals and its services. One user wrote, “I’ve gotten a few orders from them and it’s definitely good product. I prefer fresh k and socal for their low price but when they were out of stock BHB was a nice substitute. I really liked the good old-fashioned Bali they carried…not too expensive and definitely made me happy!”

Over on I Love Kratom, longtime member @madmaxnightrider said, “Be Happy Botanicals is a very solid vendor in all fields but except the Price is just too high in my opinion. Their Kratom is very fine & without much smell or taste. The Quality is there for sure. You get what you pay for in this case.

“The shipping is very fast at just over 3 days. The little pouches were of good enough quality & sealed well enough. They have enough strains to choose from on their website. Customer Service was good enough & had no problems. The only bad thing is the Price. Everything else is very good including Quality of Product.”

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Be Happy Botanicals is a new vendor with a lot to offer and even more to learn. It would benefit from disclosing third-party lab results and joining the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) initiative.

Nevertheless, this is a decent backup to have if your go-to vendors are out of stock or going out of business. When in a pinch, you may enjoy Be Happy Botanicals Be Relieved Blend.

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