Aroma Cartel Kratom Vendor Review (DANGEROUS)

Aroma Cartel ran a bad business, and they recently got punished for it. If you try to go to their website (aromacartel.com), you’ll find a message saying the domain was seized by the DEA. Most Kratom vendors do not let things go that far, which really says a lot about how much AC wanted to screw over their customers.

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Aroma Cartel Kratom Review

It’s really a shame when a company comes along and tries to ruin everything for everyone. AC was one of these companies. Thankfully, as far as we know, they’re no longer operating. Be careful, though, as they might pop up online again with a different name.

Aroma Cartel Kratom Product Line

Since AC is gone, there’s no more record of their product line. However, we do know that they often sent out Kratom that wasn’t theirs. In one instance, a Reddit user received Kraken Kratom instead of AC Kratom. They also frequently refunded customers after “running out” of their selected Kratom. We don’t know how this was supposed to keep them in business, but we no longer have to worry about that.

Where Else Should You Go?

There are so many vendors that legitimately want your business and offer solid Kratom. This makes it even sadder that AC had even the slightest hold on the marketplace. Other options include:

  • Bulk Kratom Now
  • Kats Botanicals
  • USA Botanicals
  • Phytoextractum
  • Left Coast Kratom

Aroma Cartel Kratom Coupon Code

This is one of the areas that was the sketchiest about AC. They offered promo codes that knocked their prices down by 90 percent!?! That’s no way to run a business. If you’re looking for legitimate coupon codes, please do a quick Google search.

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Aroma Cartel Kratom Consumer Reputation

AC was roundly blasted by pretty much everyone. Even the person who said they were worth it was new to Kratom, and his review doesn’t very good.

  • “Dear god does this stuff go down f**king hard. almost puked twice downing it.”
  • “Their little baggies are folded over and stapled together, creating holes. so packaging kind of sucks.”
  • “Mine didn’t…they called me and told me they ran out :/”
  • “Don’t get your hopes up. They just called me and told me they had to give me a refund since they f**king Ran out…I’m so pissed right now.”
  • “Aroma cartel just canceled my order which leaves me without any backup. Pretty upset.”

Aroma Cartel Customer Service

Their customer service was at least a bit better than their products.

  • “I asked if they could put in the right email cause I was typing so fast I misspelled it. They emailed me back in like 10 minutes and said we fixed the issue thanks.”

Bottom Line

Fortunately, Aroma Cartel is no longer around, so you can’t buy Kratom from them. Any other vendors who offer outrageous discounts, just to cancel most of the orders, is one you should stay far, far, far away from. AC had bad business practices, and the DEA most definitely agrees.

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