American Kratom Brand Vendor Review

American Kratom Brand Vendor Review

American Kratom Brand is a wholesale Kratom company that doesn’t sell their products to the general public. If you’re at a smoke shop or headshop, though, you’re likely to run across their products.

American Kratom Brand Review

Unfortunately, American Kratom isn’t very good. In fact, the few reviews we found of their products were all negative. Still curious? Read on!

American Kratom Product Line

Not only is this vendor not recommended by many people, but they also have next to nothing for sale.

  • Capsules – Maeng Da, Super Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Maeng Da Plus (Akuamma, Kanna, or Blue Lotus), & Maeng Da with CBD
  • Powder – Maeng Da, Bali, Thai
  • Tincture – Maeng Da with CBD

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Only wholesale vendors can buy Kratom from American Kratom Brand. As a result, this vendor chooses to keep their pricing a secret until said vendors have proven their eligibility to buy and sell it.

American Kratom Brand Coupon Code

As with any other wholesaler, there are no promo or coupon codes available for American Kratom.

American Kratom Consumer Reputation

Now we get to the really bad stuff. Although some people think it’s okay but very overpriced, most people concur that American Kratom’s products are bunk.

  • “Like no Kratom I’ve ever tried. It didn’t look like it either, and didn’t mix AT ALL into water… it was easy to deduce that whatever I had purchased was NOT Kratom.”
  • “Buddy,,, dunk it in the trash right now,,, u just wasted your cash.”
  • “It’s garbage.”
  • “Don’t like it. If I were stuck picking a headship brand, I would avoid this one and try to find opms.”
  • “Feels a bit weak.”

On the other hand, some people said:

  • “Look I’ve had the “American kratom” from my local headshop before. It’s perfectly legit just way overpriced.”
  • “I’ve tried it. It’s overpriced but effective.”

American Kratom Brand Customer Service

It’s difficult to say what type of customer service American Kratom has because they don’t talk about any of it. Do they offer refunds? Who knows? This is yet another red flag that causes us to take great caution with this product.

Bottom Line

Kratom Capsules

American Kratom is quite simply not worth the risk. Yes, you might find it to be okay, but it will be very overpriced. Even worse, you’ll probably feel like the vast majority of users, which means it will be overpriced and not very good.

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