Aloha Kratom Vendor Review

Wholesale vendor Aloha Kratom operates under the umbrella of Aloha Products Supply. In total, they are five brands under this header. The others include United Kratom, Blissful Leaf, American Kratom, and Weerd Beard. These various brands and their associated products are typically sold at headshops, smoke shops, gas stations, and multi-purpose online stores.

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Aloha Kratom Review

Don’t expect to find much in the way of information from the Aloha Kratom website. The site’s design exists primarily to attract the attention of wholesale clients. In fact, this vendor does not sell their products directly to consumers, nor do they list a suggested retail price. Interestingly, the name Aloha Products Supply isn’t indicative of the company’s location. Instead of being based out of Hawaii as the name suggests, they’re actually in California.

Aloha Kratom Product Line

Like the majority of headshop Kratom brands, Aloha Kratom has a very minimal selection. They advertise their capsules as being made from “fresh leaf that is organically sourced.” No other details are provided about their source. They don’t appear to conduct any third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety.

  • Capsules – Maeng Da, Bali, and Kona.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Each 150-count package of Aloha Kratom contains 75g of encapsulated Mitragyna speciosa. Those who are looking to buy Kratom from a wholesale vendor will want to shop around as pricing varies widely. We checked out the price range from numerous online retailers and discovered that the average is $35-$40. However, if you’re planning to buy these products from a brick and mortar shop, you should expect to pay more.

Aloha Kratom Coupon Code

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As usual, this wholesale vendor doesn’t offer any type of coupon codes. The best way to get a deal on Aloha Kratom capsules is by looking for sales or promo codes offered by the online shops that sell these products. Keep in mind that brick and mortar locations must pay a premium for their retail space. Therefore, you’re less likely to encounter a great sale in person.

Aloha Kratom Consumer Reputation

If you’ve spent any time at all on Reddit’s Kratom forum, then you already know most people from upon headshop Kratom. Aloha Kratom is no exception. As one poster said:

“The head shop I’ve been buying from has been getting some pretty poor quality stuff. They have American Kratom and Aloha Kratom, which I believe is the same company, but to say the least their quality has gotten worse and worse.”

In another Reddit thread, a forum member relayed their bad experience with one of Aloha’s Kona Kratom.

“Terrible headaches along with muscle cramps. Just awful.”

Aloha Kratom Customer Service

We were unable to find any reports online about Aloha Kratom Products’ customer service. Their website does provide a contact form, email address, and toll-free number. So there’s hope if you need to get in touch with this Kratom company Based on the only two Reddit reviews listed above that we were able to find, though, we doubt most Kratom enthusiasts will want to spend their money on what sounds like an inferior product.

Bottom Line

Kratom Capsules

We can’t in good conscience recommend this vendor. Unless you’re in a jam and are willing to take a chance at buying bunk Kratom, it’s best to steer clear of this brand. The information available about Aloha Kratom is way too minimal. Additionally, we don’t like it that they have zero transparency about the actual origin of their products. When you add to that the typical problems associated with headshop Mitragyna speciosa, this particular vendor just doesn’t seem worth it.

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