Alaska Green Clover : A Homegrown Kratom Brand You Need to Know About

Alaska Green Clover has made a name for itself with its extensive line of Mytra Teas and signature kratom blends. Over the last three years, the brand’s cleverly curated catalog of kratom extracts and bath & body botanicals has earned it five-star reviews and positive feedback. But is it any good?

We’ve evaluated this vendor based on purity, policies, and price point to determine whether it’s a legit brand or another flash in the pan. If you want to know whether it’s worth your time and money, you’ll want to read on. In today’s post, we’ll share all the facts about Alaska Green Clover Co.

Alaska Green Clover Kratom Reviews

Alright, here’s the tea!

We’ve been dying to try this Anchorage-based brand for a minute, if for no other reason than it seemed like it would be elusive. To our surprise, we received our order in less time than it would generally take a West Coast kratom supplier to ship its product. In just three business days, our package arrived.

While we weren’t initially thrilled with its packaging, the mini pouches with a holo rainbow tint began to grow on us. At first, these generic pouches seem low-rent, but once you’ve gotten past the overall look, you realize its design is quite sturdy. These mini pouches have stronger seals than most.

If we have one complaint in this department, it’s the simplicity of its labeling. Each pouch bears a circular sticker, the company’s floral green logo, and little else. No vital information appears anywhere on the package, such as guidance, recommendations, QR code, or warnings.

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Typically, this would be something that would bother us, but it is essential to remember that this vendor is located in the Land of the Midnight Sun. As such, it may not feel obligated to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. Without the AKA, Alaska Green Clover is under no obligation to place QR codes on its labels.

This brings us to the next and, perhaps, most important part. Is Alaska Green Clover legit? This should always be your first question when considering a kratom brand. Fortunately for us, Alaska Green Clover Co. is the genuine article. The company is a registered LLC with quite a reputation.

No lab results are posted on the site, nor is there any strain information. Usually, this would be another big turn-off, but owner Jessie is so forthcoming in her correspondence that we totally get it. It’s an indie operation, and the owner doesn’t want to use language that might threaten the store’s future.

What It Has to Offer

This vendor is famed for its Green Elephant and Nirvana Blend, but Alaska Green Clover Gold Extract has swiftly taken the #1 spot as Alaska Green Clover’s best kratom powder. This extract is a 60x kratom concentrate in powder or capsule form. Gold Rush Extract is blended with the kratom potentiator Turmeric for color and aroma.

Products include Aurora Borealis, Dark Chocolate, Deep Sleep, Dreamcatcher, Faceplant, F*ck U Pharma Blend, Golden Halo, Gunpowder White, High Tide, Hulk, Jade Oasis, Moonstone, Mystic Mountain, Pink Pixie Dust, Red Rover, Rising Phoenix, Shooting Star, Sunny Daze, Trail Blaise, Twilight Bliss, and White Chocolate.

Additional items include Northern Lights, Pink Diamond 60x Extract, Rainbow Extract, Red Maca Root Powder, Ruby Red Kratom Extract, Shilajit, and Voacanga Bark Powder, among others. All of these products (and more) seem to be handcrafted, carefully selected, and priced to own.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Alaska Green Clover strains start as low as five bucks for an ounce of kratom powder. You can get eight ounces for $35, 16 ounces for $65, or a kratom kilo for $95.00. This small-batch kratom supplier incentivizes smaller packages, but its kilos are still well under the industry average.

For comparison, Viable Kratom charges $115 per kilo, while Kratom Roots charges $124.99. Alaska Green Clover Kratom is at the low end of current pricing, joining such e-commerce suppliers as GLA Kratom, Soap Korner, Kona Kratom, and New Dawn Kratom.

Shipping is as affordable as its goods, with First Class Shipping available for a mere five dollars. First Class Mail shipments typically arrive within three to five business days, but as we mentioned earlier, we got our package in under three days. No small feat, the distance between our location and Anchorage’s finest.

Alaska Green Clover Coupon Code and Discounts

You can score an Alaska Green Clover discount code by following this brand on social media. Alternatively, you can private message Jess to request a first-time buyer discount. You’ll likely receive an Alaska Green Clover discount code redeemable for 10-15% off your total. Maybe even more.

In the past, AGC has advertised specials, free kratom samples, and seasonal deals on its social media accounts. This includes its Facebook profile, as well as its Reddit account. You can always expect savings.

Alaska Green Clover Customer Reviews

Alaska Green Clover Reddit posts have been effusive in supporting this vendor. One member noted the many generous goodies the owner threw in as a bonus, including a different kratom blend, an extra essential oil, some free gemstones, an extra lip balm, and various gratis candies. Several members have sung the praises of its samplers.

Another member said, ā€œI’ve been using Jessie’s products for over three years, so I know quite a bit about her kratom…her botanicals are super fresh…She makes all her products by hand and she does a damn good job…super talented and the sweetest person ever. She genuinely cares and that’s another reason I’ve stuck with her so long.ā€

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Bottom Line

Alaska Green Clover may not be the oldest brand on the market, but it will surely be one of the longest-lasting. Jessie’s generosity and eye for excellence ensure return business. This is one remote brand that’s worth every penny. Still on the fence? You can compare brands with our complete list of the best kratom vendors.

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