Affinity Kratom Review – Everything you need to Know

In a very saturated market, it is not surprising why a lot of Kratom brands are struggling to survive. With hundreds of different Kratom vendors available online, it is hard for any newcomer to make an impact. Plus, most of the big players in the industry have been around for years and have huge financial advantages over their smaller competitors. These are only some of the reasons why Affinity Kratom fails to stand out in the Kratom scene. They also seem to have given up on marketing and are barely surviving via word-of-mouth recommendations, which is a very dangerous way to do business, especially in this competitive market. In this review, we’ll try to follow all the breadcrumbs that lead us to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, Affinity Kratom is not such a bad choice after all. But, don’t get your hopes up. This company is still a small fish in the big Kratom pond, so it may take them a long time to gain some traction.

Affinity Kratom Products and Services

To begin with, Affinity Kratom seems to be somehow related to FD Distribution, judging on the posts on their Facebook pages. Both brands promote Affinity Kratom products but have been missing any updates since early 2020. This is not surprising at all since both their websites are also no longer accessible. In fact, Affinity Kratom’s domain is for sale and FD Distribution’s website is down as well. The good news is, Affinity Kratom’s products are still available from various vendors online. We’ve done a little bit of digging and found out from third-party sellers that Affinity Kratom is selling Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. Their Kratom powder is available in 50g, 100g, and 1kg while their capsules are bottled in quantities of 80pcs, 140pcs, and 240pcs. Last but not the least, Affinity Kratom’s Kratom liquid extracts are available in 10ml per bottle. Affinity Kratom carries a decent range of Kratom strains and vein colors including Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Borneo, and more.

Affinity kratom products

When it comes to packaging, Affinity Kratom uses a crisp, geometric leaf design on all of their products’ packages. This is in stark contrast to other vendors who tend to put a lot of creative spin on their package designs. In general, Affinity Kratom’s products look premium and appealing, but it also makes you wonder if they are actually worth the price. Since there is no way to check their credibility online, you’ll have to take them for their word, which is very risky. Without any lab reports or quality control measures in place, it is impossible to know for sure whether Affinity Kratom is selling top-quality Kratom or not. Therefore, we recommend using their products with extreme caution, especially when it comes to buying bulk or larger quantities.

Affinity Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Affinity Kratom’s pricing is a bit higher compared to other lesser known Kratom brands. However, when compared to some of the top Kratom vendors online, their prices are quite competitive. Here is Affinity Kratom’s pricing chart:

Kratom Powder

  • 50g – $12.99
  • 100g – $18.99
  • 1000g – $99.99

Kratom Capsules

  • 80pcs – $16.99
  • 140pcs – $23.99
  • 240pcs – $31.99

Kratom Extracts

  • 1 bottle – $19.99 (10ml per bottle)

Compared to leading Kratom brands like Kats Botanicals and Kraken Kratom, Affinity Kratom’s pricing is reasonably affordable. One thing to remember, though, we can’t find any third party lab test results or any type of certification on Affinity Kratom’s products. Therefore, we can’t say with 100% certainty that their products are pure, potent, and effective.

Red MAENG DA Powder
Maeng Da Kratom
Lab-Tested - 100% Organic - Money-Back Guarantee
Capsule with Powder
Kratom Capsules
Buy Split Kratom Kilos
Split Kilo

Affinity Kratom Customer Reviews

With the lack of substantial online reviews, it is impossible for us to know how well Affinity Kratom is doing as a brand. We’ve managed to find two positive reviews about them, which you can find below:

“Red Borneo relaxing but energized.” – Zack, Facebook 

“I would easily recommend this product, as I have only had positive experiences with it. And while I have reviewed two previous Affinity Kratom products which earned 3 Star Fat Sammy ratings, this one earns one of my more elusive 4-star reviews! Great work on the liquid extract guys!” – Fat Sams Legal Highs, on his review of Affinity Kratom’s Kratom Liquid Extracts

Affinity Kratom’s popularity is hard to gauge, especially when you don’t have any historical data to go by. It is not uncommon in the Kratom industry where a lot of companies are popping up and disappearing within the span of a couple of weeks. That’s why it’s important to stay informed and constantly keep up with new products and trends in the industry.

Affinity kratom logoAffinity Kratom Customer Complaints

There seems to be no online complaints about Affinity Kratom at this time. However, since there are very limited reviews and feedback available for the brand, we advise using a little caution before buying from them. The lack of negative online reviews on Affinity Kratom could indicate that the brand is doing well or it could mean they are still getting their feet wet in the market.

Affinity Kratom Coupons

Since Affinity Kratom does not have a functioning website, we can’t say for sure whether they offer coupon codes or not. In the absence of any online coupons, we recommend looking on their affiliate websites for possible promo codes.

Is Affinity Kratom Legit?

We are certain that Affinity Kratom is not a scam and they are not selling fake Kratom products. However, since there are no third-party lab test results or any type of certification on their products, we can’t say for certain that their Kratom is of high quality. The lack of customer reviews and feedback also make it impossible to determine how well Affinity Kratom is doing in the Kratom community.


Affinity Kratom’s lack of positive online reviews and feedback is a major red flag. The lack of third-party lab test results and any type of certification on their products is another issue. All in all, this leaves us with very limited information upon which to base our analysis about them. For these reasons, we are unable to give Affinity Kratom a good rating at this time. We will keep an eye on this brand and update our review if and when they start putting up more substantial info about themselves. In the meantime, be cautious when buying from them.

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