42 Degrees Kratom Vendor Review

42 Degrees, AKA 42 Degrees Kratom, is a popular retail chain with multiple locations across Omaha, NE. This ever-growing emporium for e-cigarettes and CBD has become one of the top three kratom vendors in the Cornhusker State.

With six locations from Ralston to Wright Ave., 42 Degrees is one of the most far-reaching physical sources for Mitragyna speciosa in the Western world. Omaha may be the Gateway to the West, but 42 Degrees is Omaha’s Gateway to the East … Eastern herbs, that is.

This brick-and-mortar shop offers Nebraskans (and outliers) access to OG Maeng Da Kratom, Super Green, Gold Vein, Trainwreck, and so much more. If you’re looking to learn more about this outlet, we’ve got the hookup. Read on for the full skinny in our comprehensive 42 Degrees Kratom Vendor Review.


42 Degrees Kratom Product Review

The burning question in any prospective buyer’s mind should be one of pricing: how do 42 Degrees Kratom prices compare to those charged by other kratom vendors? The answer is complicated – 42 Degrees is cheaper than most brick-and-mortar head shops. In fact, it will typically honor competitive pricing when presented with proof of lower prices. On the other hand, many online vendors are far more affordable. More on this in a moment.

42 Degrees carries a number of different kratom brands at any given time. The quality of packaging and presentation varies from brand to brand. That being said, 42 Degrees’ layout is quite inviting, with its neat and orderly shelves and clear glass cases. Individual products by each brand are given their own sections in the store, with eye-grabbing signage and helpful outfacing sales info.

For legal reasons, 42 Degrees Kratom cannot ship its products by mail. Select states, counties, and municipalities have instituted kratom legislation that prevents proprietors like 42 Degrees from selling kratom products. Fortunately, kratom legality in Nebraska is not an issue; it is legal to buy, sell, and possess Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids in the Cornhusker State.

A 42 Degrees Kratom Loyalty Program exists insofar as walk-in customers can avail themselves of special deals and competitive pricing. The owner regularly consigns select products to clearance and provides additional discounts where applicable. Read on for more on its in-store policies.

Choice Kratom and Prof Whyte Kratom are two brands that are prominently displayed when you enter any of 42 Degrees Kratom’s establishments. The latter is the more affordable brand on average, though Choice Kratom does run the occasional promo.

These brands are available in varieties of the green vein, red vein, and white vein, with golden kratom strains and yellow kratom strains offered on occasion. Fermented kratom tends to be more expensive, which may also be the case when 42 Degrees stocks proprietary kratom blends, such as Prof Whye’s Train Wreck or Prof Whyte’s Euphoria Powder.

The customer service experience is outstanding, with dedicated, knowledgeable staff members on standby whenever you have any kind of question or concern. As a matter of fact, 42 Degrees may well be the first land-based smoke shop to tell first-time customers about savings opportunities. Upon contacting 42 Degrees by telephone, we were told that they are always willing to work with patrons on pricing.

After inquiring about bulk kratom, we were informed that they do not carry kratom kilos or split kilos. However, Dan was quick to mention its consumer incentives: “If you heard about a better price somewhere, you can tell us about it and we’ll usually honor that price. We offer a price match as well as half-off sales and, sometimes, you’ll get a buy one, get one free special. It all depends on the day and what you’re looking to buy, but we always have sales on kratom.”

What It Costs & How It Compares

Speaking of sales, 42 Degrees is running a promotion at this very moment whereby you can get thirty free grams of kratom powder when you purchase one hundred grams of Choice Kratom. This vendor generally charges the same amount of money for kratom capsules as it does for its kratom powders. For example, thirty grams of kratom powder will run you $24.99 and thirty kratom caps will cost you the same price.

This isn’t always the case and the owner may be the one who sets the price. On the other hand, some pricing may go by the suggested MSRP, something provided by distributors or wholesale kratom suppliers.   One possible example of this is the price charged for bulk kratom from Choice Botanicals; you can get sixty grams of Choice Kratom Powder for $39.99.


These prices are not at all comparable to those commonly charged by e-commerce platforms. On the contrary, most online kratom vendors charge under $15 for twenty-eight grams or less. For the sake of comparison, Soulful Herbals charges ten dollars for twenty-eight grams of powder, while My Brave Botanicals offers twenty-eight grams for $15.00.

42 Degrees Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

There are no coupon codes for 42 Degrees Kratom, but there are plenty of discounts to speak of. Stop into any one of its regional locations to inquire about sales items or price matching. This vendor will honor most, if not all, competitor prices on small-batch kratom.

Prof Whyte Kratom is typically on sale at all times, while Choice Kratom is available at a discounted price much of the time. As we mentioned earlier, you may be eligible to receive bonus kratom samples or a two-for-one deal in many cases.

42 Degrees Kratom Customer Reviews

A sole Reddit member acknowledged that they have a good selection, but this was the extent of their positive or otherwise constructive criticism. Such an absence of attention at online kratom forums can seem fishy at first, but it is important to remember that most forum members buy their kratom on the internet, which would preclude them from experiencing the 42 Degrees Kratom shopping experience.

On a more positive note, 42 Degrees has received hundreds of four and five-star reviews on Google. One enthusiastic reviewer said, “Love this store and the awesome employees that work there! They are always so helpful, informative, and very nice! They have an awesome selection of pretty much everything! I highly recommend this location in Millard!”

Another reviewer wrote, “I usually go the location on center st in midtown and I am always blown away by the wildly personal and knowledgeable service from the team there. I’ve had a variety of questions on my visits … On all occasions, I had complete confidence in the knowledge behind the answers that I was given. Truly amazing customer service. I couldn’t be happier as a customer.”

Still, another reviewer said, “Definitely recommend doing business with the dude with the dreads, knowledgeable about all the products in the shop will definitely steer you in the right direction regardless of your price range … Top notch service top-notch quality,  if you have questions he has answers … Check out 42 degrees they’ll get Ya right every time.  Yeah, buddy.”

42 Degrees Kratom Complaints

The same Reddit member who alluded to this vendor’s wide variety went on to lament their experience with 42 Degrees Kratom’s products, writing, “I bought a small pack a couple of months ago and found that for me, Kratom felt like either not enough, or too much … gave up after that first buy.”

One Google reviewer said, “Way overpriced, I’ve been buying kilos for $60 for years and you want more than that for 100g of powder!?” Meanwhile, another Google reviewer wrote, “The owner has a lot of work to do regarding his people skills and all-around business IQ if he wishes for his store to succeed.”

Is It Lab Tested?

Yes and no.

As a brick-and-mortar shop, 42 Degrees is not expected to personally lab-test its inventory. However, consumers should always be able to request proof of laboratory testing where available. In the case of 42 Degrees, Kratom should not be a problem, as it regularly stocks Choice Kratom, a brand that purports to be GMP-compliant.

Choice Kratom is one hundred percent all-natural, with certificates of analysis to prove its potency and purity. The same is true of Prof Whytes Kratom, a brand that published lab results on its website in addition to providing customers with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


Is 42 Degrees Kratom Legit?

All signs point to the affirmative where 42 Degrees’ legitimacy as a business is concerned. It is a long-established chain with more than three hundred-starred reviews and good standing in the kratom community. Unlike so many of its competitors, it has not received any formal complaints from former patrons. What’s more, this vendor has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

American Kratom Association

This is one area in which 42 Degrees Kratom and its affiliates are lacking. The store is not expected to participate in a program specifically designed for kratom processors, but the brands it carries are not participants in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. Although Choice Kratom claims to be GMP-certified its name does not appear on the AKA’s list of qualified vendors.

The GMP Standards Program was developed to protect consumers against potentially unsafe products and dishonest kratom suppliers. It was also designed to hold processors accountable by requiring them to meet certain criteria at every stage of the manufacturing and distribution process. These requirements extend from labeling and marketing to lab confirmation and kratom sales.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, 42 Degrees Kratom is a kratom shop you can trust. If you live in the Great Plains region of the United States, you could do much worse than this chain retailer. With multiple land-based locations and a wealth of options to choose from, 42 Degrees is as convenient as it is professional.

Still on the fence? You can shop around online to compare products, pricing, policies, and more. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands in 2022.