White Bali Kratom Strain Review

White Bali Kratom (AKA Bali White) offers a smooth, long-lasting, balanced performance that’s hard to beat. Much like other Bali strands, this particular offering is usually easy to find. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not popular. Instead, the frequent availability is a sign of just how popular this strain has become.


What is White Bali?

White Bali is a bit of misnomer, especially when you consider the fact that it is not grown in Bali at all! Instead, this well-loved strain hails from Borneo and is watered by the Kapuas River. Why isn’t it called White Borneo, then? When the Bali name was given to a strain family, it was meant to represent the importance of Bali as a Kratom export area. In other words, the Bali family pays homage through its name to the most vital shipping resource for all Kratom strains.

White Bali Kratom Strain Review

So, what do people really think about White Bali? According to Reddit, this strain has got it where it counts! In one thread alone, you can find a wide variety of Kratom enthusiasts absolutely raving about White Bali. Some called it “the perfect white,” while others dubbed it “one of the more potent strains.” Other comments included “I was extremely satisfied,” “I love White Bali,” and “[it’s] one of my favorite strains.”

As you can see, there is definitely not a lack of enthusiasm for this member of the Bali family. Anyone who prefers White Strains is virtually certain to be satisfied.

Bali Kratom: White, Green, Red, & Gold

Bali Kratom comes in four strains, which makes it stand out even more. Each of the strains has a positive reputation too, but let’s take a closer look to help you find the perfect option.

  • White – Perfect for the daytime, White Bali is often characterized as providing a dynamic performance that’s energetic, focused, and uplifting, yet at the same time, it also has a slower quality that many really like.
  • Green – When you’re looking for an energetic and balanced performance, it’s always a good idea to consider Green Bali.
  • Red – This ideal nighttime strain is a blend of Sumatra and Borneo. It has a relaxed, slow performance.
  • Gold – Gold Bali has much in common with Red Bali, including a relaxed performance. However, Gold Bali’s performance also has a slightly energetic kick.

Where to Buy White Bali Kratom

White Bali (and its counterparts, Green Bali, Red Bali, and Gold Bali) can be found from numerous vendors. If you’re looking for a bulk purchase, be sure to check out The Golden Monk’s White Bali Kratom. Otherwise, you may want to check out any of the following online shops.

  • Kratom Crazy
  • PurKratom
  • Authentic Kratom
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kats Botanicals

White Bali Powder and Capsules Pricing

As usual, you can expect to find a wide variety of prices, quantities, etc. when you shop for White Bali. Powder generally starts around $7.99 for 28g and can go up to $15.99. If you prefer a bigger amount, you can easily find 100-112g packages ranging from $19.99 to $54.99. Here at The Golden Monk, we offer 250g for only $49.99. Our 1 kilo (1,000g) packs typically sell for $99.99 (and are on sale for $89.99 as of mid-February 2020).

If capsules are more your thing, that’s also available from many sources. You won’t find quite as much variety, but White Bali usually starts as low as $18 for a bottle containing 25 pre-filled capsules.

Final Thoughts


Before you buy Kratom, be sure to select a vendor with a proven history of high-quality products and great customer service. Keep in mind that price isn’t always indicative of quality, and this is particularly true with a strain that’s as common and popular as White Bali.

Are you looking for something outside the Bali family? Be sure to take a look at The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains to discover tons of other great options!