Super Green Kapuas Kratom Strain Review

This Super Green Kapuas Kratom review focuses on a Kratom strain grown by the Kapuas River. Some Kratom vendors list this strain as Green Hulu Kapuas, which further identifies its place of origin within Indonesia’s Hulu Forest. No matter what exact name or marketing phrase is used, Super Green Kapuas has quickly become a favorite of many Kratom enthusiasts.


What is Super Green Kapuas?

This highly sought after Kratom strain isn’t always easy to find. In fact, Super Green Kapuas (and Green Hulu Kapuas) is among the rarest strains available today. Part of the appeal of Super Green Kapuas is its natural alkaloid makeup, which varies significantly from other Kratom strains.

Due to the growing environment near the Kapuas River, alkaloids that are typically present in minute quantities are much more prominent in Super Green Kapuas. For example, this strain has a higher than usual concentration of specionoxein.

Super Green Kapuas Strain Review

Reddit members have written several posts extolling the virtues of Super Green Kapuas. In just one of the many threads, multiple people spoke up about how much they love this particular strain. Comments included “Green Hulu Kapuas is one of my favorites,” “it definitely does the trick,” “Green Hulu is my favorite green strain at the moment, great choice,” and “Green Hulu freaking rocks!”

Kapuas Kratom: Green vs White vs Red

Kapuas Kratom comes in three different vein colors. The right vein for you will depend largely on your specific needs and interests. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

  • Green Kapuas – All forms of Kapuas are hard to find. Fortunately, Green Kapuas is the most plentiful vein of the three varieties. This strain has a very unique makeup, along with a moderate performance.
  • White Kapuas – The white vein of Kapuas Kratom is similar to a mixture of Maeng Da strains. It’s highly robust, offers distinct characteristics, and comes from Mitragyna speciosa plants that grow up to 16 feet wide and almost 100 feet tall.
  • Red Kapuas – The 22 alkaloids in each Red Kapuas leaf give this Kratom a very notable aroma. Many have called Red Kapuas one of the most potent strains in the entire red vein family.

Where to Buy Super Green Kapuas Kratom

If you want to buy Kratom that’s rare such as Super Green Kapuas (AKA Green Hulu Kapuas), you’ll need to know where to look. The good news is that we’ve gathered a list of sources for you. Even better, you don’t have to leave The Golden Monk’s website to find some! Check out our Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder. Other online vendors that sell Green Kapuas include:

  • Kratom Crazy
  • Soill Botanicals
  • The Kratom Connection
  • PurKratom
  • The Kratom Syndicate

Super Green Kapuas Powder and Capsules Pricing

As a strain that’s harder for vendors to get, you can expect to pay a bit of a premium for Super Green Kapuas powder. Pricing will, of course, vary by quantities and the local harvesters that each Kratom company works with.

Here at The Golden Monk, our Green Hulu Kapuas powder starts at 250g for $49.99. If you’re looking for a smaller initial purchase, you can grab 100g for $19.99 from Kratom Krazy.


Over at The Kratom Connection, they charge $35 for 100g. The Kratom Syndicate provides 125g for $32. As you can see, your best bet for 100 to 250g is Kratom Krazy or The Golden Monk. But if you want an even smaller quantity, you can try 1 ounce (28g) from Soill Botanicals for $8.

Capsules are even less plentiful than powder, and they’re also much more expensive. If you prefer Super Green Kapuas capsules, though, PurKratom sells a bottle of 50 for $17.99. The Kratom Syndicate offers 200 capsules for $69 (on sale in September 2019 for only $45).

Final Thoughts

Green, White, and Red Kapuas offer different performances, and they’re all harder to find than standard strains. Before you choose one, make sure you know which strains are right for you by checking out our Complete List of Kratom Strains!