Sapphire Kratom Strain Review

Sapphire Kratom, also referred to as Kalimantan Sapphire, is a version of White Maeng Da. It is mostly sold by Bumble Bee Kratom.


What is Sapphire?

Sold as “the gemstone of all white strains,” it is harvested near the Java Sea. It’s like a mixture of White Maeng Da and Borneo. It has an energy increasing performance and is also known to boost concentration.

Sapphire Kratom Strain Review

Sapphire Kratom is a relatively new strain. And, as previously mentioned, it’s mostly sold by Bumble Bee. As a result, there’s next to no chatter about it online. Therefore, we’re going to turn to one of the few places that sells this strain of Kratom. Payless has six reviews for Bumble Bee Kalamantan Sapphire. There’s a 4.3-star average out of six reviews. On the positive side, we have:

  • “I tried this with my last order and it’s by far my new favorite strain.”
  • “May be my new favorite for everyday use.”
  • “Great as always.”

On the negative side:

  • “Mediocre. It’s ok.”
  • “Not as good as others I’ve had.”

Sapphire Kratom: White

Again, Sapphire Kratom is a white strain that’s basically a mixture of Maeng Da and Borneo.

  • White – White Sapphire has an energetic, energy increasing performance. It is also said to help people be able to sleep.

Where to Buy Sapphire Kratom

Sapphire Kratom isn’t that easy to find. When you do find it, it’s not going to be sold by a first tier Kratom vendor. Instead, you’ll likely find it from the online equivalent of a smoke shop or headshop such as:

  • Route 66 Vapor
  • PaylessKratom
  • Klowdz Vapor and Smoke Shop
  • E-Juice Vapor
  • Sacramento Cash and Carry

Sapphire Kratom Powder and Capsules Pricing

By far the most common form of Sapphire is capsules. The pricing can vary greatly, depending on which vendor you decide to shop at. You can get capsules in a 40, 300, and 500-count bottle. The 40-count bottle sells for as little as $8.99. The most commonly sold size is the 300-count bottle, which sells for between $24.95 and $62.99.

Final Thoughts


This product is new, so buying Kratom has some risks. Be sure to check into each vendor’s history and select the one that has the best reputation.

If you want a strain that’s more common, don’t forget to check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains.