Red Sulawesi Kratom Strain Review

Red Sulawesi is relatively new to the Western market. As such, it has become highly sought after.

What is Red Sulawesi?

Red Sulawesi comes from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. This is a rare place to find Kratom, but it’s also the only place that Sulawesi is grown. One of the most interesting things about the island is that it’s the world’s 11th largest, with three gulfs and four peninsulas.


Red Sulawesi Kratom Strain Review

Just three years ago, people were asking on Reddit if anyone had ever heard of Red Sulawesi before. Now, people are in love with this strain. Therefore, sometimes it’s good to buy Kratom before anyone else will. Over on Reddit, one poster said, “it was fire, you will enjoy it.” Another Reddit forum member opined that it was “possibly the best strain I’ve ever had.” They went on to say, “this one got a 10/10 from me, will DEFINETLY be ordering a full kilo of this.”

Sulawesi: White, Green, Red, & Yellow

Sulawesi is a Kratom family that comes in four different varieties. Here, we’ll take a closer look at each one, to help you decide which is the right choice for you.

  • White – The relaxing properties of this particular strain make it perfect for the end of the day.
  • Green – As a midway point between White and Red, this strain has intermediate effects.
  • Red – A stimulating performance that makes this one perfect for the morning.
  • Yellow – With slow onset – yet a prolonged performance – this strain is for people who like to feel their Kratom for a long time.

Where to Buy It

Whether you prefer your Kratom as a powder or a capsule, the following vendors have got you covered!

Red Sulawesi Powder and Capsules Pricing


Red Sulawesi comes in a very diverse list of prices. Over at Texas Herbs and Prices, you’ll find everything from ½ an ounce for $4 to 1 kilo for $90. Meanwhile, The Kratom Syndicate sells 125g for $30 up to 500g for $79. Evergreen Tree has the highest prices, with it costing $119.95 for 500g and a whopping $189.95 for 1 kilo. And over at Borneohale, this West Kalimantan business sells Red Sulawesi for $18,00 for 500g and $30,00 for 1 kilo.

As to capsules, Divine Botanicals has what you’re looking for. With 50 capsules for $24.99 and 100 capsules for $49.99, you’ll be ready to go!

Final Thoughts

This strain has a different vibe from most Kratom sales. Although it offers a stimulating performance that’s similar to some others, it’s truly in a league all its own. Be sure to try this strain before giving up on Reds.

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