The Differences Between Red Bali vs. Red Sumatra Kratom

You’ve probably found yourself wondering about which strain would win the battle of Red Sumatra vs. Red Bali Kratom. After all, they’re both red strains that are very popular. What do they have in common? What sets them apart from each other? And most importantly, which one is right for you? Well, now you can stop wondering thanks to this comprehensive guide and strain review!

We’re looking at Red Bali vs. Red Sumatra below for the ultimate comparison in each of our four Kratom strain review categories.


What is Red Bali?

Red Bali is affordable and easy to find, which has made it a favorite among Kratom enthusiasts. It’s believed that Red Bali originated as the result of cross-fertilization between Sumatra and Borneo. This occurred on Bali Island in Indonesia. Since then, cultivators have brought Red Bali to life throughout Indonesia and Malaysia.

Red Bali Kratom provides a slow-moving, relaxing performance. It’s also considered to be one of the strongest options from the red vein family.

What is Red Sumatra?

This Kratom strain originated on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Anyone who is looking for a relaxing performance will likely enjoy Red Sumatra. Also, if you’re looking for the longest lasting performance possible, this strain has got you covered. Red Sumatra enthusiasts are often looking to relax without getting overly tired.

Red Bali Kratom Reviews

A simple Reddit search turns up a long list of praise for the Red Bali strain. A few examples include Redditors saying that Red Bali “is awesome,” “is probably my favorite strain,” “is really on top of the others for me,” and “has always been a fav of mine.”

Red Sumatra Kratom Reviews

Redditors have spoken many times about their experiences with Red Sumatra. Here’s a few examples of their Kratom reviews:

Where to Buy Red Bali Kratom

We’re proud to sell bulk quantities of Red Bali here at The Golden Monk. If you’re looking for a smaller amount, be sure to check out these vendors:

  • Kratom Crazy
  • USA Botanicals
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Kratomystic

As always, make sure you buy Kratom from a reputable vendor.

Where to Buy Red Sumatra Kratom

The Golden Monk sells bulk Red Sumatra Kratom in quantities ranging from 250g to 1,000g (1 kilo). If you’re new to this strain, though, you may want to start with a smaller amount. Other online vendors that carry this strain include:

  • Phytoextractum
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Original Harvest Kratom
  • Kratom Crazy

Red Bali Powder and Capsules Pricing

The most affordable Red Bali powder starts at only $4.99 for 30g, thanks to the discount pricing at USA Botanicals. The same vendor sells a 65-count bottle of Red Bali capsules for $11.99. If you’re looking for Red Bali bulk Kratom, we sell 250g for $49.99 up to 1 kilo (1,000g) for $99.99.

Red Sumatra Powder and Capsules Pricing

Our bulk powder pricing is standard, meaning you can get Red Sumatra or Red Bali starting at $49.99 for 250g. To try a smaller quantity, consider Kratom Crazy’s 100g for $19.99, or grab 28g from Kraken Kratom or Phytoextractum for $9.95.

Prefer capsules? Head over to Original Harvest Kratom. They sell 100 vegetarian friendly capsules of Red Sumatra for $36.95.

Red Bali vs. Red Sumatra: Choosing the Best Strain for You

What’s the best way to choose in the battle of Red Bali vs. Red Sumatra? We’re firm believers of trying both strains before making a decision. However, we also know that some people can’t afford to do that. Here’s a quick side-by-side recap of the highlights from each strain.

  • Reviews: Both strains have a lot of support from Reddit members, but we must admit that there seems to be more enthusiasm for Red Bali.
  • Performance: Red Sumatra lasts much longer, but Red Bali is stronger. They’re both relaxing, but only Red Sumatra manages to be relaxing without causing feelings of tiredness.
  • Price: Red Bali has the cheapest starting price for powder and capsules.
  • Origin: Although no one knows for sure how any of the earliest Kratom plants started, it’s typically believed that Red Bali wouldn’t exist if Sumatra hadn’t cross-pollinated with Borneo.


Ultimately, the only right answer is the one that best suits your specific requirements. Remember, just because Red Bali has a bigger fan club doesn’t mean that Red Sumatra has no chance of becoming your personal favorite. If you want to look at the simple economics of the situation, though, Red Sumatra’s extended performance probably beats out Red Bali’s lower initial price tag.

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