The Differences Between Mitragyna Javanica & Kratom


Mitragyna javanica and Kratom sound similar. After all, they’re scientific names both begin with Mitragyna, and the first version’s second name make it seem like java. However, there are plenty of differences between these two cousin plants. For instance, while Kratom has Mitragynine in it, javanica does not.


Major Difference Between the Plants

Both of these plants find their home in Thailand. The major difference is that javanica is still legal to use in its home country. In fact, Kratom became illegal in Thailand as far back as the 1940s, which really brought a lot of local attention to Mitragyna javanica. At that time, many factory workers switched their allegiance for a supplement that promotes physical comfort.

Does it Compare to Kratom?

The major question that everyone wants to have answered is whether or not Mitragyna javanica truly compares to Kratom. Sadly, most hardcore Kratom users do not believe that the two have much in common. In fact, one user over on Reddit referred to it as “Kratom’s b@stard cousin.” Others on Reddit called it “highly ineffective… at best will give you a headache” and “it seems like it will be weaker that speciosa.”

Is Javanica Legal?

This is the one category where Mitragyna javanica beats Kratom. After all, it’s still legal in Thailand, and it’s legal in all 50 states. One of the biggest reasons for this status is the weakness of javanica. While some claim it’s a popular folk medicine, we also all know what that term entails, right? That’s correct; if it’s got any true medicine in it, then the concentration is quite low.

Learn More About Javanica vs. Speciosa

So, what’s the real scoop? The reality is that speciosa is simply much stronger than javanica. In other words, if you’ve never tried Kratom yet, you’ll probably get some restorative benefits from taking javanica. However, if you’ve been a hardcore Kratom enthusiast for years, you’re not going to get much of anything out of javanica.

Buy Kratom


Now that you’ve seen what the alternative is, you’re most likely going to want to buy Kratom from the beginning. It’s stronger, provides a much bigger punch, and you can buy it anywhere. However, if you’re just now considering getting some Kratom, perhaps you’d be better off with javanica for the time being.

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