Complete Guide of Gold Reserve Kratom Extract: Its Benefits and What to Expect

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract is viewed by many as the gold standard for Kratom Extracts, no pun intended. But what exactly is an extract? And does this particular strain variant live up to the hype? Read on to learn everything you need to know!

What is a Kratom Extract?

The first thing you need to know about this Kratom offering is how extracts are made. Rather than simply grinding up Mitragyna speciosa leaves into a powder, extracts require a large quantity of leaves to be boiled together. Eventually, this boiling process leads to the formation of a single resin rock. The rock is then broken into a fine powder, which becomes the extract.

As you can probably imagine, combining a ton of Kratom leaves together in this way creates a product that’s much more powerful than typical powder. As a result, it’s common for growers and manufacturers to mix some of the extract with regular Kratom powder. The exact blend can make the difference between Enhanced Kratom (medium strength) and Ultra-Enhanced (high strength).


What is Gold Reserve Kratom Extract?

True Gold Reserve Kratom Extract is a full-spectrum product. Each vendor’s exact blend may vary. For example, Phytoextractum and Kraken Kratom promise a blend of 52 percent pure mitragynine extract and White Sundanese powder, which is reputed to be the correct recipe for optimal Gold Reserve Kratom Extract. Be sure to double check with your preferred vendor to ensure how they make their version of this popular product.

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract Strain Review

As usual, we headed over to Reddit’s Kratom forum to see what enthusiasts think of this specific product. One person said, “Nothing touches the Gold Reserve. Best I’ve ever had. On a whole different level.” In another thread, a forum member opined that “Gold Reserve is great. Strong.” A reviewer on Reddit summed it up as being “like a really potent tincture only cheaper.”

Extract Kratom: Gold Reserve vs. Private Reserve

Anyone who shops for Mitragyna speciosa extracts is going to easily find many options to choose from. However, there are currently only two mixtures that have ‘Reserve’ as part of their name. Let’s check out the differences between them!

  • Gold Reserve – Made from White Sundanese powder and pure mitragynine extract. Characterized by its fast-acting and strong performance.
  • Private Reserve – Created by blending pure mitragynine extract and Red Maeng Da powder. Offers a potent, long-lasting performance.

Where to Buy Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

Extracts aren’t found from every online vendor, but there are definitely several of them that sell these products. The following list contains options for powder, liquid, and capsule versions of Gold Reserve Extract.

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Left Coast Kratom
  • Phytoextractum
  • Zion Herbals
  • Save on Kratom

Gold Reserve Extract Powder, Liquid, and Capsules Pricing

There are always numerous choices available when you buy Kratom. In this particular instance, you’ll be able to select your preferred extract from powder, liquid, and capsules. One thing to note about Gold Reserve Extract is that it has one of the most pungent odors that you’ll ever find in the Mitragyna speciosa world. With that in mind, you may want to pick a format that will minimize your exposure to that scent.

Powder – Most vendors start with 5g of extract powder, but we found at least one place that will sell 1g as a sample for $9.99. A 5g package will run you between $31.99 and $39.99. The next most common size, 10g, starts around $59.99 and goes up to $74.99. Most vendors top off at 20g, and you can expect to pay somewhere between $114.99 and $139.99.

Liquid – Although this option isn’t very prevalent, we did find 10 bottles selling for $164 and 20 bottles listed at $320. For a sample shot, one bottle typically costs $12.99 – $16.99.

Capsules – Some people are drawn to the capsules because they can avoid most of the pungent odor. You will pay extra for the convenience, though. We found 5-capsule packs for around $21. Upgrading to a 10-count pack will set you back somewhere between $39.99 and $49.99. The largest quantity we could find – 20 capsules – has a list price of $76.99.

Final Thoughts


Extracts are a good choice when you want a much stronger performance than normal. Expect to pay accordingly, and don’t forget that a small quantity will go a long way. The biggest downside to Gold Reserve Kratom Extract, aside from the price, is the smell. If you can get past that, though, you’re likely to become a big fan of extracts like so many other Kratom enthusiasts before you!

Are you looking for a different type of Mitragyna speciosa? Visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains to find a wide array of options, ranging from standard powder to other extracts.

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