Gold Kali Kratom Strain Review

Gold Kali stems from the jungles of Kalimantan, which is located on the island of Borneo. This particular section of Borneo is on the Indonesian side.

What is Gold Kali Kratom?

As with other Gold or Yellow strains, Gold Kali doesn’t come naturally. Instead, Red Kali and Green Kali leaves are left in the sunlight for a specific period of time. What does this do? Well, aside from giving this kratom its signature color, it also increases the amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. This alkaloid-lifting result renders Gold Kail with even better results than Maeng Da.


Gold Kali Kratom Strain Review

Fans of this strain can easily be found in the normal kratom forums. For example, a Reddit member said, “Seriously, this stuff is awesome. Easily one of my favorite strains from Motark.” Others piped up on the same post to say, “His Gold Kali & White Vein are two of my favorites” and “Gold kali is definitely something special <3.”

In another Reddit thread, one person stated that “The Gold Kali from Motark is most excellent.” And on yet another thread, people praised it as well.

  • “Yeah, his gold kali is insane. I don’t typically like calming stuff, but there’s something special about it. Even ordered some more.”
  • “<3 It’s my fave.”
  • “I love the Gold Kali soo much lol. one of my favorites for chilling out.”

Kali Kratom: Red, White, Green, & Gold

As with every other form of Kratom, there’s some notable differences between the different colors of this strain. Therefore, we’ve provided a list to help you decide what type of Kali is right for you.

  • Red – This vein is most well-known for its long-lasting soothing feel.
  • White – People who hate caffeine jitters will probably love White Kali. Please note that it is a bit more subdued than some of the other white strains.
  • Green – If you want a strain that feels soothing but also uplifting, Green Kali has got you covered.
  • Gold – The active performance makes it excellent for daytime usage. It may also support feelings of soothing relief.

Where to Buy Gold Kali Kratom

Gold Kratom isn’t as easy to find as the other veins of the Bali strain. Fortunately, though, there are a couple of places to get it:

Motark Best doesn’t sell it anymore, which is a real shame, at least based on Reddit reviews.

Powder and Capsules Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Gold Kali is a bit more expensive than the other Bali veins. You can find 25 to 30g for $15.35 – $16.99, whereas other Kali veins cost most like $5 to $10. If you want a larger amount of this specialized Kratom, we found 90 to 100g selling for $35.88 – $44.99. Finally, there’s also 150 to 250g, and they’re selling for between $51.25 and $79.99.

If you prefer capsules, you can find them in anywhere from 4 to 275-count bottles. The 4-count option is only $3.59, and the 275-count bottle is $125.05.

Final Thoughts


Researching your options before you buy Kratom is always the best idea. Remember: price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality in the world of Kratom.

Are you looking for something other than Gold Bali? Be sure to visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of Kratom Strains to learn about your numerous other options!

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