What is the Legality of Kratom in Arizona and Where to Buy

The Grand Canyon State has legal Kratom.The Grand Canyon State is home to more than 7.1 million people. An additional 44 million tourists visit Arizona annually, meaning there are a lot of people who may be looking to buy Kratom. Fortunately, there’s no scarcity of local vendors, especially in the Phoenix area. You can also order Mitragyna speciosa from a long list of online businesses that service Arizona.

What is Kratom’s Legal Status in Arizona?

Kratom is currently legal throughout Arizona. State lawmakers considered banning this natural product in 2014, but advocacy efforts proved successful. In April 2019, Arizona passed a new law aimed at protecting Kratom buyers.

Dubbed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, the new law regulates the labeling, distribution, production, and sales of Mitragyna speciosa. It’s also now illegal for people under the age of 18 to buy Kratom within Arizona’s state lines.

Buying Kratom Online in Arizona

Although you can find Kratom locally in Arizona, it’s our recommendation to stick with online vendors as much as possible. After all, these vendors typically undergo stringent third-party lab testing to verify the quality of their products. You’re also going to find a bigger selection and will usually save a lot of money.

There are a few online vendors based in Arizona. Let’s take a look at the best options.

4 of the Best Online Arizona Vendors

Gold Canyon Botanicals

If you’re in Maricopa County, you can get same-day delivery from this Phoenix online Kratom vendor. Gold Canyon Botanicals offers five strains in three different sizes each. Choose from Super Green, Bentuangie, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Packages of 4 ounces cost $29, and you can buy up to 1 pound for $75. Delivery to the East Valley is free.

Arizona Kratom

This Tucson vendor offers online and in-person sales. Arizona Kratom stocks an extensive selection of Red, Green, Yellow, and White strains. Choose from 25 options, available in powder and capsule formats. You’ll receive fresh, high-quality Mitragyna speciosa from a vendor that works directly with a Kratom farm. They use an easy pricing chart for each product: Every gram is $0.50 and 50 capsules are $20. In other words, if you want to order 30 grams, the cost is $15. Ordering 250 capsules costs $100.

Tucson Kratom

Mitragyna speciosa leaves. Also known as Tucson Incense, this is another local vendor that sells their products online and in-person. You can get a nice sample of each of their strains for only $2.95 for each 10-gram bag. Prefer capsules? They sell 20-capsule samples for $4.95. All of their Kratom is 100 percent organic, and they have a nice offering of Super Fine Grinds starting at only $4.95.

Need your Kratom in a hurry? Visit their in-person, 24/7 vending machine on E Speedway.

Lively Mood Botanicals

Based out of Chandler, Arizona, Lively Mood Botanicals ships Kratom and a variety of extracts worldwide. Their products have been third-party tested and verified. They currently offer 18 strains, along with sample and starter packs. Pricing starts at $11.99.

Enjoy Kratom in Arizona

Whether you shop online or locally, Kratom is easy to find in Arizona!