Is Kratom Legal in Massachusetts? Understanding State Regulations

Is Massachusetts friendly to Kratom enthusiasts? We’ll find out below. But first, let’s take a closer look at the Bay State. Massachusetts residents benefit from living in the nation’s third healthiest state. The 6th state also has an innovative history that has benefited the world. For example, basketball and volleyball were created in Massachusetts.

Kratom’s Legal Status

Anyone who wants to buy Kratom in Massachusetts should have no problem doing so. That’s because the Bay State’s lawmakers have never taken action against this natural plant. Although some states have banned Mitragyna speciosa based on spurious claims, Massachusetts has taken a much more rational approach to date.

The Greater Boston area provides several Kratom vendors for your shopping convenience. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention your online shopping options. In fact, Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts often find that online vendors have better prices, a larger selection, and a much higher quality product.

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Best Online Massachusetts Kratom Vendors

Massachusetts has several brick and mortar vendors that sell Mitragyna speciosa. For local online orders, though, there’s only one well-known option. Of course, several bigger companies ship to Massachusetts. We’ll take a look at both types of online vendors to help you get the best results.

Life Force K

Formerly known as Life Force Kratom, this Massachusetts-based vendor stocks more than 30 strains. Due to the shop’s popularity, it’s common for strains to sell out quickly. On the plus side, each strain has the same easy pricing structure. You can get 50 grams for $11.50, 125 grams for $26.20, or 250 grams for $45.10. Chose between Red, Yellow, White, and Green veins. Alternatively, check out one of their house blends.

Other Vendors

Kratom Crazy

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Do you want a wider variety, including powder, capsules, extracts, and liquid Kratom shots? Be sure to check out Kratom Crazy’s extensive inventory! This reputable online Mitragyna speciosa vendor has an easy to understand pricing structure. You can also shop worry free thanks to their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


When a vendor has been around long enough to build an online shop this large, it’s always a good idea to take a look. Under the Kratom heading alone, you’ll find a total of 80 products. But this isn’t all powder, capsules, and extracts. Phytoextractum also sells books about Kratom, along with various helpful accessories.

USA Botanicals

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Here at The Golden Monk, we take pride in selling a large selection of high-quality Kratom at fair prices. We know that everyone’s needs are different, though. That’s why we suggest visiting USA Botanicals if you’re still looking for the right fit. This eCommerce site has great deals for everyone, but they’re especially tailored toward beginners and budget shoppers.

Other Online Kratom Vendors for Massachusetts

There are several other online vendors ready and willing to ship Kratom to Massachusetts. A few more examples include Kraken Kratom, Original Harvest Kratom, and Major Kratom. Boston is also home to The Kratom Guy Show podcast.

Want to learn more about Massachusetts buying options? Be sure to check out our guide to Boston Kratom vendors.

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