UK Kratom Legality and Where to Buy

Image of England and UK FlagKratom has been very popular throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Unfortunately, this has also brought a lot of legal attention to this natural substance. For many years, Kratom users in the UK could easily find a wide variety of powders and capsules in person and online. Other countries could also rely on a wide array of Kratom vendors that ship to the UK. That all changed a few years ago, however.

And, even though this article is about Kratom vendors in the UK, you can familiarize yourself with and read more about other top-rated Kratom vendors here.

Legal Action Against Kratom in the UK

As of 2016, Kratom has been labeled as a Psychoactive Substance in the UK. However, some legal sources report that the laws surrounding Kratom are murky at best, which means there’s still the potential for a judge to interpret the law in many ways. At the present time, it is considered illegal to sell, import, or export Kratom into the UK. Interestingly, though, simple possession is not illegal.

What does all of this mean for Kratom shoppers in the UK? We always advise following the laws of your local country, county, state, and/or city. Failure to do so could get you into a lot of legal trouble, including the possibility of jail time.

Packages shipped to the UK on a conveyor beltDespite the legal risk, there are still some companies that are willing to ship Kratom to the UK. Be aware that if you choose to buy anything from these businesses, you run the risk of customs destroying your order. Refunds are not typically offered in these cases. You’ll also be putting yourself at risk of violating the anti-exporting law.

Kratom Vendors That Ship to the UK

We don’t encourage or condone any illegal activity. This list is provided purely for informational purposes and is subject to change at any time.

Mitra Genie Kratom

Mitra Genie Kratom puts the onus on the buyer to research whether or not it is legal to import Kratom into their country. In other words, they will ship to the UK, but they take no responsibility for packages seized by customs, nor will they offer any refunds when this happens. Based out of mainland Europe, this Kratom vendor has become very popular, which can lead to shipping delays.


Netherland eCommerce site DeKratomShop ships to many areas of Europe. They also have their website separated into three languages: Dutch, German, and UK English. They purchase their Kratom directly from harvesters in Sumatra and Kalimantan. This vendor sells Green Kratom, Red Kratom, White Kratom, Kratom capsules, and stem and vein Kratom.

Final Note on Kratom Vendors That Ship to the UK

leaves of the kratom tree shown against background of a blue, slightly cloudy sky kratom vendors that ship to the UKAs previously mentioned, the three online Kratom vendors listed above could decide to stop shipping to the UK at any point. Therefore, it’s always a good idea read a site’s FAQs about it or ask your favorite Kratom site if they ship to the United Kingdom. Note: the Golden Monk takes no responsibility for any readers who purchase Kratom illegally.