Top Kratom Vendors in Georgia: A Curated List

Georgia is one of the many states that has a robust Kratom industry, which is good news for Golden Monk shoppers if they run out before receiving the next shipment from their favorite online vendor. In fact, Kratom vendors in Georgia are in abundance. As with anything else; though, some of these brick and mortar stores are better than others. We’ve put together a best Kratom vendor list of some of the best in the Peach State, as ranked by Google reviews. However, before we look at that, let’s delve into the current Georgia Kratom Legality status.

Georgia Kratom Legality

Kratom is currently legal throughout Georgia. Anyone 18 or older has the right to purchase and carry Kratom. Consumers are also protected by labeling regulations that disclose alkaloid content, ingredients, and any applicable disclaimers.

As the most populated area of Georgia, Atlanta Metro has an extensive list of Kratom vendors. Here are two to help you get started.


This is one of Atlanta’s most unique Kratom vendors. As their name suggests, they sell Kratom online, but they also have a drive-up service on Harbin Rd. that operates daily from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Google reviewers rave about their high-quality products, affordable prices, and knowledgeable staff.

Sam’s Paradise Vape

Marietta residents can turn to Sam’s Paradise Vape for a nice selection of Kratom and other similar products. It has a 4.7-star average and reviewers refer to it as “a chill atmosphere” with good service.

You can read more about where to find Atlanta Kratom locally here.

Chatham County Kratom Vendors

Smoke City

Savannah’s Smoke City sells almost anything a smoker could want, including a massive selection of glass pipes. This vendor also stocks Kratom, edibles, and practically anything else you’d expect to find in a head shop. It’s also the top-rated Kratom vendor in the Savannah area.

Vapors Smoke Shop

Located on Abercorn St. in Savannah, this vendor is known for its wide selection and motto: “Keep calm, vape on.”

They also sell Kratom, hookah supplies, and much more. The building has blacked-out, reflective windows to help protect your privacy while you find the right Kratom to suit your needs.

Local Kratom Shops in Bryan and Liberty Counties

Black Beard Vapor

This shop’s stated purpose is to help people quit smoking cigarettes. It’s no wonder then that they have more than 200 unique vaping options! Kratom is also on their product list, and you can enjoy checking out their huge fish tank full of eels during your visit.

The Vape Loft

In Hinesville, shoppers are treated to a relaxed environment at The Vape Loft. There are a variety of couches and chairs set up so that vapers can kick back and enjoy their recent purchase. Additionally, this is one of the few highly rated places throughout Georgia’s Bryan and Liberty Counties that openly sells Kratom.

Other Resources for Georgia Kratom Legality

image of kratom capsules

You can find Kratom vendors in Georgia if you know where to look. Some gas stations and convenience stores offer Kratom, but according to Kratom enthusiasts, the quality can be hit or miss. Augusta Kratom in Martinez probably offers the state’s biggest selection in their newly renovated store. You may also want to check out Hotbox Smoke Shop & Lounge in Alpharetta.

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