10 of the Top Kratom Brands to Buy Online

There’s a vast array of Kratom brands available online, ranging from internet only shops to popular wholesale products that are commonly found at headshops. As any regular visitor to The Golden Monk knows, it’s usually best to steer clear of headshop Kratom. This isn’t simply because of the stigma against these brands. In fact, some of them are surprisingly decent. However, they just don’t match up to the quality and quantity per price point that you’ll find from the following online Kratom brands.

image of kratom capsules and powder

In putting this list together, we considered a few specific points. First, the brand had to have a solid reputation. Secondly, they needed to deliver high-quality products for a fair price. We also looked at how long each shop has been around because we believe longevity is a major indicator of keeping customers happy. We now present this list to you in no specific order.

Kraken Kratom

With free same-day shipping, a rewards program, and the seal of approval from the American Kratom Association, you know that this is a brand you can rely on. Kraken offers a large selection of products such as powder, crushed leaf, capsules, extracts, and more. Their most popular strains include:

  • Bali
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • Gold Reserve Extract
  • Maeng Da Thai
  • Kraken Gold Extract

Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy

Known for their commitment to sustainability, Kratom Crazy also offers excellent prices, a huge selection, and a 30-day money back guarantee. We also love their easy to understand pricing list, which puts powder at a starting price of only $19.99 for 100g. Capsules come in packs of 250g or more beginning at $59.99. The top-selling strains available from this Kratom brand are listed below.

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Borneo
  • Red Borneo

USA Botanicals

This may be the least known Kratom brand in our Top 10, but that doesn’t make any less of a solid option. In fact, USA Botanicals provides customers throughout the US with free shipping and fantastic deals on powder and capsules. As of early July 2020, they’re even running a sale that enables you to try out high-quality powder in 30g packets for only $4.99. A 65-count bottle of Kratom capsules starts at a mere $11.99. Not sure what type to buy? There are 18 strains offered. A few highlights include:

  • Gold Bali
  • Green Indo
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Horn
  • Yellow Vietnam

Canopy Botanicals

Canopy Botanicals

One of the few things that many people on the Reddit Kratom forum can agree on is that Canopy Botanicals (AKA Canopy Kratom) is a brand that’s worth trying. They may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other vendors listed here, but they do their best to make up for this with extremely inexpensive Kratom that’s actually decent. Prices start at a mind-blowing $3.80 for 25g. You will have to pay for shipping, though. Some of Canopy’s most notable strains are below.

  • Green Asia
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Red Jongkong
  • Green Hulu Kapuas

Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo’s prices are on the other side of the spectrum from Canopy’s, but their branding and strain quality have kept them afloat for many years. Despite the fact that their website prominently features Comic Sans font, customers keep returning for their uniquely branded powder, capsules, and starter packs. Their line starts at $7-$15 for 1 ounce. Their most popular strains include:

  • Green Maeng Da Elite (Hyper Hippo)
  • Red Bali (Red Dragon Bali)
  • White Maeng Da Elite (Rockstar Hippo)
  • Red Horn Super (Smiley Horned Hippo)
  • Super Green Indo/Borneo (Happy Hippo I)


image of mitragala

Whether you’re looking for wholesale options or unique blends, MitraGaia is a Kratom brand that’s got you covered. You’ll find powder, capsules, sample packs, and extracts in their online shop. You can try 1 ounce of powder for only $5. Even better, there are more than 60 Kratom strains to choose from! This vendor also has five specialty blends (listed below).

  • 8-in-1 Custom Blend
  • Ganesh Maeng Da
  • Green Dragon
  • Red Dragon
  • White Dragon

Urban Ice Organics

Unlike most of the Kratom brands listed here, Urban Ice Organics is available for wholesalers and the general public. In other words, you might run into this brand on another website or even at your local headshop. However, as an American Kratom Association compliant vendor, you can rest assured that their capsules, powder, and extract oils are the real deal. If you live in the Las Vegas area, you can even get free home delivery! Their top products include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Bali
  • Green Malay
  • IndoLeaf Green
  • Red Vein Extract Oil

Phytoextractumimage of phytoextractum kratom vendor review

This Kratom brand’s website is far from the prettiest you’ll encounter, but don’t let that discourage you from checking out Phytoextractum’s offerings. They sell powder, capsules, extracts, and various accessories, along with a wide range of other products. Prices are middle of the line, which is boosted by each strain’s high quality. If you spend more than $75, you’ll receive free shipping. Customers most commonly select one of the following options.

  • Gold Reserve Extract
  • OG Bali
  • Gold Elite Extract
  • White Maeng Da Thai
  • Green Malaysian

Left Coast Kratom

Left Coast is part of the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices program. They also sell a nice, diverse list of strains in multiple formats such as extracts, powder, and capsules. Many Kratom experts list this brand among the best options for extracts. No matter what strains and types you’re looking for, Left Coast will ship your order free of charge. Their top-selling products include:

  • OG Bali
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • Red Maeng Da Thai
  • Left Coast Gold Kratom Extract
  • Gold Reserve

Kats Botanicals

image of kats botanicals logo

The final Kratom brand on our list of 10 of the Top Kratom Brands to Buy Online is Kats Botanicals. This vendor utilizes lab-tested, ethically harvested Kratom leaves to make their powder, crushed leaf, wholesale, and soap products. Orders more than $100 ship for free, and every order comes with a 30-day full refund guarantee. One thing that really sets Kats apart is their site’s accessibility widget, which makes it easy for all Kratom shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Here’s a few of their top options.

  • Green Maeng Da
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • Digital Buddha
  • Spacebird

Final Thoughts

image of kratom powder

As you can see, the list of high-quality Kratom brands is quite extensive. This is fantastic for the community because it enables people to find everything from the most common to the rarest strains. And don’t forget that you can buy Kratom at discounted bulk prices right here at The Golden Monk.

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