Finding Kratom in Wilmington, DE: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, with a population of more than 71,000. That is a lot of people with a lot of unique needs and tastes. Not surprisingly, many Wilmington residents are kratom enthusiasts.

There is no small shortage of online posts about kratom capsules in Wilmington DE and Yelp has even crafted its obligatory list of the Top 10 Best Kratom in Wilmington, DE. But those seeking high-quality kratom will need to go further than flawed ratings-based systems.

Read on as the Golden Monk delivers the full skinny on kratom in Delaware. We will break down our guide based on the following criteria: affordability, convenience, consumer reputation, and overall quality.

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5 Best Kratom Vendors Near Wilmington DE

There aren’t a lot of local places to buy kratom throughout Delaware. Fortunately, there are a few local brick and mortar locations if you find yourself in a pinch. These five stores represent the finest that the First State has to offer in Mitragyna speciosa.

1. Concord Smoke Land

Concord Smoke Land is the highest-rated kratom supplier in all of Wilmington, with more than one hundred four-plus-star reviews, but ratings are only worth the substance behind them. What matters is what they’ve got and what people think of their wares.

This New Castle County standout checks all of our boxes, from convenience and customer support to low prices and overall quality. Concord Smoke Land has a dazzling array of glass and kratom products, with some voluminous variety that you may be rendered speechless from overstimulation upon your first visit.

2. Tobacco Express

Customers have given Tobacco Express major accolades for its all-encompassing collection, its awesome customer service, and the cleanliness of its shop. This tobacconist is somewhat expensive compared to its competitors, but it’s well worth it for the experience.

The owner is a nice, honest guy who’s been known to help his customers out when they were in a bind, and the employees are awesome. What’s more, Tobacco Express is a hygiene-conscious establishment, with safety dividers at checkout and curbside pickup upon request.

3. All in One Smoke Shop

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All in One Smoke Shop may be a twenty-five-minute trek from Wilmington proper, but it’s well worth the ride to experience this one for yourself. All in One’s historic exterior is second only to its formidable interior, which boasts variety like you rarely see in a vape shop.

Unlike other vendors on our list, All in One Smoke Shop is a chain store with delivery options available. You can order kratom products or its world-class glass using American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. Expedited shipping is available via UPS.

4. Dragon’s Lair

With a name like Dragon’s Lair, you know this store is going to be fire. According to Google reviewers, it lives up to this expectation. One customer said this Harbeson shop has a “well-stocked selection of kratom, with helpful and knowledgeable staff.”

They also stock lots of glassware, tobacco products, and have an adults-only section. You can even get your nose pierced at this local vendor that’s been around for 25+ years. Talk about a shop owner who’s a jack of all trades!

5. VIP Tobacco & Wireless

VIP Tobacco & Wireless may not have the volume of ratings of the other vendors on this list, but it has earned a devoted following. This N Market St storefront is an institution, with its incredible assortment of CBD, kratom, and rolling paper swag.

Known for its knowledgeable sales staff and fair pricing, VIP Wireless gets our pick for top five thanks to its potent brands of green and red vein kratom powder. Come on delivery days and you may find other popular items, such as kava kava or shilajit.

Buy Kratom Online in Wilmington DE

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We believe that discerning consumers are always better off buying from a reputable online kratom vendor. Headshops and smoke shops are notoriously lacking where vital information is concerned. Most do not have access to lab results and some lack so much as kratom strain origins.

The following are our picks for the best local kratom alternatives. Each of these brands are thoroughly vetted and widely regarded among the national kratom community:

Kona Kratom is a Colorado-based kratom supplier with hundreds of testimonials that attest to its inherent value and excellent customer service staff. Kona Kratom carries more than two dozen unique strains. It also offers free kratom samples and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. You simply can’t go wrong with Kona.

It may not be The Diamond State, but Colorado has proven to be something of a mecca for kratom enthusiasts. First there was Kona Kratom, then there was New Dawn. The latter hasn’t been around for two full years, but already it’s made a lasting impression on kratom connoisseurs.

With split kilos at wickedly low prices, this one slays and we’re talking prices that put those in Murder Town, Delaware, to shame. At New Dawn Kratom, you can score a ¼ kilo for less than headshops charge for two ounces, and kilos are cheaper than almost anywhere in America.

Finally, Soulful Herbals is another kratom vendor that tests its products. More importantly, it’s one of a select few who voluntarily posts certificates of analysis on its website. As you’ll see, Soulful Herbals’ kratom powders contain superior concentrations of mitragynine, kratom’s key indole alkaloid.

In addition to its lab results, Soulful Herbals provides its patrons with free shipping, bulk deals, bold kratom products, and brand merch, and more. Like All in One, Soulful Herbals accepts major credit cards, which is somewhat rare in this high-risk industry.

Final Notes on Finding Wilmington DE Kratom

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Kratom is currently legal in two of Delaware’s closest neighboring states, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Depending on exactly where you’re located, it may actually be easier to cross the border into one of these states when you’re looking for a local, in-person source for kratom.

On the other hand, times are tough and gas prices aren’t what they used to be. Before you fill your tank and load up on toll booth change, we recommend you check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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