Best Places to Buy Wholesale Kratom Kilos

Here at The Golden Monk, we sell 1 kilo of kratom powder for less than $100. Our products are mostly sold to the consumer market, though, unlike wholesalers that stick with commercial customers. If you’re the owner of a kratom shop, smoke shop, headshop, or other establishment that sells (or wants to sell) kratom, it’s wise to connect with a quality vendor that offers a good deal on wholesale kratom kilos.

Prices, strains, and quality levels will vary from wholesaler to wholesaler. We encourage you to take a closer look at any company before you place an order with them. Before you place an order with them. There are several factors which should be taken into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wholesale Kratom Kilos

You always want to know where you kratom came from. When shopping for a kratom wholesaler, you’ll want to select a vendor who discloses their kratom’s origins. Most of the world’s kratom is grown in and around Indonesia, but some sketchy companies source underdeveloped kratom plants from private farms in Florida.

Florida may have the optimal amount of sunlight for growing kratom, but it lacks many of the key elements necessary for growing mature kratom trees. For starters, the average grower does not have room to plant dozens upon dozens of kratom cultivars. Furthermore, they don’t have the time and patience it takes for a kratom plant to reach true maturity.

By contrast, Indonesian kratom trees grow for a number of years, reaching heights of as much as 80 feet in height. These trees are often bioengineered using a unique grafting process, which enables two disparate kratom strains to grow as one. The result is a sturdier, more versatile tree.

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In its native Southeast Asia, kratom grows in abundance. In most cases, kratom trees are grown and farmed in open expanses of nature and in mineral-rich soil. An optimal amount of sunlight is crucial to growing large, alkaloid-dense kratom leaves, but time and care are most important.

For this reason, you will want to order wholesale kratom from a vendor with credentials. Additionally, you will want to feel safe and secure when placing your order. With this in mind, we recommend locating a wholesaler with a clear refund policy. The best vendors provide a satisfaction guarantee.

You will want demonstrable proof of a wholesaler’s manufacturing facilities and the safety of its kratom. Examples of demonstrable proof include participation in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program or certificates of analysis from an independent third-party laboratory.

Best Vendors for Wholesale Kratom

The following list represents some of the best and easiest to find places online that sell 1 kilo or more to wholesale customers. Bulk deals will vary, with some suppliers offering split kilos and others providing five-kilo bundles. Prices will also vary, though you are unlikely to find better prices anywhere in-person or online.

The Kratom Syndicate

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If you want to buy a serious amount of wholesale kratom to serve the needs of a wide customer base, The Kratom Syndicate has got you covered. They sell pallets with 25 kilos of lab-tested powder. Their strains include Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da.

Each pallet sells to wholesale customers for only $1,499. If you’re looking for a smaller bulk order or for bags with TKS’s branding, that’s also available starting as low as $199 for 10 bags containing 125g each. This vendor also sells smaller quantities to the general public. Over on Reddit, you can find many reviewers saying that they like TKS’s products.

EZ Kratom

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This wholesale vendor features a large variety of kilo options that start at only $120. Retailers can choose between Kratom Powder, Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder, and Kratom Extracts in wholesale quantities. The regular powder ranges from $120 for 1 kilo to $1,000 for 10 kilos.

EZ Kratom currently enjoys a 4.9-star overall rating on Google, with more than 335 rave reviews. This Florida-based kratom brand does bulk the right way, delivering an assortment of deals to suit every possible need. You’ll find something for the beginner as easily as you’ll find something for a seasoned retailer.

The Ultra Enhanced variety comes in only one bulk wholesale size. Get 1 kilo for $699.90. Finally, the 25x Gold Full Spectrum Powder Extracts comes in a much smaller package. Get 100g for $350.70 (or 10 of these bags – equaling 1 kilo – for $3,507).

Kratom Deal

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This North Carolina kratom supplier has scored major points with us in the past, both for its wide variety and kratom same-day shipping. However, the real draw is its payment options, which include Bitcoin and other alternative methods.

Retailers who are serious about becoming one of the most well-stocked kratom vendors in their area may want to consider buying from Kratom Deal. That’s because this wholesaler offers up to 1,000 powder 1 kilo packs (1 ton) for $32,000. Those who prefer to sell capsules can get up to 5 kilos encapsulated for $449.95.

Of course, if you’re looking to start off with a lower quantity, that’s available too. Capsules of any available strain sell in a 1 kilo pack for $99.95. On the powder side, 1 kilo costs $74.95.

Nature’s Home Remedy

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Wholesale customers can buy kilos in 5, 20, and 500 packs from Nature’s Home Remedy. Unlike many of the other wholesalers, this vendor also allows these packs to be split into up to five strains. Pricing starts at $249.95 for these multi-kilo orders and goes up to $15,000.

To put this into perspective, the average economy price of a kilo is $120, but Nature’s Home Remedy sells a five-kilo bundle for less than $250.00. This might seem suspicious…were it not for the company’s four-star rating, free shipping, and phenomenal variety.

Capsules are also on the wholesale menu and are available loose or pre-bottled/labeled for your customers. Getting 10 of the 60-count bottles costs $100. Meanwhile, 5 kilos of Kratom capsules sells for $449.95 and can be split into five strains.


Options are available from Kratomnesia for pre-packaged/labeled powder or powder that comes in quantities ranging from 10 kilos to 5,000 kilos. You read that right, Kratomnesia will ship up to 5,000 kilos for a price. And that price happens to be very economical.

Much like Nature’s Home Remedy, this vendor does enable wholesale customers to specify a wide variety of strains that their order can be split into. And with 60 strains to choose from, you could set up an entire kratom business with one of the larger wholesale options.

Final Thoughts

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Choosing a wholesaler to buy kratom from isn’t a process to take lightly. After all, if the quality of the kratom in question isn’t high enough, your customers won’t be pleased. Therefore, it’s always wise to test out smaller quantities and check out other reviews.

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