Local Sources for Buying Kratom in Portland, ME: A Detailed Guide

As Maine’s biggest city, Portland is one of the easiest places to buy kratom locally. The Greater Portland Area attracts 5.4 million tourists each year.

Many travelers enjoy the mixture of culture, wildlife, and water sports. No matter what brings you to Vacationland, you’ll have ample opportunity to find and buy kratom nearby.

Portland ME only has a select number of brick-and-mortar kratom shops, but they stretch across the entirety of The Pine Tree State’s coastal megalopolis. With only nine shops to choose from, you’ll want to choose wisely. Read on for the full skinny on Maine’s best small-town kratom joints.

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How to Find Kratom in Portland

The top half of Maine is a kratom desert with almost zero in-person vendors. Fortunately, Portland has a large enough progressive population to make kratom sales a lucrative proposition for area shops. Kratom is a $1.3 billion industry in the U.S., which makes it a slam-dunk for any small store.

Those seeking speciosa in all its natural glory have plenty of ways to go about getting it. You can Google ‘kratom near me’ to find kratom sold within miles of your current location or you can make a broader search that encompasses the entire Pine Tree State.

Alternatively, you may want to go the tried-and-true e-commerce route for the best results. There are thousands of kratom brands, many of which operate as online kratom vendors.

4 Best Local Kratom Vendors in Portland

Buying kratom online from a Maine vendor is easier and can provide better quality control. But if you’re in a pinch, it’s important to know which local options are trusted and which are trash.

1. Northern Lights

Located on Brighton Ave, this local head shop is part of an East Coast chain. Northern Lights specializes in unique glassware and vaping supplies. They also sell other items of note, including kratom and Juul pods.

Per Google Reviews, Northern Lights has an extensive selection, but its pricing is sometimes seen as a bit too high. Please note that they don’t sell any tobacco products. They do, however, carry speciosa and many other splendored things.

2. Wild Side Smoke Shop

This Portland Street tobacco store is every bit as awesome as its bold red signs would suggest. This is a bright and eclectic shop run by bright staff members with eclectic taste. There are hundreds upon hundreds of products from which to choose.

Reviewers have gushed about Wild Side’s sweet, generous employees, and its superior selection of kratom and vaping items. Some have given it five-star ratings, while others have given it a one-star rating. One thing virtually everyone seems to agree on is its exceptional variety.

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3. Portland Smoke and Vape

Brighton Ave’s got one of the best-rated bespoke paraphernalia shops in the Land of Pennywise and Pet Sematary. This Vacationland fav has a 4.7-star overall Google rating from more than 155 reviews. It also has some of the city’s finest specimens.

Maine might be best known for its insanely long horror novels and epic lobster rolls, but Portland Smoke and Vape has a lot more to offer than cheap thrills or food choices you’ll live to regret. This neatly organized store appears to have live kratom plants, hookahs, dabs, and more.

More importantly, PS&V has a plethora of kratom products, including kratom extracts and kratom capsules. Coupled with its discount cigars and expansive line of e-juices it makes for a four-star experience you won’t forget.

4. Cigaret Shopper

Don’t let the lame name dissuade you, Cigaret Shopper is actually among Portland Maine’s finest kratom shops. Located on Congress Street by the Harborview, this four-plus-star seller is the shop to visit if you’re going to be exploring the historic Portland Museum of Art.

The locals have called Cigaret Shopper’s staff fun, helpful, and congenial, with one reviewer writing, “Awesome store!! Always smells great.” Another patron said, “Very good…I’ve gone to the store for over seven years…prices are very good, cheap and easy, and they have just about every product…you can think of.”

This sentiment is echoed by others who note the passion and skill of its staff, and the versatility of its product line. Courteousness and selection seem to be at the top of the list of reasons for visiting this one.

Buy Kratom Online in Portland ME

While it is undoubtedly convenient to walk into a local shop and buy kratom on the spot, there are many disadvantages to doing so. In most cases, you don’t know what you are getting…and neither does the proprietor. Headshop owners usually get their kratom from wholesale distributors who do not disclose third-party lab results.

On the other hand, buying kratom on the internet can be much more satisfying (or aggravating, if you don’t know what to look for). If you want to buy kratom online, the key to a success is to know your vendor. You can determine value by researching the company in question.

Review a vendor’s website carefully, looking for a guarantee and a sign of lab-testing. Compare its prices to those of other sites. Find a vendor who offers incentives, such as discounts on bulk kratom.

The following are our picks for three excellent online kratom vendors. We have carefully assessed these picks based on affordability, honesty, industry standing, and consumer reputation. These are the best three kratom brands for people in Portland ME.

It may not look or sound like much if you go on the evidence available on search engines, but Cross Portland Kratom, AKA Cross Portland Herbals, is more than a mere kratom shop. It is a nationwide kratom delivery service, with a Wixsite business page that serves as its online store.

Cross Portland Kratom carries a king’s ransom of quality kratom cultivars, including Green Batak, Red Thai, Super Green Malay, White Thai, and Yellow Maeng Da. There are one dozen kratom strains in all, including enhanced kratom and fermented kratom.

Kona Kratom offers similar variety, with fresh batches, alluring sample packs, and a 100% refund guarantee. Meanwhile, New Dawn Kratom gives you dirt-cheap split-kilos, free shipping, and some of the lowest prices on bulk kratom powder around. What’s more, this vendor currently accepts major credit and debit cards, such as MasterCard and VISA.

Bottom Line

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Whether you opt for a local shop or an online store, you should always demand a certificate of analysis from your kratom provider. Any reputable brand should carry a QR code and basic instructions at a minimum. The most trusted brands are backed by AKA approval and a money-back guarantee.