Kratom Vendors Who Accept Paypal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment processors. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s available for every type of purchase. In fact, most Kratom vendors do not allow you to buy Kratom via PayPal. Of course, there’s always a few exceptions, and that’s exactly what this article is about!

Why Don’t Most Sites Accept PayPal?

First off, we should tackle the issue of why most sites don’t accept PayPal. You see, there’s a clause in the terms and conditions of this payment processor’s site that can allow them to freeze your account. And one of the major reasons that they do so is because a site is selling Kratom. Now, keep in mind that Kratom isn’t illegal in most of the US or in several other countries. Despite this, PayPal takes a harsh stance against Kratom, which makes it impossible for most vendors to take the risk.

Seeing as how it can be a huge hassle – and can lead to money being frozen – why do some vendors risk it? We can’t speak to their specific reasons, but we do know that some vendors don’t get many PayPal customers. Therefore, they may think it’s worth the risk. Additionally, some vendors don’t have a very Kratom-sounding name, so they probably think they can get away with it. Whatever the reason is, we hope that things continue to go well for the following three vendors.

SOSA Speciosa

image of sosa speciosa kratom

This southeast North Carolina company accepts payments in a whole host of formats. Not only do they accept PayPal, but they also take credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, Square, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Facebook Messenger, Western Union, Money Gram, or even Wal-Mart payments. Basically, any payment method you might already use, aside from Amazon Pay and Apple Pay, are accepted. Add this to their stellar pricing of only $70 per kilo, and you’ve got yourself a really great deal!

King Borneo Botanical

As a PayPal vendor, King Borneo Botanical also accepts Western Union, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. They also have absolutely amazing prices, with 1 kilo costing as little as $35. Unfortunately, we can’t vouch for this vendor because we’ve never used them. Still, with such low prices as they fact that they accept PayPal, this is definitely a vendor worth checking out!

Malaka Kratom

image of malaka kratom logo

This Indonesian based company accepts PayPal up to a point. They will take it for purchases of up to $1,000. They do require you to send it via “Friends and Family,” and they also require you not to mention Kratom at all. As long as you can abide by this, you can buy Kratom from this site.

Should You Use PayPal for Kratom?

Just because you can use PayPal at a few places, doesn’t mean you should. As one Reddit forum explained, “Kratom is against PayPal TOS? Does it say that anywhere?” to which another Redditor responded, “Oh yes. That’s why it’s very important to read all the fine print no matter how much bs they put in it. Especially their “acceptable use policy.”’

In other words, the vendor doesn’t accept all the risk. In fact, Redditors also said, “They locked my wife’s account, $369.00, for 180 days but gave it back at the end. I’m still fighting for my money, but they can totally keep it if they decide to. I’ll try the lawyer threat but I’m not hiring one to fight for $1100.”

image of kratom leaves

As you can see, it’s dangerous to try using PayPal to pay for Kratom. Although you may be able to get away with it for a while, there are people specially assigned to look for fraudulent charges. Even if you approved Kratom as a charge, PayPal still views it as a violation of their terms of service.