Best Kratom Vendors in Texas: A Curated List

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There are nearly 30 million people living in Texas, making it the second most populous state in the U.S. With such a dense population it’s unsurprising that there is demand for kratom in the area. Our research indicates there are hundreds of sellers offering kratom across the Lone Star State.

The availability of kratom may change in the future, as legislation evolves, and the population expands. Until then, you have a ton of options if you live anywhere from El Paso to Orange. For the sake of streamlining your search, we have compiled our list of the best kratom vendors in Texas.

Things to Consider Before Buying Texas Kratom

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If you’re debating whether to buy kratom locally or to buy kratom online, there are a number of factors you should keep in mind. The first may be the most obvious, but it bears mentioning. You need to keep yourself apprised of the law.

Although kratom is currently legal in the state of Texas, legislators have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in 2022. Select lawmakers have already amended this landmark statute to make it their own. The revised iteration of the bill penalizes retailers for selling kratom to minors under the age of 18.

First-time offenses result in a fine of $250, while a second offense costs $500. Finally, a third strike – and any subsequent violations – cost the guilty party a fine of $1,000.00. Under the law, no retailer may sell kratom that has been adulterated with synthetic alkaloids, nor can they sell poorly labeled kratom.

If you see a neighborhood shop offering kratom extracts or enhanced kratom powders that seem to be too good to be true, you may want to steer clear of them. If their 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) is greater than two percent of their total alkaloid profile you may be purchasing an illegal product.

With all of this being said, kratom is still very much legal in the Lone Star State and it is readily available at any number of ma-and-pa shops, online destinations, and more. You will find kratom tea for sale at smoke shops, vape stores, novelty shops, and so forth.

However, you shouldn’t jump the gun when it comes to buying kratom locally. Before picking out your items and letting a retailer ring them up, you should always ask some important questions. For example, where did this kratom come from?

Kratom origins are routinely displayed on the website of almost every online kratom vendor. By contrast, most brick-and-mortar sellers lack any information about the origins of their kratom products. Not knowing can be the difference between buying ethically sourced kratom from Indonesia or buying bunk kratom grown indoors in Florida.

There is also the issue of lab testing, which should be of paramount importance to any consumer with discriminating taste. Health-conscious customers do not wish to use a product if it has been prepared using dangerous, outmoded equipment, and, yet several kratom vendors persist in manufacturing items with old milling equipment.

Improper manufacturing can result in contamination, hospitalization, or even death. For this reason, you should always ask vendors for certificates of analysis ahead of time. Third-party independent labs provide unbiased stats on a kratom sample’s alkaloid content and overall purity.

Without lab results and a money-back guarantee, a customer is given no sense of security. This is especially true in the case of land-based stores where proprietors maintain strict No Refunds policies. This is why it is important to find a supplier with a satisfaction guarantee or some sort of return policy in place.

Best Kratom Vendors in Texas

There are approximately 205 active kratom sellers in the state of Texas, including e-commerce businesses, brick-and-mortar smoke shops, and diverse kava bars. This is especially true in big cities. Places like Austin are home to juice bars, kava lounges, and record stores carrying kratom powder.

The following are our picks for the best kratom vendors in Texas. Since the state is so large and so densely populated, we have limited our list to one pick for every major city. These are the shops you need to check out if you’re in the South-Central United States.

1. Steding & Sons Mercantile – 1836 Kratom Austin

It may not be the highest rated kratom supplier in ATX, but this manufacturer is the only AKA approved vendor in the city. 1836 Kratom is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, which means it is safe as well as powerful. This level of quality comes at a price, so expect a markup.

Regardless of rising prices and industry accreditation, Steding & Sons Mercantile is renowned for its style, with each kratom product housed in an old-fashioned tin, with classic designs that recall the Americana of a more innocent and industrious time. They’ve got everything you need, including kratom tea bags.

2. CBD Kratom Houston

We’re not usually big on chain stores, but we’ve got to hand it to the folks at CBD Kratom. Considering the five-star rating that each of its location carries and the hundreds upon hundreds of loyal customers who have shouted it out, CBD Kratom is a legit source for high-quality kratom products.

This vendor carries a multitude of kratom strains in a variety of colors and sizes. Top sellers include Green Maeng Da, Red Malay, White Kapuas, and Yellow Gold. Most strains are available in capsule or powder form. Other items include Raw Kratom Extract Powder and carbonated kratom drinks.

3. Artisan Vapor & CBD Dallas

This Dallas-based vaporizer store has a 4.9-star score from 420 customer ratings. It offers in-store pickup for customers who need to call ahead instead of hanging out, and it’s got enough products to satisfy every kind of consumer. Whether you’re looking for edibles or Elephant Kratom, you’ll find it here.

A first-time customer recently said, “This place was great! Great service, I was overwhelmed with choices but was pointed to the best sellers in the store by employees and was very happy with my purchase. I will do business here again.” Others echoes this sentiment.

Bottom Line

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Some of the brands you might find in Texas may not meet your expectations or standards without careful consideration. So, make sure you do your research and consult our list of kratom vendors.  We’re sure you’ll find that it pays to consider all the angles before making a purchase. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions and demand answers.

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