Best Kratom Vendors in New Orleans, LA: A Curated List

New Orleans, LA, attracts approximately 18 million visitors each year. Many of these visitors want to unwind in the Big Easy and find some peace of mind. For some, this might mean locating a store that sells kratom products.

Finding kratom in New Orleans doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If sourcing kratom is on your itinerary, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the following guide. Read on to learn all about the best kratom vendors in New Orleans, LA.

How to Find Kratom in New Orleans

With a Louisiana online vendor available – not to mention countless others nationwide – we suggest shopping online. We know this isn’t always possible, however, which is why we’ve combed through the New Orleans’ top-rated retailers to save you a lot of time and effort.

There are almost 100 businesses offering kratom across 349 miles of the Bayou State’s brick-and-mortar landscape. They include kava lounges, record stores, and smoke shops. When you can’t wait for your next delivery, visit one of the following establishments.

4 Best Local Kratom Vendors in New Orleans

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The following represent the creme-of-the-crop where land-based kratom products are concerned. These four regional vendors have received stellar ratings from customers impressed by their knowledge, innovation, and variety. They are among the most well-regarded in the Big Easy. We’ll explain why below.

1. Mushroom New Orleans

With nearly 450 four-star ratings on Google and a reputation for carrying the coolest swag this side of the Honey Island swamps, Mushroom New Orleans is Louisiana’s raddest record store. It’s the Big Easy’s premier destination for posters, patches, potpourri, out-of-print CDs, and premium grade kratom products.

Loyal patrons have embraced Mushroom for its price matching, prized and rare collection, and super cool staff, with one customer writing, “100 stars…My main man there is AZ! He…knows his s**t… [I’m] giving all of my business to AZ and the Mushroom in NOLA!”

Another patron said, “Funky fresh atmosphere with tunes bump’n. Good vibes all around. Music selection is tight…Mushroom New Orleans is the Hot Sauce.” Still another said, “This is literally the best head shop in the state…They are knowledgeable about ALL of their products.”

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2. Euphorbia Kava Bar

Located on Oak Street, this ethnobotanical sitting room has earned high marks from Google reviewers. Not only does Euphorbia have a 4.8-star average but it grows many of its own herbs onsite at its beloved location in New Orleans’ Historic District.

Customers have praised its decorative outdoor seating, lovely hand-crafted garden, and diverse herbal cafe menu. The lounge has become known for its romantic outdoor lighting, relaxed environment, “chill vibes,” and selective choice of herbs. It has earned major points for cutting the bitterness of kava root with Chai.

One reviewer said, “This establishment is such a warm, comforting place. There’s really a sense of community. There’s a diverse selection of drinks, including kava and kratom, and the staff was great at explaining the details…I’ve become a regular.” With kudos like that, how can you resist?

3. Ra Shop # 11

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Ra Shop is a celebrated chain, with locations across the Bayou State, but it’s Ra Shop #1 that deserves the most attention. This shop’s reputation has preceded it for years, with almost 200 glowing reviews on Google alone. That is to say nothing of Nice Local, Yelp, and others.

Located at 133 Toulouse Street, Ra Shop # 11 has everything you’re looking for in a tobacconist, from its wide assortment of kratom strains to its awe-inspiring selection of handblown glass. Like Mushroom New Orleans, this retailer is famous for its skilled staff, A+ customer service, and out-of-sight deals.

Over on Yelp, a reviewer said, “The selection in this shop should give every head shop in the French Quarter a run for their money,” while a patron on Google said, “The store is clean, and the staff was friendly and helpful. Items may be found cheaper elsewhere, but prices are expected.”

4. Chalmette Cigarette Outlet

Yet another nearby city, Chalmette, offers an opportunity to purchase Kratom in person. They also offer a nice selection of tobacco products, vaping supplies, snacks, glassware, hookah pipes and alcoholic beverages.

Most reviewers comment on the helpful employees who “treat you like a friend.” Be aware that they may not always answer the phone, so you might have to stop in to see if they have the strain you’re looking for.

Buy Kratom Online in New Orleans, LA

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As we mentioned earlier, we advise all kratom enthusiasts against purchasing kratom from headshops if they can help it. It’s not that there aren’t any trusted stores. If the vendors listed above teach us anything it’s that there are decent shops in every state. The real problem is the distributors.

Most head shops and tobacconists purchase their kratom products from third-party wholesale distributors. These third-party entities do not furnish those ma-and-pa shops with the necessary information regarding potency, purity or origins. As such, shops cannot ensure safety among their clientele.

If you want safe, unadulterated kratom, you’d do well to avoid these shops and buy your kratom from a certified online vendor with industry approval and certification to back up their claims. The following are our picks for the best three kratom vendors online.

  • Authentic Kratom
  • Soulful Herbals
  • New Dawn Kratom

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Authentic Kratom is a West Coast vendor with offices in Woodland Hills and certification under the AKA (American Kratom Association). It is a celebrated brand, with more than 60,000 email subscribers and a host of regular discounts. Weekly deals include sales on kratom capsules and variety packs, as well as rare strains and crushed leaf.

New Dawn Kratom is Colorado’s newest and best GMP-certified source for kratom powder. As with Authentic Kratom, New Dawn offers free delivery and a wide array of specials, including split kilos and kratom news. This vendor currently accepts major credit and debit cards.

Soulful Herbals is a Florida-based kratom brand that’s renowned for its lab-tested kratom capsules and free kratom samples. This coastal kratom source specializes in high-quality product from sustainable farms. What’s more, it is infamous for its generous kratom coupon codes.

Bottom Line

Whether you stop in to one of New Orleans’ friendly neighborhood shops or place an order online, you’ll be in good hands with the brands on this list. If you decide to shop around, we urge you to do your due diligence. Always ask questions and demand answers of kratom vendors.

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