Most Reputable Kratom Vendors in Kansas City, Kansas

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, but Kansas City is where it’s at for kratom shopping. With Missouri right across the city’s border, residents can easily buy kratom in either state.

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Visitors to the so-called Heart of America will find a myriad of options available to them. But not all kratom shops are created equal. If you want to buy kratom at a fair price, you need to read our complete list of the best kratom vendors in Kansas City KS.

How to Find Kratom in Kansas City

Whenever possible, we recommend buying kratom from a reputable online vendor. You can check out our guide to the Best Online Kratom Vendors to learn more about purchasing Mitragyna speciosa products over the internet.

If you run out between shipments, and you find yourself in a pinch, you can get your hands on top-shelf kratom right in the heart of KCK. You can type ‘kratom near me’ into any search engine to bring up a list of stores selling kratom in your city.

Alternatively, you can turn to popular online kratom forums for regional recommendations. Visit platforms like the I Love Kratom forums or Reddit – and its /r/kratom sub-Reddit – to look up kratom in Kansas City. You’ll find vendor reviews, vendor warnings, and more at consumer-led forums.

4 Best Kratom Vendors in Kansas City

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There are more than 25 brick-and-mortar shops carrying kratom powder and kratom capsules in the greatest Kansas City area. Participating retailers include herbal apothecaries, tobacconists, vitamin and supplement emporiums, and vape shops. You can get kratom in a variety of strengths, sizes, and strains.

The following represent the most esteemed options in KCK; each vendor on this list is highly regarded by customers. You will not find higher rated shops for kratom anywhere in Kansas City. These are the top four places for kratom in the neighborhood.

1. Exotic KC Vape n Smoke Shop CBD and Kratom Store

Located in the Westport Plaza, Exotic KC Vape N Smoke Shop CBD & Kratom Store is easily the most acclaimed land-based kratom vendor in the Midwestern United States. This sprawling vape shop has received nearly 900 four and five-star ratings on Google alone. Customers are in love with this joint.

One satisfied customer said, “I love this store. They are knowledgeable about everything they sell…extremely polite…great selection…prices are higher than those sold in other states but in line with shops in the KC Metro area. The…employees completely make up for the higher prices.”

2. Main Smoke KC Kratom & CBD Vape Shop

With a whopping 1,500 four-star ratings and reviews, Main Smoke KC is the place to be if you want an unparalleled in-store shopping experience. This historic storefront features a LibertyX Bitcoin ATM and curbside pickup for your convenience. What’s more, it carries top brands like Kratom Kaps and Remarkable Herbs.

One of its many happy consumers said, “Every time I come here, I am always greeted with a smile and it’s very welcoming. The staff…are always patient and willing to answer questions…always feel comfortable… they offered water and snacks!! I will always choose this shop as my go to place!”

3. Let’s Vape & Smoke Shop KC

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Let’s Vape & Smoke is Exotic’s direct competitor, as it is also located in Westport. However, that’s where the similarities end. This 4.9-star shop supposedly has the best selection of kratom products in all of Kansas City. Unlike its counterparts, Let’s Vape offers customers a delivery option.

Located on Broadway Blvd, Let’s Vape & Smoke has captured the attention of discerning consumers by stocking 100% organic kratom powders and wild accessories. One reviewer said, “Awesome staff, good quality products at best price available in the market. Willing to do regular business…Keep up the good work.”

4. 660 Vape and Smoke Shop KC Delta 8 and Kratom Store

It may not be as old as some of the other stores on this list, but 660 Vape and Smoke is a big hit with natives of Kansas and Missouri. It has earned a respectable 4.8-star rating among 287 Google reviews. More importantly, patrons rave about its array of kratom products.

The health-conscious have praised the clinic-worthy cleanliness and temperature checks performed by staff, while reviewers have noted the wide selection, down to earth employees, and solid products. One reviewer said, “Such great customer service and wonderful prices too!! Love going here for all my needs!”

Buy Kratom Online in Kansas City, KS

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As with most of the places on the above list, Kansas City, KS, residents and visitors are going to have the best luck crossing into Kansas City, MO.  We think you’ll agree that it is well worth the trip to deal with the finest regional establishments.

That being said, we always advise our readers to shop online for the best prices, best service, and most trusted sources. Where smoke shops frequently lack testing info and refuse to accept returns, online vendors offer money-back guarantees and proof of third-party laboratory testing.

The following are our picks for the best places to buy kratom online in Kansas City. Each of these brands has been the subject of thorough review. All of the vendors listed below are widely regarded as legitimate vendors with major consumer incentives.

  • Buy Kratom Bulk Usa
  • Kona Kratom
  • New Dawn Kratom

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The first name on this list also appears on Google’s results for Kratom in Kansas City KS. That’s because the business is actually local to Kansas City, MO. Buy Kratom Bulk USA is billed as a holistic practitioner by Google but, in fact, it is a celebrated e-commerce site for all things kratom.

This vendor has the lowest prices for kratom kilos anywhere in America or elsewhere, and its bulk deals are enough to leave your jaw on the floor. Buy Kratom Bulk USA has a 4.67 average score among reviewers. Best of all, it is happy to accept returns on unopened items.

Kona Kratom is Colorado’s premier source for exotic packaging, exotic strains, and awesome specials. This vendor is revered for its robust White Sumatra, but it’s not just strength that is earning it a swath of accolades. Kona Kratom is also prized for its jaw-dropping 24 unique strains.

As its name would suggest, New Dawn Kratom is relatively new to the industry, but it’s already developed a loyal following for its products and super prices. Customers loves its split kilo deals, as well as its impressive collection of kratom strains.



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