Where to Buy Kratom Locally in Honolulu HI

Honolulu is the most populated of Hawaii’s five major cities. It also provides the major entry port for the vast majority of Hawaiian tourists, making it a very busy city. If you’re in the area, you can say “aloha” to several reputable vendors that offer Honolulu Kratom.

The Islands of Aloha are home to gorgeous coastline, rich cuisine, and richer cultural history. They are also home to hundreds of kratom vendors, including many kratom and kava lounges. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our guide to the Best Kratom Vendors in Honolulu HI.

How to Find Kratom in Honolulu HI

Honolulu’s size means locals and tourists can easily buy kratom nearby. There are more than 36 kratom vendors in the Big Pineapple, making for easy access but, also, a lot of confusion. If you’re having trouble deciding on a kratom shop, we’ll point you in the right direction.

We’re going to discuss some of the most well-regarded Honolulu vendors below. If you prefer to get your kratom from an online shop, don’t miss our guide to Hawaiian online vendors.

5 Best Kratom Vendors in Honolulu

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The following are our picks for the top five kratom shops in all of Honolulu HI. We have evaluated these vendors based on consumer reputation, kratom availability, pricing, policies, and more. We think you’ll agree that they represent the top of the heap.

Pipeline Smokeshop

You can find pretty much anything you need for smoking or vaping at Pipeline Smokeshop. Located on University Ave, Pipeline sells CBD oil, glassware, kratom, and many other exotic items. The shop is upstairs in Pucks Alley and has helpful, friendly staff members.

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, making it easy to grab kratom whenever you’d like. And so many people do – Pipeline Smoke Shop’s Facebook profile gets millions of searches, with its Instagram account and Yelp page have received record-shattering traffic.

It is said to have the lowest prices and the cleanest facilities, with staff who wear masks and surfaces that get disinfected on a routine basis. One Yelp reviewer said, “Got us everything we needed and more! Also loves to support other local businesses in the area. Great atmosphere and great deals!”

Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee

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Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee is a tobacco shop with a twist; it offers locally roasted coffee beans in inimitable blends. It also carries some of the strong white vein kratom powder in Paradise. This unique cafe offers dine-in and takeout options at a moderate price, with a distinctly herbal flair.

During a single visit, you can pick up a variety of kratom products, have some breakfast or a late-night snack, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and check out some CBD. Google reviewers love the friendly, laid-back atmosphere, as evidenced by its 4.6-star rating.

This place has customers saying “Mahalo” thanks to its five-star products. “Great first experience,” one reviewer said. “Have some good drinks but limited selection. Either have it regular or have kratom…added in to give you an alternative experience. Recommend for anyone who wants…a new experience.”

Choke Smoke and Towns Cheapest Vapes

It may not have the catchiest name, but Choke Smoke and Towns Cheapest Vapes deserves props for being direct about its intentions. This vendor intends to offer the most competitive prices around and it mostly does so, albeit with some prodding from customers who come to the table with other quotes.

What makes this Kings St. kratom shop stand out from others on this list is its dynamic Rasta exterior and interior atmosphere. Choke Smoke and Towns Cheapest Vapes would not look out of place in the heart of Kingstown, Jamaica, nor would it stick out like a sore thumb in cities like St Petersburg, FL.

In short, Choke Smoke is a headshop with a heady vibe, some high-end products, a lot of dope deals, and a loyal fan base to prove it. Hundreds of reviewers have given it four stars or better, with one writing, “Five-star service…low profile and cost efficient – I’m quite thankful for another valuable recommendation.”

Natural Mystic

image of natural mystic

Aside from its cool-sounding name and enigmatic air, Natural Mystic is merely a competent brand. Nothing more, nothing less. This little-reviewed shop finds its way onto our list because it’s got something better behind it than hype; it’s got reliability.

Ask any seasoned kratom connoisseur and they will tell you that consistency and dependability are far more important than coupons, clearances, fancy marketing or any of the other come-ons the smoke shop proprietors try to push on us. If you want the real goods, you’ll get ’em from Natural Mystic.

This 4.1-star shop has received a modest 55 starred reviews on Google, with customers noting its convenient downtown location, personable employees, excellent stock, and some exotic items on and off menu. One reviewer said they wouldn’t go anywhere else, calling it the dopest spots with the dopest products.

Glass Roots

This shop has a nice, clean environment that’s conducive to browsing. Their selections include wine, glassware, t-shirts, Kratom, tapestries, tobacco goods, artwork, CBD, and much more. There is street parking available in the front.

Many reviewers commented about their impressive selection of incense. The staff is very friendly and helpful, although some customers think their prices are a bit high. On the plus side, their quality of their merchandise is very good.

image of glass roots

Honolulu Kratom Runners-Up

Newer shops like Hi Bred Kollective, Hookah 2 Go, and Where It’s At Hawaii are getting excellent reviews and a lot of attention for its kratom, dabs, vaping accessories, and more. All of these establishments are well worth exploring the next time you find yourself in The Big Pineapple.

Buy Kratom Online

For the best results, we always recommend buying kratom from an e-commerce site. You’ll get the purity guarantees, lab results, refunds, and bulk deals you simply cannot get at a brick-and-mortar shop. The following are our picks for the three most trusted online kratom vendors of the moment:

  • Austin Organic Village
  • Kona Kratom
  • New Dawn Kratom

Closing Thoughts

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Whether you decide to take a chance with a local artisan or take a gamble on an e-commerce site, you’ll be in good shape with the vendors referenced in this guide. But remember to always do your due diligence. Find out a company’s background, lab history, and refund policy prior to making a purchase.