Where to Buy Kratom Locally in Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu Hawaii's coast.Honolulu is the most populated of Hawaii’s five major cities. The others, in order of size, are East Honolulu, Pearl City, Hilo, and Kilua. Honolulu also provides the major entry port for the vast majority of Hawaiian tourists, making it a very busy city. If you’re in the area, and are a Kratom enthusiast, rest assured that you can say “aloha” to several reputable vendors that will sell you Honolulu Kratom.

How to Find Kratom in Honolulu HI

The good news is that Honolulu’s size means locals and tourists can easily buy Kratom nearby. We’re going to discuss some of the most well-liked Honolulu vendors below. If you prefer to get your Mitragyna speciosa from an online shop, don’t miss our guide to Hawaiian online vendors.

5 Best Kratom Vendors in Honolulu

Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee

This coffee shop also doubles as a head shop. During a single visit, you can pick up a variety of Kratom products, have some breakfast or a late-night snack, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and check out some Kava or CBD. Google reviewers love the friendly, laid-back atmosphere, as evidenced by the 4.8-star average. The staff is knowledgeable about each product, and the vendor’s location is conveniently near H1.

Best Buy Alleaf Kratom

Located less than 20 minutes from downtown Honolulu, this Aiea vendor specializes in Kratom. In other words, this is the local shop to visit when you don’t want to search through a wide variety of other products. Reviewers also say that “the quality of Alleaf Kratom is amazing” and that they sell “the best quality Kratom I have had.”

Some locals report being able to order Kratom shipped to their homes from here as well, so be sure to ask them about that if you’re interested.

Natural Mystic

Most Honolulu reviewers report being happy with this vendor. However, you should definitely call before heading over as some reviews indicate that they don’t always adhere to their posted hours. Aside from this quibble, they get high marks for customer service and selection. They sell everything from Kratom and kitchen scales to Hello Kitty merchandise. Their stated hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Pipeline Smokeshop

You can find pretty much anything you need for smoking or vaping at Pipeline Smokeshop. Located on University Ave, they also sell glassware, Mitragyna speciosa, CBD oil, and a nice variety of other items. The shop is upstairs in Pucks Alley and has helpful, friendly staff members. They’re open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, making it easy to grab Kratom whenever you’d like.

Glass Roots

This shop has a nice, clean environment that’s conducive to browsing. Their selections include wine, glassware, t-shirts, Kratom, tapestries, tobacco goods, artwork, CBD, and much more. There is street parking available in the front. Many reviewers commented about their impressive selection of incense. The staff is very friendly and helpful, although some customers think their prices are a bit high. On the plus side, their quality of their merchandise is very good.

Other Honolulu Kratom Options

Kratom leaves are available in Honolulu.There are lots of smoke shops and head shops near Honolulu. Other vendors include Hawaiian Holy Smokes, Discount Smoke Shop Hawaii, and the Irie Hawaii Smoke & Vape Shop chain.