Kratom Vendors in Denver, Colorado: What Are Your Options?

Denver is frequently included in the Top 5 Best Places to Live in the US list. Unsurprisingly, the Mile High City is home to more than 682,000 people. All adults within Denver have the legal right to buy kratom from local and online stores.

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We’re strong proponents of shopping with well-established online vendors. However, there are a large number of local shops available to Denver residents. Buying locally can be convenient and eye-opening. For your convenience, the Golden Monk has compiled a list of the top-ranked brick-and-mortar kratom vendors in Denver CO.

How to Find Kratom in Denver

There are many techniques one can employ in order to find kratom in their neighborhood. The first is the most obvious method, but it may also prove expensive. You can simply hop in a car and drive around town until you see a sign in a window advertising kratom.

Most smoke shops hang at least one kratom sign in their window and some will even add it to the name of their business. Depending on your location, you could burn a lot of gas taking this approach. Not every city has kratom shops on every major road.

A more economical approach is the online search, which can save time if not hassle. You can type ‘Denver Colorado Kratom’ or ‘kratom near me’ into Google and you’ll get pages upon pages of results. You may also use Google Maps to home in on a regional shop.

The problem with online search results lies in their scattered publication dates. All too frequently, kratom enthusiasts will come across a guide to kratom vendors that is not only riddled in inaccuracies but, also, alarmingly outdated. This can result in misunderstandings about shuttered businesses and inactive brands.

We strongly recommend calling ahead before visiting a land-based kratom vendor, as search engines are not always updated to reflect changing store hours or the dissolution of small businesses. Oftentimes, a store may be closed for personal or professional reasons, so call ahead to make sure someone will be there.

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5 of the Best Kratom Vendors in Denver

There are 40 businesses carrying kratom products in the Denver area. This includes herb shops, kratom manufacturers, vape stores, and at least one prominent kava lounge. Mile High City is a progressive place where you’ll be able to buy kratom freely, legally, and without the stigma experienced elsewhere.

1. Kratom by Mile High Botanicals Denver KRATOM

Billed as a Chinese medicine store, Kratom by Mile High Botanicals is a land-based outfit with a companion site (https://milehighbotanical.com). This five-star establishment is the largest and most versatile apothecary in all of Denver, CO. It stocks everything kratom, from extracts and plain leaf to fermented kratom and house blends.

This exceptional vendor offers curbside pickup, free kratom samples, and in-house extracts, in addition to in-store shopping and online ordering. It has received more than 200 five-star reviews and continues to grow both online and IRL. The selection is fire, the savings are deep, and the prices are A-OK.

2. Kratom Cafe USA

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Like Kratom by Mile High Botanicals, Kratom Cafe USA is a five-star herb shop with a reputation for stocking a wide variety of exotic kratom strains. This is where the comparisons begin and end. These two shops are very different from one another. The latter is secure and discreet, the other not so much.

Whereas Mile High Botanicals lacks origin information or return policy, Kratom Cafe USA discloses visual evidence of its all-natural kratom, and it provides users a 14-day window for requesting an exchange. It may be a full 18 minutes outside Denver proper, but curbside pickup and delivery make this cafe convenient.

3. Top Tree Herbs

Although it is relatively new and hasn’t received the volume of reviews common of older and more trusted shops, Top Tree has cemented its reputation as a business to watch in the years ahead. This vendor is getting five-star ratings from first-time customers who are impressed by the aromatic experience.

This unique botanical apothecary is distinct from others in that it specializes in brewing kratom tea. This is a traditional method of use in Southeast Asia, but it hasn’t been a particularly popular method here in the U.S. All of that is poised to change with the addition of shops like Top Tree Herbs.

One reviewer said, “Excellent quality, rich flavors and very effective strains. Whether you’re looking for help…or just simply want a tasty tea to wind down with, there is a tea for you…expect top-notch/speedy shipping, kind people to help you out when needed, and great UX… Top Tree Herbs absolutely rocks!”

4. Clean Kratom

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As the name implies, kratom is this Denver shop’s main product. But they’re not selling head shop kratom here. Instead, they stock their own branded Mitragyna speciosa. With a 4.9-star rating among 79 reviews, it isn’t the most buzzed-about brand, but it’s a blossoming shop with solid items.

Clean Kratom also has its products lab tested and certified as 100 percent pure, which distinguishes it from other vendors on this list. One local reviewer says that the Clean Kratom brand “is the absolute best.” Others compliment the store’s friendly staff and a diverse catalogue.

5. Headed West

Headed West may not hold a five-star rating, but with nearly 1,500 four-to.4.7-star reviews, it is easily one of the best bets you can make when buying kratom locally. This reputable corner store is a neighborhood institution, one that’s open from dawn to dusk.

Fans of South Park will feel right at home upon approaching the colorful exterior of this iconic business—the entire side of the building is covered over in a tableau of Eric Cartman and the boys against a backdrop of Colorado’s snow-capped Rocky Mountains.

Artwork and ambience aside, Headed West stands out by virtue of its vast variety of kratom, CBD, vape, pipe, and other accessories. There are literally hundreds of different products. And customers love ’em all. One reviewer said, “LOVE EVERYONE…so helpful and super easy to talk to…amazing selection…prices are also fantastic!”

Final Thoughts on Denver Colorado Kratom

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No time to head out to a local shop? Check out our guide to Colorado’s best online Kratom vendors. Because they’re so close, most of them can get Denver Colorado kratom to you within 24 hours!

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