The Best Kratom Vendors in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach isn’t just Florida’s premier spring break destination. It also happens to be a mecca for Mitraygna speciosa enthusiasts. With the exception of St Pete’s, Daytona Beach has the state’s largest concentration of kratom connoisseurs and entrepreneurs.

From tea houses and tobacco stores to head shops and herbal apothecaries, the World’s Most Famous Beach is a bevy of kratom activity. That’s because kratom is legal in the Sunshine State and has been for some time. Sarasota County is the only region of Florida to pass a kratom ban.

If you’re planning on visiting Daytona for business or pleasure, you’ll want to know where to go for premium grade kratom products. The Golden Monk has got your back with our list of the best kratom vendors in Daytona Beach. Read on for all of the fun facts about local kratom retailers.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Kratom Locally

It is important that consumers understand that there is a marked difference between buying kratom locally and buying kratom online. While both can pose their own distinct risks, the former can be the most detrimental to one’s well-being. When you buy kratom locally, you surrender safety and financial security.

The vast majority of brick-and-mortar retailers purchase their kratom from third-party wholesale distributors. These third-party entities rarely, if ever, disclose the origins of their kratom products. A retailer may see a brand on the kratom product’s label, but they are given no indication of its country of origin.

This is problematic, particularly because kratom is now grown in Florida and other states with sunny, humid climates. That means that you could buy kratom from one of the best kratom vendors in Daytona Beach without realizing that it was harvested locally. You may even be misled by strain names, such as Green Indo or Red Bali.

Technically, kratom can be grown anywhere on earth; with the proper equipment one could grow kratom indoors or outdoors for an extended period of time. However, quality kratom is not cultivated in a claustrophobic space and it isn’t grown in a climate like that of the Sunshine State.

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The best kratom leaves are derived from OG (Old Growth) Mitragyna speciosa trees. These kratom trees occur naturally in the wilds of Southeast Asia. There they are grown in relative isolation and in abundance, with farmers allowing them to mature over the course of decades before harvesting begins.

On the other hand, select Florida kratom vendors have begun grinding up kratom plants while they are still in their infancy. This deprives customers of a kratom powder with significant concentrations of key alkaloids. This results in a weaker aroma and a shorter duration.

If you are thinking about buy kratom locally, you need to remember that you are taking a gamble. Most brick-and-mortar smoke shops refuse to accept returns and almost all of them refuse to issue refunds. By contrast, online kratom vendors offer kratom origins, proof of potency, and a money-back guarantee.

Daytona Beach Abounds with Head Shops

Head shop kratom may not be as good as the stuff you can buy online, but it’s definitely better than nothing. More importantly, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There are more than 40 business establishments offering kratom in the greater Daytona Beach area. This includes kava bars, restaurants, and tobacconists.

1. Pumpernickel Pops Smoke Shop

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Located directly across from Daytona Beach’s signature attraction (the beach), Pumpernickel Pops is a kratom vendor with a 4.9-star Google average. More than 1,000 reviewers agree that Pumpernickel is a great spot to shop for “special things” and that you’ll be “surprised at what is there.” Kratom from Pumpernickel’s gets high marks for quality and price.

This long-standing cigar shop is brimming with local character, lovely handmade designs, and lush kratom products. In addition to its many rich e-liquids and THC edibles, Pumpernickel Pops provides a range of kratom products, including powders, capsules, and liquid kratom extracts.

Customers appreciate the clean store, friendly atmosphere, and low prices. Though some have suggested that its kratom is substandard compared to its competitors, others have noted the substantial savings. Still others note the superior knowledge of its employees.

2. Don KiKi Cigars Superstore

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Don’t let the funny name fool you, Don KiKi’s is much more than a cigar shop. It’s a 4.7-star convenience store that stocks an enormous assortment of chewable, smokeable, drinkable wares. It also happens to be a great hangout spot for paying customers who wish to enjoy its second-story lounge.

Don KiKi Cigars Superstore is an emporium for everything from e-cigs and rare stogies to cigarettes and kratom solutions. You’ll find deals on product bundles, ads for sponsored events, and more on its website. Check ’em out and find out what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Vapor and Company Daytona

If you’re off to the races at Daytona’s Speedway, you’ll want to stop into Vapor and Company Daytona to snatch up some of its solid swag. Conveniently located at 1340 W International Speedway Blvd, Vapor and Company is one of the highest-rated shops in the city.

With 30-day warranties, an in-store pickup option, and awe-inspiring variety, it’s little wonder that this Daytona Plaza shop has earned a 4.7-star rating among hundreds of happy patrons. For more than five years it has been serving up some of the finest kratom in Florida. In stock brands include MIT 45, OPMS, and more.

4. Purple Haze

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There are two Purple Haze locations that are easily accessible from Daytona Beach. The first is on S Atlantic Ave. The other is about 15 minutes away in Ormand Beach and is on the same street.

Both spots specialize in carrying all the cool oddities you’d expect from a chain called Purple Haze. Odd socks, glassware, tapestries, and more fill the store, along with various kratom products. There’s something for everyone.

Although it does not make any reference to Mitraygna speciosa on its website, Purple Haze has been displaying a wide range of kratom strains for some time. One reviewer said, “I buy my kratom here. Four stars,” while another said, “As soon as you walk through the door you can feel the positive vibes!”

5. Euphoria Smoke and Vape

Locals frequent this smoke shop for its large selection of kratom. One reviewer raved that about the store being well-curated and offering great prices. Some reviewers even went so far as to say that they travel farther than they need to buy their Kratom from Euphoria Smoke and Vape because of the friendly staff.

6. Light-N-Up

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You can still find a great kratom deal nearby when you’re on your way out of town. For instance, Light-N-Up in New Smyrna Beach is about a 20-minute drive from Daytona Beach. This vendor carries a lot of strains at competitive prices. You’ll also find everything you need for vaping and smoking.

Bottom Line

No matter where you land on this list, you’ll be in good hands, but never underestimate the value of practicing patience. When you buy kratom online, you may have to wait for a delivery to make it to your door, but you’ll be rewarded for that patience.

Online sellers frequently provide free samples and gifts, as well as third-party certificates of analysis, which demonstrate purity and potency. What’s more, you can typically return any items that do not meet your standards. The unbeatable discounts and loyalty programs on display at e-commerce sites add up to some serious incentive.

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