Is Kratom Legal in Maine in 2024? Kratom Regulation in the Pine Tree State

Is kratom legal in Maine? The answer is a simple “yes.” But it’s interesting to think about why kratom is legal in Maine. 

Mainers tend to be down-to-earth, no-nonsense folks with an independent, self-reliant spirit born from living in a rural state with harsh winters. They value practicality over pretense and take pride in hard work and self-sufficiency.

Kratom's legal status in Maine.

Maine’s laissez-faire attitude and respect for personal freedoms likely contributes to the state never having taken action to ban the herbal supplement kratom. As a ruggedly independent and self-reliant people, Mainers tend to bristle at excessive government overreach into personal choices. 

The state’s relatively reserved live-and-let-live mentality could make the idea of an outright ban seem like a governmental overreaction in the eyes of many no-nonsense Mainers who value individual liberty. Their pride in tradition and self-sufficiency aligns with leaving personal health and herbal remedy decisions up to individuals without undue interference.

Kratom is legal in Maine, and we don’t anticipate any upcoming legislative actions that would ban it. 

Golden Monk offers high-quality kratom to Maine’s residents, in both brick-and-mortar shops and online. You can usually find the best quality – and the best deals! – by shopping for kratom online. 

Will Kratom Get Banned in Maine in 2024?

Anticipated Developments in Kratom Regulation in Maine

Back in 2017, there was an attempt to ban kratom, which comes from dried leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The state legislature considered banning kratom within the state of Maine. The bill would have scheduled kratom like illegal substances, instead of treating it like natural botanical with a lot of benefits for kratom users.  However, the Botanical Education Alliance, which supports the use and regulation of kratom, came together to convince legislators to remove Mitragynine from the list of illegal substances. This advocacy protected Maine’s residents from a kratom ban!   Since then, there have been no significant attempts to ban kratom in the state of Maine, and there has even been some support for a Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which would codify legal access to kratom and protect kratom users from unscrupulous vendors. The kratom industry supports several key changes in Maine (and the entire USA):  Of course, the kratom industry opposes any ban that would limit adults’ access to kratom in Maine, but regulation could be a good thing! Let’s look at the reasons why – and how kratom access may change in the future in Maine. 

FDA Regulation of Kratom Manufacturing and Sales 

The American Kratom Association is the largest kratom industry association in the world. They are the voice of kratom farmers, manufacturers, and vendors. Why would the industry be such a vocal supporter of FDA regulation?  To answer that question, you have to understand the purpose of the AKA. As an industry group, they want to promote kratom and support vendors, but they also want to protect kratom users from unethical vendors.  If a vendor chooses to put profit before safety and ethics, the AKA wants to prevent them from being able to get their product into the hands of kratom users.  FDA regulation would help them do that in the following ways:
  • Establishing quality control standards
  • Introducing labeling requirements for manufacturers
  • Creating testing and certification standards
  • Designing educational campaigns for the risks and benefits of kratom 
  • Enforcing penalties and actions against unethical manufacturers 
FDA regulation would affect kratom throughout the US, not just in Maine. Although many are advocating this change, it may not happen for several years. Pay attention to news about kratom to find out when it finally gets FDA-regulated. 

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Maine doesn’t yet have a Kratom Consumer Protection Act, but we are hopeful that will change in the near future.  States with KCPA laws include Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Utah. Rhode Island’s KCPA will go into effect in 2025.  Even if Maine doesn’t pass their own KCPA, it’s possible that a federal version of the bill could be passed. We support the KCPA because it would: 
  • Avoid a total ban: The Act would prevent a complete federal ban on kratom, allowing this multi-million dollar industry to continue operating legally)
  • Set product standards: It sets mandatory standards for manufacturing, labeling, and maximum levels of contaminants/adulterants in kratom products. This helps ensure product safety and quality control)
  • Create age restrictions: The Act prohibits selling to individuals under 21, giving the industry legitimacy while restricting youth access.
  • Ensure regulatory certainty: National regulations provide a clear, consistent framework for the kratom industry to follow rather than a patchwork of state/local laws.
  • Provide research incentives: Provisions in the KCPA facilitate more research into kratom’s risks/benefits, potentially boosting its legitimacy long-term.
  • Offer market protection: Standardized quality requirements make it harder for substandard or adulterated kratom products to reach the market.

Manufacturing Transparency & More Consistent Quality

At Golden Monk, we hope to see more kratom vendors commit to transparency and quality.  This would mean that vendors should provide: 
  • Clear, consistent, and accurate labeling of all kratom products
  • Ingredients list on packaging
  • Accurate labeling of alkaloid percentages, based on solid testing practices
  • Cautionary health statements for anyone at a higher risk of complications 

Legal and Financial Accountability

If Maine sees some of these changes occur, then the state could hold any unethical vendors responsible for their unscrupulous practices. Meanwhile, reputable vendors like Golden Monk would continue to be able to provide high-quality, rigorously tested kratom products to the public in Maine. 

Kratom’s Legal Status from State to State 


Golden Monk’s Top 5 Best-Selling Kratom Products in Maine

Kratom products of Golden Monk in Maine.

Although Golden Monk products are carried in many of Maine’s brick-and-mortar stores, we have to recommend buying online! That’s because you can find better products at better prices when you shop online. You’re not limited to just what your local smoke shop has in stock when you shop online! 

Visit our online shop to check out our extensive collection of kratom powders, capsules, raw leaf, and more! 

Here are some of our most popular options, which you can try in Maine by shopping our store. 

Kratom Capsules

Our loose-leaf Golden Monk Kratom Capsules come in many different varieties, including: White, Green, and Red Maeng Da; Green Malay; White and Red Bali; White, Green, and Red Borneo; Red Thai; and Red Indo. 

Our capsules contain 500mg of premium kratom powder, and you can buy them in packs of 250, 500, or 1000 capsules. 

Kratom Gummies

Kratom Gummies are great for kratom users who want a simple, straightforward way to use the substance. Instead of having to brew kratom tea, use the “toss-and-wash” method, or any other way of using kratom, you can enjoy the convenience of a kratom edible. Each Golden Monk kratom gummy contains 10mg of pure kratom extract, making it budget-friendly in addition to convenient.  

Maeng Da Loose Kratom

Many kratom users want a more holistic kratom experience and choose to brew kratom tea from loose kratom. Our loose-leaf  Maeng Da Kratom comes in young white vein, slightly aged green vein, or mature green vein strains. 

White Sumatra Kratom

White vein varieties are younger than their green and red counterparts. Although white vein kratom can be harder to acquire, we offer a high-quality White Sumatra Kratom that is incredibly popular. This Indonesian kratom variety is sold in packages that range from 250 g to 1000 g (1 kg). 

Red Borneo Kratom

You can’t go wrong with Golden Monk’s Red Borneo Kratom, which is available in 250 g, 500 g, or 1000 g (1 kg) quantities. As the name implies, it is grown in Borneo and is made from mature Mitragyna speciosa leaves. It has a high alkaloid content that produces strong results.

Kratom as a natural energy booster and relaxation aid.

Helpful Kratom FAQ

What is kratom?

Kratom is a botanical product derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. In these regions, kratom has traditionally been utilized for its soothing attributes, its use as an energizing agent, and in cultural rituals.

Globally, kratom consumption has increased due to individuals using it for a variety of purposes such as a natural energy-booster, a way to relax, and a sleep aid.

Is kratom legal where I live?

There is no federal prohibition on kratom in the United States, however, certain states have enacted their own bans. The state of Maine currently allows for the purchase, possession and use of kratom without legal ramifications.

If traveling from Maine to another state, it’s a good idea to verify the legal status of kratom in that locality prior to transporting any amount of the substance across state borders. 

Are there any potential downsides to using kratom?

To practice safe kratom use, it’s recommended to avoid excessively large quantities or daily consumption. Overindulgence can potentially lead to adverse reactions like dehydration, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation and excessive drowsiness.

Newcomers should start with a modest serving size while monitoring their body’s response before gradually increasing future amounts. Chronic, heavy kratom use may result in weight fluctuations, appetite changes, sleep disruptions and dermatological issues. Consult a medical professional regarding any kratom usage concerns.

How do I identify top-tier kratom products?

Selecting high-quality kratom hinges on the reputability of the growers, manufacturers and vendors. At Golden Monk, we take pride in our audited membership with the American Kratom Association’s cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) program. Customers can review our credentials, including our Certificate of Analysis.

Golden Monk adheres to the highest standards for manufacturing facilities, enabling Maine’s kratom consumers to make purchases with full confidence in our products.

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