Is Kratom Legal in Washington? A Closer Look at Regulations

The short answer is yes, kratom is currently legal in Washington. There are no rules or regulations against people selling, buying, transporting, or possessing kratom in the Evergreen State. Also, there are currently no age limits on buying or having kratom products in Washington. Whether you use kratom in powder, capsule, or another form, there’s no need to worry about getting in trouble with the state’s law enforcement. 


A Brief History of Kratom Legislation in Washington

Not only is kratom legal in the state of Washington, it hasn’t even been a particularly contentious issue. There have been no legislative attempts to ban the sale, possession, or distribution of kratom in Washington. But that’s not to say this state isn’t considering any legislation regarding kratom.

The most important and only current bill involving kratom in Washington is Senate Bill 5941. You might know this bill under another name: the Washington Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about this legislative measure.

The American Kratom Association, an organization focusing on protecting American’s rights to enjoy safe kratom, created general recommendations and priorities for what should be included in Kratom Consumer Protection Acts (KCPA).

So far, a KCPA has passed in the following states:
• Arizona
• Nevada
• Oklahoma
• Utah
• Georgia
• Colorado
• Oregon
• Texas
• Florida
• Virginia
• West Virginia

Front view of Washington State Capitol Building

If the KCPA passes in Washington, it would regulate kratom to make it safer for everybody. This legislation is not in favor of banning kratom. That said, the exact details of KCPA legislation vary from state to state.

Here’s more information about some of Washington’s KCPA proposed regulations:
• Outlawing the sale of kratom to anyone under the age of 21.
• Banning kratom that contains any synthetic alkaloids.
• Prohibiting the sale of contaminated kratom.
• Strengthening labeling guidelines for products containing kratom. 


The Future of Kratom Legality in Washington

We wish we could guarantee that kratom would remain legal in Washington forever. But, while the future of kratom in Washington looks bright, there’s always the possibility of a person, group, or business creating and attempting to pass anti-kratom legislation. Bookmark this page and come back often, as we’ll update you when or if news of additional kratom legislation in Washington becomes available. 


Where to Buy Kratom in Washington

Welcome to Washington, the Evergreen State sign

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Best of all, we ship to Washington residents! There’s no need to risk getting less-than-great kratom locally from unknown sources—we ship it right to your door. If you need help deciding what kratom is best for you, check out Golden Monk’s kratom strain guide.

If you’re a Washington resident or visiting this state soon, you won’t have to worry about enjoying kratom. However, remember that kratom legality does vary from state to state and, in some cases, county-to-county and city-to-city. 

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