Your Leaf Your Life : Our Honest Review of This East Coast Kratom Vendor

your leaf your life : our honest review of this east coast kratom vendor

Your Leaf Your Life is considered Philly Kratom due to its headquarters in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. So, it is fitting that a vendor from the City of Brotherly Love should rise to prominence thanks to its tender love and care. Your Leaf Your Life is more than a kratom brand, it’s a way of life.

Visit to check out all of its kratom blends, split kilos, anad stem and vein kratom. We think you’ll agree there’s a lot to get pumped about. Your Leaf Your Life is about more than exotic kratom powder and we’ll hip you to the whole operation in our complete vendor review.

What is Your Leaf Your Life?

Your Leaf Your Life, AKA Philly Kratom, is an independently owned herb shop, with offices at 2031 Rhawn Street in Philadelphia, PA. This vendor’s shop is just a stone’s throw from Datillo’s Delicatessan and the Pizza Hut off Castor Ave.

Your Leaf Your Life specializes in proprietary kratom blends, as well as stem & vein kratom. It also carries finely powdered exotic plain leaves, such as horned leaf kratom and Sumatran coffee. Perhaps what it is most well-known for is its generosity, which extends from coupons to caring for the less fortunate.

Although it is not a participant in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program, this seller has indicated its interest in the safety of its customers. Your Leaf Your Life’s devotion to purity and customer satisfaction is visible on its website. It regularly updates its third-party labs and provides special deals.

What we found most striking about this vendor was its kratom advocacy page, which provides step-by-step instructions for contacting one’s state representative about kratom science. We were also taken by its veterans/disability program, but more on that in a moment.

We were particularly impressed by how forthcoming this vendor is on its FAQ page. It is truly honest about the potential risks associated with kratom and offers appropriate warnings about kratom products. What’s more, it gives customers a full week to request a refund if they aren’t satisfied with an item.

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What It Has to Offer

This seller’s products include Becky’s Blend, Green Cobain Blend, Green Gayo, Green JongKong, Green Kali, Green Malay, Green MD, Green Plantation Thai, Green Riau, Red Bali, Red Bone, Red Maeng Da, Red Riau, Red Suede, Super Green, White Borneo, White Jungle, White Riau, White Sumatra, White Thai, and Yellow TanJung.

Many of these strains and blends have received high marks from members of the Reddit community, but only a select few have left a lasting impression on our colleagues. In a survey of those who had tried Your Leaf Your Life, the general consensus was that Green Cobain belonged in the number one spot.

Green Cobain Blend is our pick for Your Life Your Life’s best strain because it’s robust, smooth, and extremely long-lasting. This string-dried strain is rich in high concentrations of unique indole alkaloids and terpenoids. It is one of the most unusual green vein kratom combinations we’ve encountered.

What It Costs and How It Compares

This Philly kratom vendor excels in many areas, but pricing is where it shines brightest. Owners Megan “Meg” Friel and Sean Zamorano get their strains from legit native sources, who offer it at an optimal conversion rate. This means Your Leaf Your Life can pass its savings onto you.

Customers can score two ounces of kratom powder for $12, which is what some online vendors charge for a single ounce or less. For the sake of comparison, Kraken Kratom charges $12 for 28 grams of Super Indo Kratom Powder. Others, like My Brave Botanicals, charge as much as $25 for 28 ounces.

Your Leaf Your Life sells four ounces for $20, eight ounces for $35, a four-way split on a half kilo (500 grams) for $47, or a four-way split kilo (1,000 grams) for 90.00. These bulk kratom prices are less than the current industry low of $99.99 and compare nicely to those of our top kratom picks.

At $49 for 500 grams and $90 for a kratom kilo, Your Leaf Your Life is one of the most affordable lifestyle changes you’ll make. It falls squarely between our top two vendors – MIT 45 and New Dawn Kratom – in terms of price point. For example, MIT 45 charges $39.45 for 250 grams, while New Dawn charges $79.99 for a kilo.

This Keystone State kratom supplier accepts a wide selection of payment methods, such as Bitcoin, CashApp, Credit Cards, GooglePay, GreenBean Pay, Money Order, Venmo, and Zelle. These versatile options make it a breeze to get the leaf you want without the hassle of having to create an account.

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Your Leaf Your Life Coupon Code and Discounts

Sean regularly updates customers about its discounts on Your Leaf Your Life’s homepage. First-time patrons can save 10% off their initial purchase by using the code ‘FIRST’, while return customers can sign up for the Philly Kratom newsletter to learn about deals. Meg and Sean regularly plan kratom giveaways and dole out promo codes.

This vendor is all about serving the kratom community. That includes those members of the armed forces and first responders who have protected and cared for Americans throughout the last three difficult years. That’s why it’s got vets covered with a kratom military discount, which may also be used by the handicapable.

Your Leaf Your Life Customer Reviews

Customers have clamored to try Your Leaf Your Life since it opened in 2018 and little has changed in the ensuing years. Patrons continue to praise its low prices, high quality, distinguished blends, and tremendous integrity. Philly kratom Reddit posts are imbued with acclaim for this seller.

One member said, “Becky’s blend is great. I just ordered the red bone…I’ve never been disappointed with anything from them,” while another said, “They have been my #1 for years now. If you like green pure, you’ll probably like the green riau too, I’m loving it.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer called it their vendor of choice, writing, “I have many I love (still not on the Lucky list), but the customer service and unfaltering quality keep me coming back…I would recommend sampling Becky’s Blend, RMD, Red Suede, W Sumatra, Green Malay, and Yellow Jung Tung.”

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Bottom Line

In closing, Your Leaf Your Life is a viable option for anyone who requires affordability as well as consistency. This is a reliable East Coast kratom source with great rankings. Still on the fence? Check out our list of the best kratom vendors for other solid options.

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