XanRelax Vendor Review

XanRelax, AKA RelaxAid, is a proprietary kratom blend that has caused quite the uproar since its arrival in 2019. This unapproved formula is ostensibly promoted as an OTC (over-the-counter) alternative to powerful Big Pharma meds. Some of its advertising even hinges on the fact that there are “No Prescriptions Necessary” to purchase it.

Since first appearing on the global market, XanRelax has earned as much scorn as it has support, racking up nearly as many warning posts as it has four-star reviews. There are many pros and cons to consider when buying such kratom blends. Find out everything you need to know about XanRelax in our comprehensive kratom product review.

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Xanrelax Product Review

XanRelax is a product of ZMB Enterprises, a West Coast manufacturer with offices in Carslbad. ZMB Enterprises is responsible for the manufacturing of two controversial products—Addall XR, AKA AddFocus XR, and XanRelax, AKA RelaxAid.

Aside from the obvious sketchiness of its product names, ZMB Enterprises would seem like any other nondescript supplement manufacturer. Except for one small but significant difference: ZMB Enterprises, LLC shares its name with not one but four other LLCs, one of which is inactive and another of which operates out of St Petersburg, FL.

As some of you may already know, St Petes has become something of a breeding ground for kratom enthusiasts thanks to its preponderance of kava lounges and kratom vendors. What’s more, there are innumerable individuals growing and selling kratom throughout the Sunshine State.

Whether this St Petersburg company is selling XanRelax or not remains to be seen, but one must wonder whether ZMB Enterprises of Carlsbad, CA, chose its name randomly or in a deliberate attempt at throwing certain agencies off its tail. We would normally avoid such speculation, were it not for the unfortunate details surrounding this brand.

The law prohibits me from reproducing in full the assertions made by ZMB Enterprises and its affiliates in their advertising of XanRelax, but suffice it to say, promises are made that can’t possibly be kept. More alarmingly, these assertions appear to chum the waters for a desperate contingent of people prone to abuse and confusion.

image of xanrelax kratom productsOne of the minds behind XanRelax appears to be Ryan Zakeri, ZMB Enterpises’ director/officer. Zakeri’s resume only makes things more confusing; he is listed as an officer on something called Monster One, LLC, a business entity that is listed at the same mailing address as ZMB Enterprises, LLC, and he has been the director of Jane Herbal Organics, a nebulous company with an equally unclear mission.

In light of the person (or persons) behind it comes as little surprise that XanRelax is a questionable product. After all, a simple Google image search of Ryan Zakeri standing before an expo display of Addall XR should serve as all the warning one would need to approach XanRelax and Addall with caution. The photo roll available Google Image is pure cringe, as is the news of a proposed class-action lawsuit.

According to Classaction.org – and a number of third-party sources – a class-action lawsuit is pending against ZMB Enterprises LLC. The suit is reliant upon the precedents set forth by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. These precedents demonstrate that it is unacceptable for manufacturers to knowingly deceive the public into purchasing potentially detrimental knock-offs of prescription medications.

In this case, the suit alleges that ZMB Enterprises deliberately marketed XanRelax and Addall XR in a fashion designed to exploit consumer demand for Xanax and Adderall alternatives. The suit points out the potentially dangerous combination of XanRelax incredients, which includes Mitragynine – kratom’s chief alkaloid component. It also alludes to the presence of the tranquilizer Phenibut in the company’s trademarked Addall XR formulation.

While XanRelax Phenibut stacking does not appear to be an occurrence, the presence of kratom’s derivatives in XanRelax pose some major concerns, which may be actionable in a court of law. On the one hand, the presence of kratom ingredients in XanRelax threatens to further tarnish the already tenuous reputation of Mitragyna speciosa in American society. On the other hand, ZMB Enterprises looks like it will have to face the challenge of explaining why it compares its formulation’s ingredients to Xanax and its applications.

One of ZMB’s most popular products is its XanRelax 600mg capsules, which are highly rated and widely accessible here in America. These peculiar-looking blue-and-white capsules are said to contain 750 milligrams of the company’s proprietary blend. This blend consists of Mitragynine, 7-OH (7-Hydroxymitragynine), 5-Hydroxytryptophan, N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine, 7-Glutamylethylamide, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and Titanium Dioxide.

It is fair to say that the average person doesn’t know what half of those ingredients are and, therefore, cannot make an informed decision about buying items that contain them. Unless you are an erstwhile employee of a chem lab, you are unlikely to know your tryptophans from your tryptamines.

On a more positive note, XanRelax does not appear to contain any substances that are illegal in most US states; the presence of kratom alkaloids may render it technically prohibited in certain states and municipalities, but its other active ingredients seem to be acceptable throughout North America. No acute adverse reactions to XanRelax have been documented online. See below for more information about customer responses.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Kratomdirect.com offers a twelve-pack twenty-four-count of XanRelax package for $149.99. This equates to about $150 for what amounts to two hundred eighty-eight XanRelax capsules. Despite its shortcomings, this product’s pricing compares favorably to the industry average for kratom extract capsules. For example, Club 13 charges $102.50 for fifty Double Black Kratom Extract Caps.

XanRelax Coupon Code & Discounts

Kratom coupon codes will vary from site to site, depending on where you purchase your kratom products. For instance, K Chill Direct is one of the top suppliers of XanRelax and similar products. This e-commerce site is known for its rewards; incentives include an affiliate program and email newsletter. The former enables you to earn exclusive coupons, special offers, and updates on new products.

XanRelax Customer Reviews

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Relax Aid Capsule Reviews may be largely positive, with most consisting of four-star ratings. One reviewer said, “I’ve t***n it three times so far. The first two times I t**k both and kn***ed me on my a** … The third time I t**k it I just d** one and it’s amazing … Feels natural and not heavy. Def recommend.”

We were unable to find any verifiable Relax Aid Kratom Extract reviews, but there are several online ratings for this product, most of which give it four stars or more. Nevertheless, there are no kratom extract reviews that we are aware of, nor are there many legit reviews for RelaxAid.

There are seven reviews listed at Burmanhealthshop.com, one of ZMB Enterprises’ retailers, but each of these reviews came from accounts that share a default pic in common – a thumbnail of the Burman’s Health Shop logo. For this reason, we do not see any merit in reprinting those reviews here.

XanRelax Complaints

XanRelax warning has become another common search term in the wake of the proposed class-action lawsuit, Brown v. ZMB Enterprises LLC. In fact, one of Google’s top search results is a page about XanRelax and Addall from Truthinadvertising.org, a watchdog group specializing in ad alerts, consumer news, and regulatory advocacy. Truth in Advertising’s page lists the proposed lawsuit and the allegations against ZMB Enterprises.

Natural Products Insider has run an op-ed piece, entitled Consumers can’t rely on FDA to adequately target ‘bad actors’ in the supplements market, which explicitly references Addall and XanRelax as examples of “violative products.” This piece laments the agency’s inability to do the job, writing, “ODSP [Office of Dietary Supplement Programs] has about three dozen personnel responsible for enforcing regulations affecting more than 2,000 firms and 80,000 products. Clearly, ODSP lacks the resources to protect the public’s health while ensuring a level regulatory playing field.”

According to this complaint, select ingredients in these products include known adulterants, such as DMHA. However, this same op-ed article was quick to point out that DMHA was conspicuously absent from a Supplement Facts panel on an order placed via Amazon.com.

Is XanRelax Lab Tested?

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No. Our research indicates that XanRelax is not submitted for third-party laboratory testing. No information about independent evaluation appears in widespread marketing materials, nor are certificates of analysis present on any of its product pages. Third-party entities selling XanRelax do not mention lab testing it the details they provide.

Is XanRelax Legit?

It is our humble opinion that XanRelax is not a legitimate product, nor is it something we would recommend to any of our esteemed colleagues or readers. Any product that is associated with illicit behavior is something that should be avoided. In this case, users frequently search “xanrelax high,” which points to the public’s unsavory intentions and the company’s seemingly irresponsible advertising.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, XanRelax seems to be every bit as illegitimate as its name would suggest. Although some vendors charge relatively affordable prices for this item, the savings are not worth the risk. If you’ve been thinking about trying this one, you may want to reconsider.

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