Wonderland Gardens Vendor Review


With its wealth of raw botanicals, proprietary extracts, and branded liquid kratom shots, Wonderland Gardens is the all-inclusive online apothecary so many of us have been searching for. You can visit its online store at: https://wgbotanicals.com. This is where your favorite herbs reach the optimal mass.

Read on to learn all about the ultramodern approach and generous offers that have kept this North Carolina kratom vendor on the map. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about its products, policies, pricing, and more. We think you’ll agree that Wonderland Gardens is a virtual paradise.


Wonderland Gardens Product Review

For 12 years, Wonderland Gardens has been building a botanical empire. What started as a humble eBay store slowly evolved into an unconventional e-commerce business, with unique edibles, uber-potent extracts, and revolutionary kratom blends. All the while, WG Botanicals has maintained rock-bottom prices and recognizable consistency.

When other vendors were running scared in the wake of a proposed kratom ban or kratom Salmonella outbreak, brands like Wonderland Gardens were hunkered down, doing the work necessary to ensure the future of the marketplace. This ingenuity and commitment color everything they put out. The site is a haven for the health-conscious connoisseur who values excellence.

This Wilminton-based kratom supplier provides all of the requisite information that consumers deserve. You are given unlimited access to certification, live customer support, versatile payment options, and a detailed shipping and delivery overview. If that’s not enough, Wonderland Gardens sets itself apart from its contenders with gratis kratom.

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You read that right! When you place a bulk order of at least 500 grams of kratom, Wonderland Gardens rewards your purchase. You’ll get a 50-gram sample of the strain of your choice absolutely free. That’s almost two full ounces of kratom powder on the house!

As we mentioned earlier, Wonderland Gardens is a true botanical apothecary, delivering access to everything from Delta-0 Sativa Tinctures and Delta 8 Cigarettes to 70% Mitragynine Kratom Extracts and 70% authentic Noble Kava Paste. There are more than 30 product pages to click on, which feature maca root, mushroom blends, Gold Reserve Kratom, and so forth.

Wonderland Gardens Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are available in bulk, along with Batak XL Kratom Powder, 80% Moon Dust Kratom Extract Full Spectrum Powder, Kratom-Infused Root Beer Taffy, Mit45 Gold Kratom Capsules, Nature’s Reserve Hulu Kapuas Kratom,  OPMS Black Kratom Capsules,  Prof Whyte’s Citrus Blast Kratom Gummies, Yellow Kratom Isolate Powder, and much more.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices vary from item to item, with kratom extracts ranging from six to 18 dollars, depending on size and strength. For example, a 15lm bottle of MIT45 Kratom Shot goes for $16, while a four-pack of Ktropix Kratom Extract Capsules goes for $19.99. A 10-pack of Hush Kratom Gummies sells for $20.00, while a bundle of two kratom kilos will run you just $180.00.

Two-way splits on half-kilos are available for $60, while two-way splits on full kilos go for $92.00. You can mix and match to your heart’s content with four-way splits or taste the rainbow, as it were, with a range of kratom concentrates for $1.75 per infused gram. This price applies to anything from Black Crystal Extract and Green Isolate to Kratom 10x Red Resin Extract.

These prices compare favorably to most kratom wholesale websites, such as Acadia CBD and Kures.co. For the sake of comparison, Kures.co charges $18.99 for a two-pack of MIT45 Gold Kratom Capsules, while Acadia charges $19.99 for a single 15ml MIT45 Kratom Shot.

Wonderland Gardens offers a full kratom kilo of Trainwreck Blend Kratom Capsules for $99.99, while Acadia charges up to $179.99 for 1,000 grams worth of standard kratom caps. Meanwhile, Kures.co charges $12.95 for a single Hush Kratom shot, while WG Botanicals charges $20 for 10 kratom gummies.

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Wonderland Gardens Coupon Code and Discounts

The deals are dense at wgbotanicals.com, whether you’re buying a beginner’s pack or a bundle. Not only can you get free kratom samples when you purchase in volume, but Wonderland Gardens accepts kratom promo codes at checkout. Alas, finding one of these codes could prove difficult.

You may be able to score a discount code for yourself by joining its private Facebook group, but you’ll want to be careful, as there are several groups and pages with the same name. Not all of them are actually associated with this Wilmington kratom supplier. Furthermore, Wonderland Gardens does not appear to maintain an Instagram account.


Wonderland Gardens Customer Reviews

This vendor may be the most talked about vendor at online kratom forums. After looking the brand up via different search engines, we were left in awe by the sheer number of Wonderland Gardens Reddit posts. Thread after thread references the brand’s outstanding sales, incredible potency, and obvious cleanliness.

“They will definitely get more of My business,” one Wonderland Gardens review reads. “The Green Banjo is probably the fastest, most clean I ever had. The 44% extract is Smackin too. Haven’t tried the White Banjo or green isolate, yet. Shipping was super fast, too. Ordered Thursday and got it today (Saturday). Crazy good.”

Another user called it the best kratom they’d ever had after close to a decade of kratom use. Another reviewer said, “You can’t beat $11 plus shipping for a 250 split with the 2gs of isolate.” Still, another said, “Smokin’ deal, especially the free extract on an already great deal.”

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Is Wonderland Gardens Legit?

It may not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, but Wonderland Gardens has been GMP-compliant practically since its launch. This North Carolina giant routinely submits its kratom batches to third-party laboratories for comprehensive evaluation. You can find certificates of analysis for each of its strains at the bottom of its homepage.

The company’s fair return policy and live chat feature give you an assurance of stellar treatment, while its samples afford you the opportunity of trying a strain out before investing in bulk kratom. These are just some of the ways that Wonderland Gardens has demonstrated its legitimacy. For further proof, we request you read it’s About Us page.


Bottom Line

In summary, Wonderland Gardens is a trusted brand with a reputation for refinement and reliability. Loyal customers have stood by this vendor through thick and thin thanks to its fair market pricing, phenomenal deals, and fantastic variety. The diversity of its product line is matched only by its cut-rate price points.

If you’re in the market for something completely different, you’ll likely find it at wgbotanicals.com. Wonderland Gardens is the leading vendor when it comes to bespoke kratom bundles and rare international herbs. In other words, there’s always something new to try when you visit Wonderland.

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