White Tiger Kratom Review – Experiences, Prices, and More

White Tiger Kratom is a wholesale kratom brand from North America with placement in several nationwide head shops and convenience stores. Specializing in bulk kratom powder, White Tiger Kratom Herbs is available in a number of distinct kratom vein colors and strains.

If this is your first time hearing about this strange new brand, you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you all about the pros and cons of this smoke shop kratom product. Read on for the full skinny in our White Tiger Kratom Brand Review.

White Tiger Kratom Product Review

This brand compares favorably to many other wholesale kratom products, such as those offered by Kratom Guys and VA Wholesale. Its product pricing is significantly lower than those expected of certain retailers. More on this in a moment.

White Tiger kratom extracts

There are a number of things that don’t sit right with us about White Tiger Kratom; its packaging looks like the epitome of amateurism, with a crudely designed frontage that advertises “Kratom herbs” and “97% extracts” against a white block that’s carelessly printed over a blue-and-gray background.

The entire thing looks like it was put together by an inexperienced party in a low-rent facility. Furthermore, pouches of this kratom powder are devoid of information pertaining to the company behind it – we get no manufacturer name, no mailing address, no email, and no phone number.

On the other hand, the brand knows what’s up when it comes to warnings. The packaging may lack vital information about its manufacturer and strain origins, but it offers the most comprehensive caution label we have yet to encounter in the marketplace.

Said label takes up the whole of the back of each pouch and provides an elaborate history of kratom’s traditional use, as well as a long message about the reasons for practicing safety.

More alarmingly, packaging varies from strain to strain, so you may get a silver pouch that’s supposedly white vein kratom powder or you might get an aquamarine pouch that’s said to be green vein kratom powder. These loud color differences seem like they could easily lead to confusion.

White Tiger Kratom is stocked by a number of online suppliers, including Optima Hemp and Smoke Wrap. These third-party entities get their inventory from wholesale manufacturers, though it is unclear who is behind the curtain with this product. Each pouch advertises its contents as pure “Than kratom,” which appears to be a misspelling of “Thai Kratom.”

As most herbal enthusiasts already know, kratom was outlawed in Thailand for decades and only became legal when the ban was finally lifted in 2021. Therefore, the likelihood of White Tiger Kratom being authentic Thai Kratom is quite slim.

Despite the repeal of the kratom ban, individuals are still forbidden to import or export large amounts of kratom powder. Those who attempt to ship bulk kratom are subject to one year in jail, which makes the prospect of sourcing kratom bundles from Thailand quite impractical.

The quality of this brand seems off, as evidenced by the lack of positive feedback from the kratom community and the absence of positive reviews at online kratom forums. Some have suggested that it is of low overall quality and only deserving of purchase as a last resort.

White Tiger kratom maeng da


This brand consists of a number of hinky items, including Green Maeng Da, Red Jing, White Jing, and something called White Tiger Black Scorpion Premium. From what we can tell, each of White Tiger Kratom’s products are enhanced, either synthetically or otherwise. The unrecognizable names of its kratom strains, coupled with its lack of strain information, suggests a brand that is less than trustworthy.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Over at Optima Hemp, prices start at $20 for one hundred fifty grams of White Tiger Kratom. You can get two hundred fifty grams for $28 or four hundred fifty grams for $56.00.

At Smokewrap.com you can get sixteen ounces of White Tiger Kratom for $33.99. For the sake of comparison, Kratom Guys offer sixteen ounces for a cost-prohibitive $74.99 (nearly as much as most vendors charge for a discounted kratom kilo).

Optima Hemp’s base prices may seem better than Smoke Wrap’s at first glance, but remember the conversion difference and you will see that Smokewrap.com has the superior price. Sixteen ounces equates to approximately four hundred fifty-four grams of kratom. That is more than Optima Hemp’s largest purchasing option by nearly five grams and cheaper by more than $22.00.

White Tiger Customer Reviews

There is a scarcity of chatter where White Tiger Kratom is concerned, no doubt due to its status as a smoke shop kratom brand. There have been no references to Tiger Kratom on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom or similar platforms. There is no Trustpilot page for this brand, nor are there any testimonials listed on sites that stock its products.

White Tiger Complaints

No news is usually good news or so the expression goes. However, in White Tiger Kratom’s case, no news would have been better than the single Reddit post that references Tiger Kratom. In it, a number of community members trash the brand. One user writes, “it’s nothing spectacular but will do the job in a pinch. It’s gonna cost you like the price of a half kilo for aboout an oz.”

Another member said, “Bought some at my local head shop well over a year ago when I ran out and ordered late. Stuff was not good at all and expensive as hell. I think $20 for ½ oz.” This has been the extent of public exchange regarding Tiger Kratom.

Is It Lab Tested?

Highly unlikely. We hate to speculate, but White Tiger Kratom Herbs is one brand that gives skeptics all the ammunition they need. Nowhere on its packaging is laboratory testing mentioned, nor is there any QR code for locating certificates of analysis. There is no official website for this brand. Therefore, we cannot confirm or deny our suspicions.

If you are thinking about buying White Tiger Kratom, we urge you to err on the side of caution. Be sure to request third-party labs from one of the third-party kratom wholesalers that carry this mysterious brand.

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Is White Tiger Kratom Legit?

No. All evidence suggests a less-than-stellar brand by a less-than-honest manufacturer whose dearth of marketing expertise and unwillingness to be transparent prevents its brand from being taken seriously in the current marketplace.

In an industry overrun by thousands of experienced vendors and hundreds of eager start-ups, it behooves every brand to come correct with proof that it is legit. Failure to do so only handicaps one’s chances of being accepted by the famously judgmental kratom community.

American Kratom Association

Participation in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program has become a prudent way for vendors to demonstrate their legitimacy. The GMP program was conceived as a means by which to hold kratom processors accountable and, consequently, protect consumers from unsafe products. Participants in the program are asked to submit to a third-party audit.

White Tiger Kratom does not appear on the AKA’s list of GMP participants or pending participants. This is not necessarily a nail in its coffin, as many vendors opt to perform in-house or otherwise private testing.

On the other hand, GMP participation could redeem it in a way few other things could. Short of launching a TikTok marketing campaign or rolling out kratom free samples, White Tiger Kratom does not appear to have a foothold in this industry.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, White Tiger Kratom is an obscure brand with unprofessional packaging, poor consumer recognition, and an utter lack of industry know-how. Its prices are neither exceptionally high nor exceptionally low, but its presence in the marketplace is all but invisible.

If you would like to find a viable alternative to White Tiger Kratom, you can find plenty of options online. Sites like I Love Kratom enable you to engage with other users, while sites like Kratomaton give you an unbiased overview of a company’s reputation. You might also check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to compare brands, buys, products, and pricing.

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  1. Eric mofukin yost says:

    White Tiger is the best Kratom on the market. I have been using daily for over 2 years now. I use the Maeng Da. The black scorpion is good too but it will kick your *** and build tolerance quick


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