White Dragon Botanicals Review: Quality & Pricing

White Dragon is a lot of things to a lot of people; it isn’t merely a high-powered kratom strain, it is also consumer shorthand for a Texas-based herb shop with an awe-inspiring online selection. White Dragon Botanicals first opened its doors at 7304 Burnet Rd in Augstin, TX, in 2017. The modest ma and pa apothecary attracted so much attention from kratom enthusiasts both local and long distance that it decided to develop its own e-commerce platform.

You can visit this e-commerce website at: whitedragonbotanicals.com. There you will find a profusion of premium grade kratom powders and stellar kratom deals. White Dragon Botanicals has the Internet’s best prices on exotic strains, such as Bentuangie Kratom and Elephant Kratom. Although its signature house blends may be some of the most coveted items in their ever-growing collection, there is plenty of stuff worth talking about. If you’re thinking about placing an order with this vendor, you can read all about its pricing, payment options, policies, and more. We will tell you everything you need to know in our complete White Dragon Botanicals Vendor Review.

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White Dragon Botanicals Product Review

White Dragon Botanicals is an Austin landmark thanks to its regional popularity; when you search “kratom austin,” White Dragon Kratom comes up at the very top of search results. Though its store is local to the Bat City area its website is where it has cultivated a national following. Whitedragonbotanicals.com has received high marks from online consumers, with hundreds of patrons leaving satisfied reviews and five-star ratings. This vendor’s prices are competitive and compare favorably to those charged by many of the top kratom vendors on the market. As a matter of fact, White Dragon Botanicals’ bulk kratom options are more economical than those of Kats Botanicals and other brands. More on this in a bit.

Owners Becky and Chad are celebrated for their superior customer service skills and encyclopedic knowledge of all things ethnobotanical. This is why they have excelled at selling not only kratom but, also, CBD and Delta-8 THC products. The packaging of its kratom products is deceptively simple; its powders come in clear pouches with large stickers on the front, while its kratom gel caps come in clear plastic bags of the sort used to sell cannabis on the street.

However, its product design is quite striking, with its intricately drawn dragon illustration standing out despite the generic background. Most importantly, each label carries detailed information about kratom strain and servings. What it lacks in flashy presentation it more than makes up for in product quality and fulfillment. Its Flat Rate Shipping method is shockingly fast if you reside on the East Coast and even more expedient if you live within the limits of the Lone Star State.

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Like other trustworthy kratom sources, White Dragon Botanicals gives you a thirty-day return window if you are less than satisfied with your purchase. Alas, your item must be unopened to qualify for a return, which doesn’t do much for those of us who have tried its kratom powder and found it less than suitable. On the other hand, many vendors provide customers with only seven days to request a return.

That said, the quality is widely considered fantastic and it’s easy to see why. White Dragon Botanicals carries hard-to-find treasures, such as Stem & Vein along with fermented kratom, OG horned leaf kratom, and potent kratom extracts. (Provigil) Its kratom blends come in a variety of forms, including a 65% Mitragynine Kratom Gel Cap. Its proprietary blends combine the best of green vein, red vein, and white vein, as well as gold strain strains and yellow kratom strains.

The overall user experience is enjoyable, as its website is easy to navigate and decidedly not over-complicated. There is a sufficient number of ancillary web pages without it becoming a chore to explore them. What’s more, the site is surprisingly fast, with zero lag time, no buffering, and minimal pop ups. There are thirty-nine “strains” in all, which include several blends and third-party products. You have your pick of the litter with White Dragon Botanicals’ sundry kratom strains.

You can choose from Bali, Bentuangie, Borneo Kratom, Boyan Kratom, Bumblebee Kratom, Dragon Kratom, Elephant, Green Asia, Hulu Kapuas, Indo Kratom, JongKong, Maeng Da, Plantation Kratom, Sumatra, Thai Kratom, Yellow Vietnam, and so-called “Wild.” This vendor also stocks MIT45,Viva Extreme Extract Shots, and Zion Herbals Gold Reserve Kratom Extract, among other third-party offerings. Its discount bin is a great way for the frugal consumer to get a taste for what White Dragon has to offer.

What It Costs & How It Compares

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Prices start at eight dollars for an ounce of kratom powder (approx. 28 grams), which compares nicely to the industry average. By contrast, Kats Botanicals charges $5.99 for twenty grams, while Kratzilla charges $29.99 for twenty-eight grams. When you shop at Whitedragonbotanicals.com you can get two ounces for $15, four ounces for $25, eight ounces for $45, five hundred grams (1/2 kilo) for $75, or a kratom kilo for $105.00.

At $105 for a kilo, White Dragon Botanicals is nearly $27 cheaper than Kats Botanicals who typically charge $65.99 for five hundred grams (½ kilo). This vendor currently accepts CardlessPay and Coinbase; the former accepts major credit/debit cards, such as VISA, while the latter enables you to pay for your purchases with any number of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

This vendor does not appear to offer promo codes, nor does it invite you to sign up for an email newsletter. If you want to find out about White Dragon’s latest discounts and site news you should follow it on social media. This vendor is active on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Online Customer Reviews

This Bat City business has received high marks on Google, Yelp, and online kratom forums. One local customer said, “I would highly recommend White Dragon for all your herbal needs. I’ve found all their sourcing to be of the highest quality and very consistent with reasonable pricing. Also, exceptionally good service in terms of backing the quality and standards behind their products. This is my go to shop for all things Kratom and herbal. Shop local and support your local small business!”

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Another user agreed, writing, “Love this place! The staff are all extremely friendly and helpful. I’ve been there a couple times and each time I learn more about kratom, the different strains and how these strains will work for me. The prices are amazing too. They have made a long-term customer out of me. Definitely recommend!!”

Yet another customer said, “Tried many top notch vendors across the country, their green premium Maeng De is the best I’ve had to date. Bought a half a kilo last time, may buy kilo this time.” Still another customer wrote, “Reasonable prices and fresh product each and every time!! I pass a couple other vendors to get to White Dragon … I won’t buy anywhere else. Their variety is impressive and I have never selected the product I want only to be told that they are out of stock.”

White Dragon Botanicals Complaints

So far as we can tell, there have been minimal negative comments made regarding White Dragon Kratom. One dissatisfied Yelp reviewer gave it a one-star review, writing, “I have been doing kratom for three years and this kratom has made me sick. I tastes like it’s cut with dirt, makes me sweat and itch like I just drank fiberglass. I’m throwing away sixteen ounces of this stuff … Don’t waste your time or money. Find a reputable vendor.” While such experiences can be completely subjective it is suspicious that this reviewer has only written two reviews in the last five years. Furthermore, their claims lament the earthy taste of White Dragon Botanicals’ powder in spite of the fact that kratom has a naturally earthy aroma.

On a more positive note, there are no formal complaints lodged against this company with the Better Business Bureau, nor are there any lawsuits pending against its owners or their business. Evidence suggests that White Dragon Botanicals is a kratom processor in good standing with the national kratom community.

Is It Lab-Tested?

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White Dragon Botanicals does not provide third-party certificates of analysis on its site, though it does claim to test its items “twice,” which includes checking for bacteria, contaminants, heavy metals, and mold. As to the veracity of these claims, there is no evidence to support them, just as there is no evidence to refute them.

Many vendors opt to test their products in-house to avoid public scrutiny, which includes undue exposure to direct competitors. By keeping things close to the vest, these vendors can let their products speak for themselves without running the risk of having their methods copycatted by third-party entities.

Is White Dragon Botanicals Legit?

Based on our research it would seem that White Dragon Botanicals is the genuine article. This is a domestic vendor with a solid track record that appears to confirm its legitimacy. Though it lacks affiliation with nonprofit advocacy organizations or kratom watchdog groups it has acquitted itself well in an over-saturated market. This vendor has been open and honest about its approach to the industry, as well as its goals and passions within that industry. Its forthcoming nature has earned it a slew of glowing reviews and an esteemed place as a nationwide leader.

American Kratom Association

White Dragon Botanicals does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is a regrettable discovery as the GMP program aims to establish accountability and transparency among kratom processors. In accordance with the GMP program vendors volunteer to submit to a third-party audit.

While it would be nice to see all vendors participating in said program it is not necessarily a red flag for a vendor to decline. Many name companies prefer to keep their testing policies and quality control protocol secure and discreet. Therefore, involvement in the GMP program is not a prerequisite to being a trusted vendor, though it certainly helps one’s reputation.

Closing Thoughts

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In summary, White Dragon Botanicals appears to be a well-regarded and reliable source for high-quality kratom products at a cut-rate price. Savvy consumers will appreciate its wealth of savings and signature items. Its acceptance of credit cards and crypto will also appeal to a growing number of privacy-conscious customers. Still on the fence? You can compare products, pricing, payment options, and more by shopping around online. Consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the most celebrated names in the marketplace

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