VLNT Herb Kratom Vendor Review

VLNT Kratom mostly sells to wholesalers. However, there is a way to purchase from them as an individual, as long as you’re open to the idea of buying 3 kilos at a time. This vendor is based out of Thailand.

What they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. VLNT Herb has a stellar reputation, at least among those who are willing to order from Thailand. There is a risk of your Kratom getting seized at customs. However, as long as you order 3 kilos or more, VLNT will reship it, if necessary.


VLNT Kratom Product Line

VLNT offers a small variety of Kratom. However, all of it appears to be quite good.

  • Powder: Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Green Borneo, White Borneo, Red Horn, Green Horn, Red Vein, White Vein, Red Vein, & Yellow Vein

How Much Will It Cost Me?

As long as you’re looking or a kilo or more, non-wholesalers are able to make an order with VLNT. The pricing list we have for them is old, but it should be relatively similar to what they’re asking now.


  • 1-10 Kilos – $85
  • 11-20 Kilos – $80
  • 21+ Kilos – $55

VLNT Kratom Coupon Code

VLNT doesn’t offer any promo codes, but that’s to be expected with their type of business. However, they do offer free shipping on their kilos.

VLNT Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of customer reviews

VLNT has definitely attracted a lot of buzz. We found reviews on Reddit in three different places.

  • “It’s excellent!! Good potent stuff.”
  • “I ordered 8 strains direct from VLNT and 7 of the 8 were excellent. It’s very fresh with a nice flour grind.”
  • “YES! I love him. Order at least 3 kilos though it’s more likely to get snatched if you order less.”
  • “Just order from vlnt it’s 200 bux for 3 kilos, far fresher, and only takes one week.”
  • “The 8 strains I got were typical for any vendor. Couple standouts, most were good, and a few sucked. Just go with what you think you’ll like and take the plunge.”

VLNT Kratom Customer Service

People have talked a lot about the quality of their Kratom, but their customer service is often forgotten. We did find one comment, though:

  • “I did my order through FB messenger. Very easy and not sketchy at all. It’s definitely a leap of faith and you have to be prepared to lose in advance but they delivered everything exactly as promised and I the quality is excellent. Ordering from overseas isn’t for everyone though. Sourcing domestically has some distinct advantages.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom products

Buying Kratom from an international source has its pros and cons. Overall, though, VLNT has good prices and seems to have their stuff in order. The best way to find out what you can – and can’t – purchase at any given moment is to message this vendor via their Facebook page.

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