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Those who have been using Kratom since as early as 2011 would probably be familiar with Vivazen, a popular brand that sells Kratom shots in a variety of forms and concentrations. It is no secret that the brand was involved in some issues with the FDA way back in 2015, but Vivazen has made tremendous strides since then. Now, the brand is among the most reputable manufacturers of Kratom shots in the U.S. market. Their new and improved products are crafted with the same high-quality standards that made them famous, but they have made a few important changes. Vivazen’s recent advancements in manufacturing processes have made it possible for them to offer more potent and reliable Kratom shots than ever before.

Vivazen Products and Services

As of this writing, Vivazen currently has three best-selling Kratom shots in their inventory, namely: Vivazen Original, Vivazen Max, and Vivazen Ultimate. All of their products are packaged in black bottles with prominent labeling and trademarked Vivazen logo. Each bottle of Vivazen Original and Vivazen Max contains 56ml of Kratom shots while Vivazen Ultimate contains 15ml of 3x strength liquid Kratom concentrate per bottle. On its website, Vivazen claims that their Kratom shots are made from “proprietary blends of botanicals and herbs sourced from the remote parts of the world where they’ve served as nature’s healing agents for thousands of years.” They assert that their products are effective, scientifically evaluated for safety, and made in the USA in FDA and GCMP compliant facilities. However, we have searched their website for third-party scientific evaluation reports, but we could not find any.

Vivazen Kratom review

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Vivazen’s website, packaging, and branding are on point, and the company has made a tremendous effort to educate consumers on the various benefits of their Kratom shots. Their web store also contains useful information about ingredients, dosage, and how to use their Kratom shots properly. The only thing that Vivazen could do better is provide more evidence to support their claim that their products are safe and effective. Otherwise, consumers can take comfort in knowing that this is one of the most reputable brands out there.

Vivazen Product Cost and Price Comparison

Vivazen’s prices are generally competitive compared to other leading brands in the market. The only downside is that Vivazen has a minimum order quantity so you cannot buy just a single bottle of their Kratom shots. They do offer free shipping on all orders, though, so it shouldn’t be much of a deal if you decide to place an order. Here are the current prices of Vivazen Kratom shots as listed on their website:

Kratom Shots

Vivazen Original

  • 3 bottles at $5.99 per bottle
  • 12 bottles at $4.99 per bottle
  • 24 bottles at $4.99 per bottle
  • 36 bottles at $4.39 per bottle
  • 72 bottles at $3.99 per bottle

Vivazen Max

  • 12 bottles at $6.29 per bottle
  • 24 bottles at $5.99 per bottle

Vivazen Ultimate

  • 3 bottles at $17.99 per bottle
  • 6 bottles at $16.99 per bottle
  • 12 bottles at $14.99 per bottle

When compared to leading Kratom shot manufacturers in the U.S. like Kratom Spot, Vivazen prices are relatively similar. They are pretty much on the same page when it comes to pricing so it boils down to your own personal preference and which brand you believe is the best. However, Vivazen’s prices get more competitive as you move up to the higher bottle quantity, so if you decide to order more than just a few bottles, you may want to give Vivazen a try.

Vivazen kratom products

Vivazen Customer Reviews

Being a pioneer in the Kratom market, Vivazen has been around long enough to gather an impressive amount of testimonials from its satisfied customers. Here are some of the customer reviews that have been published on different websites: “I use Vivazen as a natural, post-workout recovery tool. I love that it is all-natural. I’ve watched many documentaries about Kratom, and I am grateful to have something natural that I can take that helps with pain. I’m so glad I found Vivazen!” – John Gibson “I was pleasantly surprised at how good this product is. I have tried several Kratom products but this is by far the best. I use it for a burst of energy and because I suffer from anxiety. It does everything it advertises and then some. I would recommend it without any reservations. Vivazen is an amazing product.” – Pilar

Generally speaking, it is safe to say that Vivazen Kratom shots are generally well-received by consumers. In fact, a quick Google search will reveal that a lot of their customers are very happy with Vivazen Kratom shots, and many of them have given glowing testimonials about their products on various websites. It is a good indication that Vivazen is doing something right, and they are definitely on the right track when it comes to manufacturing effective Kratom products.

Vivazen Customer Complaints

Despite all the great reviews and testimonials, Vivazen has its share of complaints as well. Here are some of the customer complaints that have been reported about Vivazen: “Before I received the shipment, I was notified the package was delayed due to relabeling. When I opened the box the bottles were not in the typical box of 12 but scattered in the box. I was very disappointed that many bottles were missing. I contacted Helen who has tried to help me but she is waiting for another department to respond.” – Al A. “I find Vivazen a waste of money. It doesn’t have very much Kratom extract in it, at all. For the price, you can get some really good concentrate elsewhere. We’re all different though.” – Kratomhead, Reddit

A few negative comments from random internet users are hardly a reason to discredit an entire company. However, it is important to keep an open mind, and not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Vivazen is a brand that has been in the market for years so it is quite impressive to see how effective they have been at building a solid customer base and also at gathering positive testimonials from their customers.

Vivazen logo

Vivazen Coupons

As of this writing, Vivazen does not have any coupon codes available but they have an ongoing holiday promotion that you surely don’t want to miss. In addition to offering free shipping on all orders, they also give 10% off for orders over $25, 15% off for orders over $75, and 25% off for orders over $150. They also have a unique rewards program that offers Viva points which can be redeemed on future purchases.

Is Vivazen Legit?

There is no doubt that Vivazen is a legit company that strives to provide its customers with high-quality products at a fair price. They have been in business for quite some time now and have managed to establish a loyal customer base and also earned the respect of other industry players. Their products are sold through a well-established network of distributors and retailers so you can rest assured that you will be able to get your hands on a legitimate Vivazen product.


Vivazen has a long history of providing customers with great Kratom products at fair prices. It is an established brand with high-quality products that are sold through a network of distributors and retailers. As such, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality product at a fair price when you buy from them. Overall, it is safe to say that Vivazen is one of the more trustworthy brands in the Kratom business.

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