Viva Xtreme Review – The Complete Guide to this Vendor

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Looking to relive that first time you enjoyed the unmistakable aroma of M. speciosa? If traditional kratom leaf isn’t doing it for you any more, you may be thinking about buying kratom extracts. Those who seek out extracts face an uphill battle, as there are literally hundreds of tinctures and “enhanced powders” on the market…but very few of them are truly worthy of your time or money.

Viva Xtreme is one of the most notorious names in the head shop kratom space, due in part to the controversy that similar products have attracted in the past. There are many pretenders, but there is only one Viva Xtreme, an ultra strong liquid kratom extract that is available from a clutch of online wholesalers and land-based shops.

Though its name may be familiar to you its reputation may not; there is a lot you don’t know about this product. Read on to learn all about the pros and cons of this smoke shop kratom extract in our complete Viva Xtreme Review.

Viva Xtreme Product Review

It may not be as esteemed as products like MIT45 or OPMS Gold, but Viva Xtreme is comparable in terms of price and potency. As its name would suggest, Viva Xtreme is targeted at seasoned consumers who wish for a more robust experience. It is said to be “ultra concentrated” and guaranteed for freshness, but these two statements appear to contradict each other. The freshness of kratom typically refers to how recently kratom plant matter has been harvested, which does not apply in the case of an alkaloid extraction.

viva xtreme kratom sample products

Regardless, product appearance and packaging quality are, indeed, top notch here; Viva Xtreme comes in securely wrapped 15ml tinctures, which are concealed in hard plastic tubes with child-proof caps. Unfortunately packaging is a bit of a problem where this product is concerned—it would appear as though more than one company is producing a liquid kratom shot they call Viva Xtreme.

One of these products comes in a snub-nosed plastic bottle with a pea green label and puffy white writing, while the other comes in a sleek, tubular bottle, with red-and-white-on-black labeling. The latter is the more professional-looking and least suspicious.

Each bottle of Viva Xtreme carries detailed labeling, including a table of ingredients that lists purified water, vegetable USP kosher glycerin, M. speciosa (kratom) alkaloids, abscorbic acid and citric acid as its recipe.

It claims to be made in the USA using patent pending pure alkaloid isolation techniques, but no explanation of this technique is provided. While this absence of explanation is somewhat vexing, we have to give Viva Xtreme points for carrying a comprehensive warning label, one that seemingly covers all bases.

On the down side, Viva Xtreme lacks the online reputation of other products; there are multiple searches for Viva Extreme Extra Strength Kratom Extract and Viva Extreme Kratom Shot in search engines, but there is a relative trifle of information about this brand at online kratom forums. In fact, we were unable to find any significant mention of Viva Xtreme on social media.

The only reference we found was by BG Sales, a wholesale kratom supplier carrying Viva Xtreme Capsules, including Viva Xtreme Green Maeng Da in both powder and capsule form, as well as Viva Xtreme Ultra Kratom Extract. It is worth noting that sites like do not cater to the public via direct-to-consumer marketing, opting instead to sell directly to retailers.

You can visit the official website of Viva Xtreme at: There you will find a vendor with little respect for consumer intelligence; not only does the site fail to disclose important information, such as laboratory testing, return policy, and shipping information, but it also refuses to give us anything to go on in terms of who makes the stuff.

The Viva Xtreme About Us page literally redirects you about a quarter of the way down the homepage to where it reads, “100% Pure Kratom Liquid Extract. All-Natural Extract of the Highest Grade Kratom.” This is all the information we get about the quality of this item.

Are Viva Xtreme Kratom Shots Made by Vivazen?

viva xtreme kratom banner with company logo and sample product

Our research indicates that Vivazen is not the maker of Viva Xtreme, nor did it have any involvement in the conception of this product. Rumor has it that several sketchy companies have been producing questionable kratom products using the Vivazen name.

These rumors appear to have been substantiated by a Vivazen lawsuit in 2020, in which two companies behind Vivazen filed a $3.5 million injunction against a rival business.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Depending on where you shop, either online or in-person, you should be able to get Viva Xtreme for around $15 or less. As of this writing, Horizon Wholesale is offering a 15ml bottle of Viva Xtreme for $13.95, with a twelve-count box going for $159.48. These are fair prices when held up against the small fortunes charged by many land-based smoke shops. Similarly, you can get a 15ml bottle of MIT 45 from the folks at Pop Kratom for $13.80, while a 15ml shot of extract will run you $15.99 over at NuWave Botanicals.

The bulk option is a bit higher than it should be, though not by much. For the sake of comparison, a twelve-pack of MIT 45 Kratom sells for $125 at, while a twelve-pack of K Shot Herbal Extract goes for $149.99 at Peace Novelty.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

As a wholesale supplier, does not offer kratom coupon codes to the public, but you can still earn savings and rewards when you shop elsewhere. For example, Horizon Wholesale encourages you to follow it across multiple social media platforms for the latest on the online store, while BG Sales asks its patrons to sign up for its email newsletter to receive exclusive deals, promotional opportunities, and more.

Customer Reviews

5 star customer review image

As we mentioned earlier, there is a real dearth of information regarding this brand. We were unable to find any substantial references to Viva Xtreme, AKA Viva Extreme, on Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom, or Reddit. Likewise, Viva Xtreme is not mentioned in any Google, Trustpilot, or Yelp reviews.

So far, no complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor has any negative feedback appeared online. What’s more, we were unable to find the subject of Viva Xtreme raised in any court filing, criminal case, or product recall.

Is It Lab-Tested?

The creators of Viva Xtreme do not make any claims regarding third-party laboratory testing. No certificates of analysis appear on its website either. A satisfaction guarantee is advertised on each bottle of its kratom extract, but no guarantee can be found on the site. In fact, a link to its FAQ page leads nowhere.

Is Viva Xtreme Legit?

Based on our research, Viva Xtreme is far from legitimate; it lacks the credentials, customer service skills, all-encompassing FAQ page, and consumer reputation typical of a trustworthy brand. This product lacks the transparency, industry acceptance, and quality control standards necessary for it to be taken seriously.

American Kratom Association

It is unclear whether Viva Xtreme doubles as the name of a kratom vendor or if it is merely a product offered by some company whose actual name is elusive. In any event, there is no evidence to suggest that it participates in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program.

The GMP program is an initiative that was set up to protect customers from kratom vendors who lack certain bona fides. Vendors who participate in its program must voluntarily submit to a third-party audit of their kratom powder. Viva Xtreme does not carry a seal of GMP approval.

Top Viva Xtreme Alternatives

For those who can’t get past the foul taste of Viva Xtreme Ultra Concentrated Extract, there are a number of dynamic liquid kratom shots on the market. Not all extracts are good, but some are downright incredible. The following are our staff picks for the best Viva Xtreme Alternatives.


(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is now our parent company.)

Detailed labeling is one area in which Viva Xtreme is notoriously lacking (it lists m. speciosa alkaloids among its ingredients, but doesn’t specify which ones), which is why MIT45 is a natural choice for the number one Viva Xtreme alternative. This international brand is all about transparency.

The makers of MIT45 were among the first kratom vendors to volunteer for the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Program and to publish their Certificate of Analysis. This means MIT45 kratom products have been subjected to a third-party audit and its labeling is thorough.

MIT45 contains 45% mitragynine per serving, with 7-hydroxymitragynine composing less than 2% of its total alkaloid makeup. It also contains B6 and Thiamin for the support so many of us need. Put simply, MIT45 Go Black boldly goes where no extract has gone before – into the realm of tasty and tantalizing.

The people have spoken: MIT45 Go Black is the boldest liquid kratom shot of ’em all. One customer said, “First time trying Mit Go Black. Essentially Honey infused with Kratom and Black pepper extract added to potentiate the kratom. Very impressed with this product. Very nice euphoria.”


This Oregon-based kratom brand is new to the marketplace, but its liquid kratom shot has caught on in record time. Already the attention and accolades are pouring in and with good reason. This manufacturer is responsible for kratom extracts and kratom blends the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

K-Tropix has created two of the most magnificent little kratom extracts in existence – the K-Tropix Original “OG” Shot and K-Tropix 2K Pink Lightning Lemonade. The latter is a proprietary kratom-enhanced nootropic shot, which is powered by 100 mg of mitragynine and kanna extract.

K-Tropix Original “OG” Shot is our pick for one of the top Viva Xtreme alternatives, as it contains a demonstrable amount of each ingredient, such as 50 milligrams of mitragynine and less than 0.03% 7-OH. While we aren’t crazy about some of the other ingredients in this mix, the product has been GMP-certified.


The longevity of OPMS Kratom and Kava – the brand has been in business for more than a decade – speaks volumes about its innate value. OPMS Kratom is a proven industry leader, with a colorful if oft-sketchy catalog of kratom products.

Though some of its marketing has been vague and its labeling oblique, OPMS has nevertheless maintained a sizable following. If you type OPMS into any online kratom forum, you’ll find dozens of threads dedicated to its products. Just be careful you’re not buying an imitation product from a shady source. The OPMS Authenticity Guide helps their customers steer clear of dangerous knockoffs.

The very best Viva Xtreme alternative in the OPMS collection would have to be OPMS Gold Liquid. It is a robust Maeng Da kratom extract, which contains 42.0% mitragynine. This 50:1 kratom shot comes in 280 mg bottles for just $13.69, which is less than what you’ll spend for two kratom capsules in most shops.

Closing Thoughts

kratom tea and cup of raw powder

In light of Viva Xtreme’s poor customer reputation, inferior website functionality, and overall lack of credibility we are hesitant to recommend this product to our readers. Unlike it competitors, Viva Xtreme has not attracted any ratings or reviews that would point to its legitimacy.

If you’re still new to kratom, you may be looking for something less extreme. In this case, we recommend you try plain-leaf kratom. You can start with our guide to the most popular kratom strains.

7 Reviews for “Viva Xtreme Review – The Complete Guide to this Vendor”

  1. Tt says:

    I love viva xtreme but this last year the product is hit or miss. I think there are fakes everywhere. I can’t find the color, texture or taste that I’m use to from taking these for years. It’s to the point I’m having to look at other brands but they don’t work the way viva xtreme use to. The new bottles don’t say viva on them which is another reason I have had to look for something else. It’s frustrating

  2. Wes says:

    “ B-Phenylethylamine”- To “W” who tested positive for amphetamine. B-Phenylethylamine Is a synthetic version of amphetamines. That’s why your testing positive. A WARNING to all, prolonged use and high dosage use can lead to big health problems. From high blood pressure to stroke. There is a case study on this (albeit from particular case) where a guy took this Viva Extreme for a month or so then suffered a stroke due to the B-Phenylethylamine found in it. This compound is what is making it so “strong” in effect.
    If interested in the case study I mentioned, you can Google Viva Extreme (as of 2/9/23) and it should pop up as your first result.

    I am a huge advocate for Kratom, but a stronger believer in transparency. Always check your labels, google ingredients you don’t know and be safe, especially if you think you have a higher tolerance than most.

  3. W says:

    It’s really good but I always test positive for amphetamines on urine screens so I don’t know what’s up with that bull***/ buy the capsules and take 8 or ten but be careful if you take to much you will throw up because the strength. It is real man!

  4. Tony says:

    I completely agree with Matt below in the comments… it is strong, very strong. 3 yr kratom user and I say viva is something unique, strong, powerful concentrate. Tastes horrible but very effective.

  5. Jamaica says:

    Is it a great product? I just brought some today and I see the same crystals, hope I didn’t waste my money. I just want to kno is it a great product?

  6. Phil says:

    I bought this product today at a vape shop and it was not good at all. Not for the novice person like me with Kratom!!

  7. Matt says:

    I have taken Viva Extreme for a few months now and I can tell you that it is different than other Kratom powders and Extracts though I do not know how. There are small white crystals visible to the naked eye in the powder form you can see with the naked eye but and I do not know what they are. The ingredients say it contains “Theobroma Cocoa Bean Extract containing Pholypenols and Alkaloids, (B-Phenylethylamine, N-Coumaoryl-dopamine and Theobromine)”


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