UniKorn Candy Review – The Good, Bad & Good-To-Know

UniKorn Candy has only been around for a short period of time, but it has already scored major points with nationwide consumers. Within its first year of business, it accumulated numerous four-star ratings and some incredibly effusive reviews. Much of its success owes to its forward-thinking approach to the industry. From the very start, there was something different about UniKorn Candy, and its patrons appreciated that difference. Read on to find out what makes UniKorn Candy special and why it is fast becoming the number one kratom vendor in the United States.

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UniKorn Candy is a kratom vendor located in Ashburn, VA. The company was founded in 2019 by a veteran named Christina. Christina’s mission was to introduce Americans to the Ayurvedic herb and other ethnobotanicals that have been in use for centuries in the Eastern world. That is why this female-fueled operation offers discounted pricing for military personnel, disabled consumers, and people who have fallen on hard times. This vendor offers a wide range of premium grade products at economy prices. Part of its allure has been its $65 sales on split kilos. But it’s not just wholesale kratom prices that have made UniKorn Candy a buzz-worthy name. This Virginia-based supplier specializes in kratom sample packs, signature blends, and unique instruments.

Is UniKorn Candy Lab Tested?

This vendor sells premium grade lab-tested kratom powder and kratom extacts. Each of its strains are submitted to an independent third-party laboratory where it is evaluated for potential contamination as well as alkaloid concentration. With UniKorn Candy, you’ll always know you are getting Mitragyna speciosa that tests high for Mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine). And you won’t have to worry about the presence of microbes or other adulterants.

Are They Legit?

UniKorn Candy is the real deal. No doubt about it. This vendor provides its patrons with upper-echelon quality at a cut-rate price point. You can discover the wonders of its collection by requesting a five dollar sampler. What’s more, that five bucks includes shipping.

Product Line

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Christina and her team carry an extensive collection of CBD, Delta-8, and Mitragyna speciosa products. You’ll find everything from Delta-8 Gummies and Kief Rolls to Voacanga Root Bark. UniKorn Candy prides itself on delivering kratom plant matter of the utmost strength and purity. That is why it routinely tests each new batch that arrives in its Ashburn facility. If you want to know what a Cootie Wand is, you’d do well to check out this seller’s all-inclusive catalog. This is but one of the many distinct curios that are available at this online store.

UniKorn Candy Kratom Powders : UniKorn Candy currently stocks a wide array of green, red, and white kratom strains. It also stocks gold vein kratom powder. Popular strains include Gold Elephant, Green JongKong, Green Vietnam, Maeng Da, Red Dragon, Red Malay, Red Vietnam, Twisted Green, Twisted White, White Bali, White Elephant, and White Malay. Prices start at $20 for one hundred grams, with incentives for those who buy bulk kratom powder.

UniKorn Candy Kratom Capsules : All of UniKorn Candy’s strains are available in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is optimal for the on-the-go consumer who needs to grab some caps in a hurry. You can get an ounce of capsules for $13.50 or one hundred grams for $40.00.

UniKorn Candy Kratom Blends : Unbreakable Rainbow is UniKorn Candy’s so-called “empowerment blend,” which has made it a best-seller. But this is only one of its many noteworthy combinations.

Other top kratom blends include the following:

  • Bunny Blend
  • Bunny Hops
  • Emerald Mermaid
  • Fire Hulk
  • Indecision
  • Pink Flame
  • Pink Sunrise

UniKorn Candy Kratom Extracts : This vendor’s collection of kratom extracts includes Gold Rush Tablets and Fairy Dust 50x Extract Powder. You can get a gram of extract powder for four dollars, five grams for $20, ten gram for $35, or an ounce for $84.00.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

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As we mentioned earlier, prices start at $20 for one hundred grams. You can get five hundred grams for $60 or expand your horizons with a four-way split of two hundred fifty grams for just $35.00. Other deals include a five-way split kilo for $65 and a five-kilo deal for only $390.00. Your standard kratom kilo sells for $90, which you can split as many ways as you please. Not only are these deals unique to UniKorn, they are also well below the industry low price of $120.00. The more you buy, the more you save.

Shipping & Returns

UniKorn Candy ships all of its orders via USPS (United States Postal Service). This may come as something of a disappointment to our readers, but there are plenty of expedited shipping options available. Given recent post office delays, we recommend choosing between Priority Flat Rate Box. This is the fastest choice by far. Over the last two years, Priority envelopes have been delayed or misplaced during transit. This vendor currently accepts returns on a case by case basis. Unopened products are always preferred.

UniKorn Candy Payment Methods

You can purchase items using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Venmo. Alternatively, you can opt to remunerate with COD (Cash On Delivery). Virginia residents can choose local pickup if they prefer to get their items right away.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

Seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and users with financial difficulties can use the promo code ‘UNIKORN‘ to receive a 5% off discount off their order at checkout. Additional promo codes are redeemable for as much as 20% off your order, with special deals regularly advertised on UniKorn Candy’s social media accounts.

Consumer Reputation

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UniKorn Candy Kratom reviews have been largely positive, with one Reddit member calling its Delta-8 Gummies excellent. A YouTube reviewer expressing surprise over its Fire Hulk blend, saying, “It feels like the first time, baby!” Facebook reviews have given this vendor a five-star overall rating, with many users giving it props for its kratom strains. One review on Trustpilot reads, “Wonderful tea! The best vendor I’ve bought from!”

Another reviewer wrote, “Wow is all I can say. This product is pretty amazing and great quality. And that’s just the beginning because the woman that owns this brand is amazing also. As soon as I had questions she talked to me within seconds and she is helpful.” Yet another customer said, “I never leave reviews, but UniKorn Candy is amazing…I ordered a half a kilo split five ways to try them out. Every single bag was phenomenal…I will definitely be buying their products every time!”

Customer Service

Christina eschews the customary customer support paradigm, opting to deal with her customers directly. She answers emails in record time and is available via text if you have questions. UniKorn Candy Kratom gets an A+ for its superior customer service. This supplier truly checks all of our boxes.

Bottom Line

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UniKorn Candy is one Southeastern kratom supplier that really brings the sunshine. Its eye-popping imagery and secure packaging are second only to its robust aromas and exotic powders. This vendor has a vast assortment of goodies to make any kratom enthusiast happy. We would strongly recommend checking this vendor out while it is running sales on split kilos.

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