True North Kratom Vendor Review


True North Kratom Vendor Review

True North Kratom is one of Ontario’s only large-scale kratom vendors. It is among the four straight-to-market kratom suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area. You can check it out at: https://www.truenorthkratom.com. There you’ll find one of the most attractive e-commerce sites of recent vintage.

This GTA kratom supplier doesn’t simply sell cheap kratom, as so many on the Internet do these days. They also interact with the public, treating customers like valued friends, and offering important tips. If this is your first time buying kratom in Canada (or from Canada), you’ll want to read on for our full assessment of this brand.

True North Kratom Product Review

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once said, “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” This is most certainly the case with True North Kratom. Unlike its Ontario competitors – Big Bear Kratom, Niagara Kratom, and Northern Organix, respectively – True North Kratom does not bury any BS in fine print or withhold key details about its products.

The owner makes it their business to spell out everything right on its front page. The first thing you notice when you land on the site is its promise of “No adders – No Fillers,” “Tax Included In Prices,” and “Same-Day Shipping.”

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True North Kratom owner Jake Bowie obviously took note of the industry’s most common shortcomings. In response, they built an online store that’s free of unnecessary flash or busy web pages. The result is a site that’s easy on the eyes, a breeze to navigate, and a pleasure to buy from.

Where lesser online sellers make braggadocious and oft-responsible claims about the possible advantages of their products, True North Kratom sticks to the facts. While its competitors are begrudgingly adding vague warning labels to their kratom packaging, True North Kratom has thrown it all up in big, bold writing.

You need to look only so far at the bottom of its homepage to see True North Kratom’s transparency. Here you find its comprehensive disclaimer, which covers everything from the limitations of kratom legality and the importance of consulting with a physician to the no-fault liability of the brand itself.

It isn’t every day that you encounter a kratom brand that’s run by an honest individual. Many brands are run by glorified snake oil salesmen, some of whom even exploited the public health crisis by promoting kratom as a COVID remedy during the pandemic.

By contrast, True North is clear about what its kratom is and isn’t. One thing it is not, according to True North Kratom’s homepage, is any kind of treatment. Rather, True North is explicit about the intentions of its products and why they are being sold in the first place. It is also forthcoming about the origins of its kratom leaf.

If True North Kratom’s integrity weren’t already a bygone conclusion, we can look at the simplicity of its shop as yet another sign of its austerity. In other words, True North Kratom takes things back to basics, opting to host only the oldest and most revered kratom strains as they naturally occur.

The site’s collection consists of Green Bali, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Borneo, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da. You’ll get a free sample of one of its kratom strains with every order you place. So, if you’re a Bali fan who’s never experienced the sensation of Sumatra, you can request a sample of its green vein.

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What It Costs and How it Compares

Prices start at C$14.99 for an ounce of kratom powder, with 50 grams going for C$24.99, and 100 grams selling for C$39.99. You can score 250 grams for C$89.99 or a ½ kilo for C$159.99. These prices may seem excessive by American standards, but they aren’t far off from the Canadian average.

Not only is kratom far more expensive in Canadian headshops than it is in most American cities, but it is also more expensive via e-commerce businesses. For the sake of comparison, Big Bear Kratom charges $130 for 500 grams. The difference is, that Big Bear Kratom offers full kratom kilos for $210, something True North does not.


True North Kratom Promo Code and Discounts

A True North Kratom promo code may be found by following the brand on Facebook. For example, its Black Friday code was good for 25% off one’s total at checkout. Other seasonal specials have been redeemable for 30% off.

Additional discounts have included regular 10% off sales for return customers and a limited edition tax-free period back in 2018. This demonstrates the consistency of True North’s savings. For additional promotions, you can always inquire by email or keep an eye glued to the site for any changes.

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Bottom Line

In summary, True North Kratom is a true beacon of botanical perfection for those who reside in the GTA. It is Ontario’s premier source for quality and savings. This is one vendor we feel comfortable recommending to kratom beginners.

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