Triumph Botanicals Kratom Review – Everything You Need to Know

Triumph Botanicals was founded after its owner suffered from chronic pain as a result of muscular dystrophy. He found himself more dependent on pharmaceuticals, but they came with more side effects and were less effective in relieving his pain. Because of this, he started taking Kratom, and after using it for a month, he was completely narcotic pain-med free. He believed that Kratom changed his life, that’s why he is thrilled to share this “miracle plant” with the world.

Triumph Botanicals offers a wide selection of Kratom products and other botanicals on their website. They offer Kratom powder, capsules, water solubles, and shots, as well as CBD, Delta 8 THC, HHC, and CBG-based products. In terms of Kratom, they carry a decent range of Kratom vein colors that will appeal to all kinds of Kratom users. Unfortunately, they do not disclose the Kratom strains that they carry, which is a major drawback, since some Kratom strains are stronger and more effective than others.

To help you decide whether you should buy from Triumph Botanicals or not, we’ve put together a review of the company, the products they offer, and their pricing. We hope this review helps you make an informed decision when you shop at Triumph Botanicals.

Products and Services

The first thing that you’ll notice on Triumph Botanicals’ website is their wide selection of Kratom-based products. They offer Kratom in three different vein colors namely White, Green and Red. Their Kratom powder is available in 100g and 250g while their Kratom capsules are being sold in quantities of 100pcs, 250pcs, and 1kg (number of capsules vary). Plus, they offer Nano Kratom Water Solubles, available in 5ml and 15ml small bottles.

image of triumph botanicals products and services

In terms of product packaging, Triumph Botanicals uses resealable mylar bags for their Kratom powder and capsules and black bottles for their Kratom water solubles. We can say that the company has put a lot of thought and effort into the packaging of their products, as it’s very sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

It is also worth mentioning that Triumph Botanicals’ website is well-designed and easy to navigate. The information provided on their website is also neatly organized and comprehensive. It contains all the details that you’ll need to know about Kratom, which can be very helpful for new Kratom users who are looking to learn more about the plant.

Product Cost and Price Comparison

Triumph Botanicals’ prices are relatively on the higher end of the spectrum. This is probably because their Kratom powder, capsules, and water solubles are lab-tested, so they command higher prices for their products. However, there are also other vendors in the market that sell lab-tested Kratom at a much cheaper price.

Here is a quick overview of their product pricing:

Kratom Powder

  • Red, Green and White Vein 100g – $19.99 (disc) – $35.99 (orig)
  • Red, Green and White Vein 250g – $35.99 (disc) – $59.99 (orig)

Kratom Capsules

  • Red, Green and White Vein 50g (100 caps) – $9.99 (disc) – $19.99 (orig)
  • Red, Green and White Vein 125g (250 caps) – $19.99 (disc) – $35.99 (orig)
  • 1 kilo – $19.99 (disc) – $26.59 (orig)

Nano Kratom Water Soluble

  • 5ml (12 pack display case) – $179.88 (disc) – $239.24 (orig)
  • 15ml (12 pack display case) – $359.88 (disc) – $478.64 (orig)

image of triumph botanicals price comparison

Compared to other leading Kratom brands, Triumph Botanicals’ prices are more expensive if you will not take into account their discounts. But, they tend to sell Kratom in smaller packages, which is very helpful for Kratom newbies who don’t want to end up with a lot of leftover Kratom.

Triumph Botanicals Customer Reviews

As of this writing, the only customer review that could be found on the web for Triumph Botanicals talks about CBD instead of Kratom.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

“Look no further for products. Triumph is the place for all of your CBD needs. I take CBD for anxiety and to unwind. I am aware that several products exist but are hard to compare to the products and services that Triumph did. Thank you for an amazing product.” – Jon L, Google

The lack of review for Triumph Botanicals can be seen as a negative aspect of the brand. However, it’s important to note that Triumph Botanicals is a relatively new brand so it’s understandable that they do not have a lot of reviews yet.

Customer Complaints

We did not find any customer complaints about Triumph Botanicals on the web. Chances are, Triumph Botanicals is still in the process of building a strong customer base. They are a new player in the market so it is very likely that not a lot of people have tried their products yet. For now, we give them the benefit of the doubt.

image of triumph botanicals discountsDiscounts & Coupons

Triumph Botanicals does not offer any Kratom coupon codes at the moment, but all of their products are currently on sale on their website. They also offer free shipping on all orders (without minimum spend) so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try some of their products.

Is Triumph Botanicals Legit?

It is hard to say whether Triumph Botanicals is legitimate due to the lack of customer reviews for the brand. However, they have a pretty impressive looking website, which is a good indicator that they are probably legit. We can’t say that for sure, but we are leaning towards the fact that they are.


Overall, Triumph Botanicals has a lot of potential, but it’s not clear how much of it is being put to use. Although they are new in the market, they have a huge advantage as they offer lab-tested Kratom which is one of the most important aspects of a good Kratom brand. This is a very important feature that cannot be overlooked because not all Kratom brands can guarantee that their products are 100% safe and pure. We are excited to see Triumph Botanicals’ progress in the coming months and we are looking forward to seeing how their products evolve.

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