Treetop Herbals Vendor Review

Treetop Herbals, AKA Top Tree Herbs, is a Colorado-based kratom vendor with many distinguished products, including Passion Fruit White Borneo Kratom Blend, The Kratom Tea Recipe Book, and Kratom Tea Bag Bundles. This Denver business has garnered five-star ratings on social media thanks to the uniqueness of its product line and its cost-effective purchasing options.

Despite its excellent ratings and affordability, there is much that the internet has gotten wrong about this Centennial State supplier. We will separate the fact from the fiction in today’s post. Read on for the full skinny on this Mile-High City kratom seller in our comprehensive Treetop Herbals Vendor Review.

Treetop Herbals Product Review

First and foremost, Top Tree Herbs is an efficient and low-priced option for anyone who’s fed up with land-based shops. The Treetop Herbals website may not be as fancy or as thorough as some of its rivals in the industry, but what it lacks in visual panache it makes up for with its distinctive deals and special blends.

As with all kratom vendors, there is a downside to dealing with this one: Top Tree Herbs claims to be a veteran-owned company, but it does not offer a kratom military discount, nor does it run any sort of charitable program for active-duty military personnel, first responders or medical volunteers.

This vendor promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but no return policy appears on its site, nor is there any information about refunds or exchanges on its FAQ page. That’s because Treetop Herbals doesn’t have an FAQ page. As a matter of fact, there is little information provided about this kratom supplier outside of its vague “Our Story” page, which only tells us that its staff was engaged in the cannabis industry prior to launching toptreeherbs.com.

While its lack of transparency is more than a bit alarming, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this company’s stronger attributes. Treetop Herbals features some awesome blends, excellent prices, and superior functionality. Although the site is rather limited in background info, it is easy to navigate and offers a breezy checkout process.


image of treetop herbals products

If there’s one cause for alarm here it is Toptreeherbs.com’s assurance of third-party laboratory testing. The testing itself isn’t the problem or, at least, wouldn’t be a problem … if Treetop Herbals actually disclosed its lab results. Instead, all we get is an image of its kratom pouch with an arrow pointing to it under the words, “3rd Party Lab Testing for Purity & Potency.”

This vendor purports to be gimmick-free and B.S.-free, but this dearth of certification or QR codes certainly smells like B.S. Elsewhere, we found reviews that suggested Top Tree Herbs was a GMP-compliant brand, but we were unable to find any evidence to corroborate such remarks.

On the other hand, this supplier’s online reputation precedes it; consumers have been largely positive in their reviews and comments regarding this brand. Treetop Herbals has received support on social media and within the blogosphere, with consumers praising this veteran-run kratom operation and gushing about the convenience of its ready-to-brew kratom bags.

This supplier carries green vein, red vein, and white vein, as well as Yellow Indo. The latter is believed to be an example of fermented kratom, which is said to be more robust than plain leaf. Opinions are likely to vary where yellow kratom strains are concerned. That said, this seller’s yellow vein carries the same natural hue and velvety texture as its plain leaf counterparts.

Kratom Tea Bags come in a variety of flavors and blends, including Afternoon Blend: Ginseng Kola Kratom Tea, Chocolate Mint Rooibos Kratom Tea, Cinnamon Apple Spice Kratom Tea, Green Bali, Red Dragon, Red Maeng Da, Morning Blend, Super Green Malaysian, and White Maeng Da and Passion Fruit Infused White Maeng Da.

This vendor also stocks herbal blends, kratom capsules, loose leaf kratom, and kratom teaware, in a wide range of sizes and combinations. Kratom bundles are among its most prized purchasing options. Treetop Herbals’ loose leaf is available in cinnamon and chocolate variations.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $19 for a pouch of fourteen kratom tea bags, which contains a total of forty-two grams of kratom plant matter. Each tea bags contains a responsible three grams of crushed leaf kratom. Alternatively, you can purchase two fourteen-count pouches for $15.00.

This vendor is one of a select number of business offering kratom tea bags and they appear to be the most economical; Treetop Herbals is at least three to five dollars cheaper than its competitors. For example, Super Speciosa charges $24.99 for a fifteen-pack of kratom tea bags, each of which contains roughly four grams of crushed leaf. Meanwhile, Etha Naturals charges $29.98 for sixteen tea bags, each of which contains only two-and-a-half grams of crushed leaf.

Treetop Herbals Kratom Capsules sell for $17 for a pouch of seventy-five caps, which contain a total of thirty-five grams. Alternatively, you can get one hundred forty capsules for $15.00. Like its tea bags, Toptreeherbs.com offers its capsules at competitive price points. For the sake of comparison, Klarity Kratom charges $19.99 for seventy-five caps, while Natural Life sells one hundred twenty caps for $22.99.

You can get a free download of the aforementioned Kratom Tea Recipe Books – a compendium of eighteen distinct hot and cold concoctions – by sharing your email address with Treetop Herbals. What’s more, each order of $50 or more comes with free kratom same-day shipping.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

image of treetop herbals coupon code

You can receive fifteen percent off your first order by entering your email address and signing up for this vendor’s Deals Club. Members also receive exclusive deals, site updates, and special promotions. Promos may include discount codes, free kratom samples or kratom giveaways.

Customer Reviews

First-time buyers have frequently questioned this brand’s legitimacy, but online kratom forums are full of supportive and enthusiastic posts from former customers. One Reddit member responded to a post about Top Tree Herbs by saying, “Yes, there legit [sic]. Even Hamilton from Hamilton Pharmacopia vouches.”

Elsewhere, numerous Reddit members attested to the value of its kratom tea bags, with one saying that they haven’t looked back since making the switch from raw powder to loose leaf tea bags. Furthermore, this vendor has received more than two hundred sixty-two likes on Facebook and vendor approval from ILK (I Love Kratom).

Treetop Herbals Complaints

Another post chronicles a member’s unfortunate experience with the old Treetop Herbals, one which appears to be unrelated to Top Tree Herbs. In this post they write, “So I filled out their order form from their catalog and sent that order, along with the cash needed for the order, in an envelope to their address stated on their website. That was last Saturday, 5/18. I’ve tried emailing them (as that seems to be the only way to get in contact with them) but I haven’t had so much as any respondence from anyone at this company at all so far. I just want to make sure my envelope arrived there and they have my order. I don’t want $120 to go down the drain.”

Fortunately, such posts have not persisted and Top Tree Herbs has not received any negative feedback. There are no negative ratings or reviews on platforms like Google or Yelp. This vendor has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab Tested?

Maybe. It is unclear when or how frequently Treetop Herbals submits its kratom plant matter for independent third-party evaluation. Though its homepage promises purity and potency, we were unable to find any proof of third-party certification.

image of treetop herbals lab test

Is Treetop Herbals Legit?

In spite of the vague information presented on its website, Toptreeherbs.com appears to be a trustworthy source for kratom products. Its free shipping, fresh kratom, ILK approval, and satisfaction guarantee suggest an honest, lawful, and reliable business.

While it would be nice for staff to provide additional background information and certificates of analysis, we were impressed by what we found on display after visiting its site. This vendor’s kratom plant matter appears to be of a natural color and texture. What’s more, its packaging seems safe, secure, easy to store, and easy to reseal.

American Kratom Association

Multiple blog reviewers have claimed that Treetop Herbals is AKA-approved or GMP-compliant, but you should take such reviews with a grain of salt. Don’t believe everything that you read. If you want to confirm a brand’s standing with the AKA, all you have to do is visit the AKA’s GMP web page. There you will find a full list of its approved participants.

Top Tree Herbs is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This program was established to protect customers against potentially unsafe kratom products. It was also conceived to hold kratom processors accountable by requiring participants to submit to a third-party audit.

GMP participants must adhere to all AKA requirements, which extend from manufacturing and labeling to marketing, distribution, and verification. This program aligns with the standards set forth in the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Closing Thoughts

image of kratom capsules-and powder

In summary, Treetop Herbals is a company that continues to improve upon its products and roll out exciting new blends. Those who wish for a cleaner, simpler experience will fall in love with its kratom tea bags, while those on the hunt for bargains will appreciate its affordable buying options.

Still on the fence? You can shop around online to find viable Treetop Herbals alternatives. Kratom forums can expose you to a plethora of strain recommendations and vendor reviews. You may also check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to read about the top sellers in 2022.

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