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Top Tree Herbs is a new kratom brand that’s bound to blow up in the new year. This innovative business is reinventing the industry with groundbreaking products and unique consumer incentives. From its ready-to-brew crushed leaf kratom teas to its one-of-a-kind advice blog, Top Tree Herbs has introduced customers to the possibilities of kratom-infused drinks. Top Tree Herbs first launched its line of functional kratom-infused tea bags in May of 2021.

Within months, the company’s online store had grabbed the attention of social media sites. Patrons went positively bananas for this vendor’s thoughtful tea blends with their marriage between bitter and sweet, earthy and delectable. This Colorado-based kratom vendor has distinguished itself from other top kratom vendors by virtue of its sheer inventiveness and variety. See what we mean in our comprehensive Top Tree Herbs Vendor Review.

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Top Tree Herbs Product Review

Top Tree Kratom sells prepackaged kratom tea bags, which come in a variety of vein colors and combinations. It isn’t the only brand offering Mitragyna speciosa in tea bag form, but it is the first to tailor each of its products to the unique tastes of its clientele. This vendor has set itself apart from the pack by providing flavor combos and specialty blends to suit every situation that may arise. For example, you can pick up Passion Fruit Morning Blend, Peach Kratom Afternoon Blend, or Peach Kratom Evening Blend.

There is something for everyone here, whether you prefer green vein and goji berry or white vein and acai. Popular items include Green Bali, Lemon-Lime Red Bali, Passion Fruit White Borneo, Peach Super Green Malay, Pumpkin Spice Red Dragon, Red Maeng Da, and Strawberry Green Bali. Considering how new these products are, we were impressed to learn that they had been reviewed by online kratom forums and approved by the ILK within months of the site’s launch.

This should come as little surprise to those familiar with Top Tree Herbs; the veteran-owned company is known for its integrity, honesty, and ingenuity. It is also synonymous with generosity, providing consumers with free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Like Mitragaia before it, this vendor delivers kratom same-day shipping and customer 100% customer satisfaction.  image of top tree herbs products

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start as low as $14 for fifty grams’ worth of tea bags, with forty-two grams going for $19.50. These prices vary from strain to strain and/or blend to blend and compare favorably to the industry average. Brands like Clover Kratom charge as much as $34.99 for fifty grams. Top Tree Herbs Mix and Match Bundles are available for those who wish to get a well-rounded idea of what the brand has in store. You can get a two-blend kratom bundle consisting of two sixteen-bag pouches for $19.50.

That amounts to less than twenty dollars for ninety-six grams of kratom powder. An eight-strain bundle containing nine ounces goes for $83.50, which amounts to less than a quarter of a kilo for what most online consumers spend on a half-kilo or more. For instance, Kratom OG and Super Speciosa sell full kratom kilos for $89, while discount sites like Whole Earth Gifts offer clearance kilos for as little as $69.00. This seller also carries kratom capsules, which come in typical packaging. Each capsule contains the typical amount of kratom powder.

Caps consist of .500 milligrams, with seventy capsules selling for $17.00. That is a total of thirty-five grams for what many pay for a single ounce. Top Tree Herbs Best Strain is White Borneo, a smooth white vein kratom powder whose earthy aroma pairs nicely with the juicy tasty of this vendor’s Passion Fruit Kratom Tea Bags. White Borneo possesses high concentrations of the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) and carries an extended duration. This supplier currently accepts AmEx, Bitcoin, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. Additional payment options may also be available.

Top Tree Herbs Customer Reviews

YouTube creator @joeytalks posted a very positive and informative review of Top Tree Kratom, in which he breaks down the marked differences between plain leaf kratom powder and kratom tea bags. In the video, he explains how the presence of stem and vein changes the aroma of this tea.

“The one thing that I really like and appreciate about Top Tree Herbs is that they serve kratom in tea form. They have all these different variations … it’s like a different experience … it is very palatable … well-rounded … these are phenomenal, I could drink these five times a day … a really cool herbal infusion.”

There is a relative dearth of reviews out there at the moment, but this is poised to change as this amazing brand continues to catch on. A buzz has already been generated, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the pre-Reddit days. We were speculating about Top Tree Herbs’ tea bags as soon as a press release was issued.

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 Coupon Codes & Discounts

Kratom coupon codes are one of the fastest, easiest ways to save money on your online purchases. The only problem is lots of shady web sites give out bogus kratom coupon codes. They claim to be verified, but they are usually worthless. Fortunately for the frugal consumer, vendors like Top Tree Herbs give their customers access to exclusive promotions. These promotions include discount codes, seasonal specials, and kratom giveaways. As of this writing, you can get a free eBook download of Top Tree Herbs’ first-of-its-kind Kratom Tea Recipe Book when you visit the site.


Top Tree Herbs purports to be one of the most thoroughly tested brands on the market. As it states on its quality assurance page, “Our crushed leaf kratom goes through 15x the required testing.” Supposedly, each batch of kratom is tested twice over for pathogens and heavy metals. Alas, no proof of third-party laboratory testing appears on the company’s web site, nor does it encourage customers to request certificates of analysis. However, it assures visitors that certificates of analysis and mitragynine percentages with every order in the future. Time will tell if there is any veracity to this statement.

American Kratom Association

This vendor claims to offer AKA-verified crushed leaf, which has been tested for purity and potency in a cGMP facility. However, this brand is not featured on the AKA’s list of approved vendors, nor is it included as a pending GMP program participant. The AKA’s GMP program is important because it establishes rigid standards for kratom processors, standards that extend to the manufacturing, marketing, testing, packaging, labeling, and verification of edible kratom products.

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Is Top Tree Herbs Legit?

Yes. This professional outfit provides customers with lab-tested products that are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. What’s more, it has received five-star ratings and glowing reviews from those who have sampled its wares.

Closing Thoughts

Top Tree Herbs is a cutting-edge kratom vendor with a novel product line and extraordinary prices. Though it lacks AKA approval, it has demonstrated its value with substantial savings, satisfaction guarantee, and superb kratom strains. Still on the fence? You can learn about many top-tier brands by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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