The Herbal Place: Is This East Coast Kratom Brand Legit?

The herbal place vendor review banner: is this east coast kratom brand legit?

The Herbal Place is one of the most searched brands on the Internet, but it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be. Certain programs might lead you to believe it’s a bigger deal than it really is. Its social media analytics appear to be overblown and its followers are limited at best.

Is this enigmatic wholesale kratom brand as popular as search engine results might suggest? Or is it merely another janky wholesale distributor with a murky business model and some tricky marketing techniques? Let’s find out in today’s complete The Herbal Place Vendor Review.

The Herbal Place Kratom Review

This vendor is an East Coast kratom supplier with an online store at theherbalplace.weebly.com. Weebly is a WordPress wannabe, which is frequently used by backpack vendors. It is often the last resort after bad actors have been banned from peddling their wares on Reddit and Facebook.

Herbal Place appears to offer a number of third-party kratom brands, such as Monarch Kratom and Third Eye Kratom. Its kratom powder comes in six variations. They are Bali Gold, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Vein, White Elephant, and White Vein Kratom.

For those who don’t know, Monarch Kratom is a product of Drip Drop Distro, which is a wholesale kratom distributor in its own right. In our Monarch Kratom review, we called it a legitimate premium kratom powder that’s backed by third-party testing. Third Eye Kratom is a tad less respectable but no less popular.

Herbal Place claims to ship products from its warehouse in New York, but no address is made public. Furthermore, we were unable to find any evidence of business registration for this brand in the State of New York. This is beyond shady, even by wholesale kratom standards.

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If you’ve been running a search for ‘the herbal place near me,’ you’ve probably noticed that this supplier’s name does not pop up on any lists. That’s because it’s not a brick-and-mortar herbal apothecary, nor does it appear to be a legitimate kratom wholesaler. It lacks any industry credentials.

Those looking for an herbal store near Queens can find plenty of local options, but Herbal Place is not one of them. There are approximately 140 establishments offering kratom in and around Queens County. There are another 74+ in Kings County and 340+ in the Outer Boroughs.

One source suggested that The Herbal Place’s Instagram page has received more than 410,520 searches, which seems unlikely. As of this writing, @theherbalplace only has 87 followers on the social media platform. The Herbal Place reviews are all but nonexistent. The few we found appear to be clickbait.

Herb shop Brooklyn aficionados say they’ve never heard of the supplier, while other kratom enthusiasts confused it with the similarly named The Herbs Place. The differences between the two are enormous. For starters, The Herbs Place has a realistic 1,675 searches, 1,185 clicks, and over 40 years of experience in wholesale.

What It Costs and How It Compares

The Herbal Place sells 60 grams of kratom powder for $34.99, 120 GRAMS for $54.99, and kratom kilos for $149.99. While the 60-gram deal is well within the acceptable range (My Brave Botanicals charges $15 for 28 grams, while Kraken Kratom charges $33.60), their bulk kratom prices do not conform to current mark prices.

$149.99 for a kilo is at least $45-50 more expensive than the current industry average. For the sake of comparison, Mount Kratom charges $94.99, while Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99 for the same. There are a number of GMP-certified brands that are charging as little as $80 for 1,000 grams nowadays.

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How to Pay for Herbal Place Kratom

This vendor’s Weebly website lacks a proper checkout. According to the site, The Herbal Place is unable to process payments through the website directly. Instead, patrons must fill out a form with what they’d like to order and await a response.

This is more than a little sketch, but sadly, it isn’t unheard of. Private order forms are common among backpack vendors. You’ll find self-proclaimed brands pulling this sort of thing on subreddits and in private Facebook groups.

Where legitimate vendors give you a 30-day money-back guarantee, The Herbal Place only gives its customers a 48-hour grace period for reporting a damaged or inferior item. What’s more, it charges a 15% return processing fee if your item is opened or “not cleaned and emptied prior to return.” This last bit sounds like it’s designed to get you charged.

The Herbal Place Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, The Herbal Place reviews are limited in number and invariably prove to be clickbait. The online kratom community has remained surprisingly mum; there isn’t a single comment about the brand on I Love Kratom or Reddit. However, there is a single 3.7-star review on Trustpilot.

This conspicuous review – penned by a user who has never reviewed any other brands or products before or since – calls The Herbal Place a great online store to shop top-quality CBD and kratom products in the USA. “I’m a regular customer… for 2 years and I purchased the . . . kratom capsule at a very affordable price.”

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Top Herbal Place Alternatives

One option is to stay right here and get your kratom from Golden Monk. We’re an especially good fit if you’re new to kratom and looking for safe and reliable raw kratom powders.


(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is our parent company.)

If you’d prefer to place an order with a legit brand that’s GMP-compliant, we highly recommend MIT45. This Utah-based manufacturer offers killer products at crazy low prices. Its innovative liquid kratom extracts and kratom blends are high-key and impressively designed.

MIT45’s brand spanking new MIT GO Black Extra Strength is a honey-based kratom gel that’s infused with enough spicy and sweet kratom potentiators to satisfy even the most jaded kratom vet. This Mitragynine-dominant extract comes in an easy-to-use squeezable pouch, with two servings going for just $11.95. We haven’t found a smarter investment since New Dawn Kratom rolled out its bulk split kilos.

New Dawn Kratom

Speaking of New Dawn Kratom, this Colorado Springs kratom supplier has set a new standard with its free kratom same-day shipping and myriad yellow kratom strains. New Dawn Kratom stocks a vast array of green, red, and white vein kratom powder, including Green Malay, Red Dragon, and White Thai.

New Dawn Kratom offers standard kratom kilos for just $79.99, two-way splits for $80, and four-way splits for $85.00. You won’t find better prices on plain-leaf kratom anywhere else. If you do, you should question the quality of the kratom powder. Few cheap brands are this legit.

Top herbal place kratom alternatives with mit45 and new dawn kratom logos

Bottom Line

In summary, The Herbal Place is a dubious kratom wholesaler with a lack of credentials and poor brand recognition. It does not participate in the Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program. Visit our list of kratom vendors to find more legitimate suppliers in your area.

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